Letting go of the past. 

And it is time to let go of the past, and to embrace changing tides, and to release the things, and the persons, of whom you no longer identify. It is not about the places that you hide because you are afraid of newness and opportunity, it is now time to seize your love, and cease holding onto weaknesses. Sure, there are a few memories, several maybe, but the only reason that you do not want to leave them behind, is because you are aware of the magnitude of a life that awaits you, that is willing to sail you. And deep down, deep, deep down, embedded in your subconscious, you are still so fearful of success, of no longer being less, because for so long, you have lived with this narrative, and it terrifies, the thought of reading out another script. Who will I be? Brand new. What will I see? You, for the first time. 

You once told me that life was a blank canvas, a series of empty tapes, and you were the one with the choice of what you would record, of what you would be. One day when you are fifty, or sixty, will you like what you see?

Or will you ponder the days, you were too afraid, too bound, and too timid to take a chance, to make a change? To leap into the next scene of your stage?

Allow the curtains to fall.

Allow the curtains to draw.

And mesh yourself into life like never before.

You have loved all of these people so greatly, so deeply, and that was apart of your fate. But now you have left them with everything for goodness sake. You have healed, you have given, you have given, you have given. And now it is time to give to you. There is nothing left here for you, and I think that you know.

So yes, my weary seedling, it is time to change, to let go, to grow. 

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