Twin Flames. 

It is not to be mistaken, both twins apart of the union are immeasurably powerful. So yes, if indeed you are dealing with a twin flame union, BOTH masculine and feminine energies are filled with divinity. And yes, this does include what I have often referred to as, ‘the matrix twin’ (often the masculine counterpart), even though he may be unaware of his divinity and dormant abilities. This union is only a twin flame union when both parties posses a high level of spiritual energies, such as empathy, intuitivness, and some form of psychic ability. This is the perfect embodiment of God. Divinity meets divinity.

The nights that you feel pain, and you cannot cry because of blockages ignited by perceptions of masculinity, I shed tears for you, amor.

Cindy Anneh-bu

“The twin flame Union is not one of romantic love, it is one of service. If you’re after romantic love, it is a soul mate that you seek. It is here to clear the template we associate with romantic love, which is expectation, condition, and attachment. Sacred love and romantic love are not the same. Romantic love is relationship based, sacred love is spiritually rooted. The healing process associated with the twin flame Union is far from pleasant. Many life times worth of pain will be uncovered. Whilst the actual name ‘twin flames’ may be a new age term, the concept and sentiment behind it is not, and it is biblically quoted also. Christ &Mary Magdalene are a brilliant twin flame original archetype. Representing forgiveness, transition,the mergence of higher/lower self. It was stated that Mary was the first person that Christ revealed himself to after his resurrection, twin flamey or what? He had ‘healed’, and was saying, ‘look at this version of myself that I now present to you’. This is the very pinnacle of twin flamism.”

Cindy Anneh-bu

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Bubble love. 


‘When we were together, we created our own little world. Nothing else existed outside of our energetically constructed love bubble.’

Cindy Anneh-bu 

My love, this is a love strong enough to stall time. There is this magneticism that twin flames have that entomb and encase them in a sort of bubble of love. This is the collision of both of their energies, merging and uniting as one to create a strong force field of healing, completion, recognition, and soul communication. And as both twins are of such high spiritual energy, this bubble is a force to be reckoned with. I call it, ‘the third energy’, almost like a love child. This bubble allows them to telepathically communicate messages of love that their tongues may be too timid to deliver. It is said that there is a certain energetic field that can be felt by others when twin flames are in the presence of one another, which is ironic, because in these moments, twin flames can neither see, nor dream about anything else – only this web of themselves. 

The twin flame dance. 


‘When the love is true, authenticity reigns supreme. Time spent together, is time spent forgetting the egoic masks that we have worn for so long’ – Cindy Anneh-bu.

True love allows us to regress to our child like innocence, the kind of purity that only wants to give love, and feel love, unrestrained. Authentic love holds no qualms about past hurts, or future failure, it views the present moment as the only existing factor, eternity. The bubble love phase is a prime example of returning to a child like state, before dogma about what love should be. During the bubble love phase, both twins become completely engulfed in one another, the ego is merely a distant memory. However, in spiritual laws of balance, this extreme high, is met shortly after with the re-emergence of the ego. Kundalini energy begins to rise in both twins during the bubble love phase, but upon meeting blockages, returns abruptly downward, Sending both twins crashing back to reality. This is when old fears and karmic patterns associated with love are uprooted. Kundalini wants to rise, healing would LOVE to occur, but it cannot once the chakras aren’t allowing for healthy flow.. Thus the work begins.

If you have spent most of your life and most of your relationships running away from yourself, the tf Union will stop you in your tracks. 

Both twins will be filled with the thoughts, ‘this person was perfect for me, what’s wrong with me?’ Thus the inner searching will commence. However, if one twin decides they do not want to dig this deeply into themselves, (out of fear), they will simply abandon ship, thus igniting the ‘chaser’, ‘runner’ dynamic, and separation stage we have all come to know so well. 

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