Living, loving and learning. 

This was a major one for me. Oh the many days spent lost to the elusive world of day dreaming. Wondering back to the past.. ‘Why did this happen so?’ Maybe if I just did things a little bit differently, I wouldn’t feel so alone.. Maybe if I just – no, no, no. No more maybe. This proverbial maybe is a cancer on your life, and a cancer on your happiness. Everything happened exactly as it was destined to. Exactly as it should. Please take comfort in this. Take comfort in acknowledging and understanding that every step, every word breathed, every decision, and every action brought you to this very moment here. And there is nothing at all wrong with this moment. In this moment, you are learning, growing, and expanding perfectly, and there is nothing that you should wish to do differently. Obsessing over people who hurt you, and wondering if they ever truly loved you is energy fed back into a negative source, and as we all know? Energy feeds on itself. Whatever you give it, it will multiply. This is often why we find that when we are feeling down, we only seem to feel more, and more down as we ponder why we are feeling down. Instead of meeting lack with lack, why not meet it with nourishment. What can you do to make yourself happy? To change the way that you are feeling? Listen to music? Paint your nails? Treat yourself to a long bubble bath? Cleaning is also very therapeutic. What about taking a class and mastering a skill? Starting a book? Writing a letter that you will never send to somebody who you have unfinished business with? There are a world of things you can do with your time my dear, worrying need not be one of them.

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