Twin Flame Chronicles. 

   Old systems falling apart for enlightenment to occur typically feel like depression, feelings of being lost, lacking direction and faith. The new moon reflects this darkness, as no light is currently shining on the moon. All new life begins in darkness. The sirians are operating for the evolution & enlightenment of the earth, they are with us as they have always been in times of great change. It is no coincidence that Christ consciousness is reigning in with the energy of Mary Magdalene, it calls us to return to oneness, a return to the conjoining of masculine & feminine principles to higher results, to reject the polarity we learned in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. A dual perception, oneness, as we welcome & reunite the divine feminine after centuries of persecution. The twin flame union and the dark night of the soul represent the same thing, an issuing for us to look at ourselves deeply, question all things that we have built from the old rigid programs of dogmatic and indoctrinated beliefs. Self love, the authentic self & the higher self require mergence, no more light vs dark or ego vs soul, but oneness and recognising dual principle is Godliness. Our twin flame calls us to look within, as we have been looking without toward our twin. When we acknowledge that they are us, and they feel what we feel, we begin shining the same light & love that we emanate to them, within ourselves. Our ego will battle with us viciously in this process, as it attempts to cling to all of the old limiting beliefs from society&the world. It will try to convince us to slip into old behavioural patterns & this is where childhood issues will emerge. This requires confronting the shadow self. Loving yourself & supporting yourself equates to loving & appreciating your twin flame, as there is no separation. The chaser particularly should take this Time as the more spiritually enlightened twin & confront themselves & their deepest fears. If they fall into old patterns & pursue their twin with manipulation or emotional intensity, they will push them away. As much as they mirror one another, they possess these polar energies that will play out. #twinflames #spiritual #writer
   My twin flame book will be out, and available for purchase next month, November 2015. This includes the full twin flame science, and love through the ages. 


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