Life path calculations, sample and testimonial, by Cinderella Anneh-bu. 

Wow Sarah, I am absolutely blown away, and I honestly just do not know what to say right now! Lol this is all coming completely from an open heart my darling! I can barely catch my breath, you have one of the most spiritually charged birth charts and energies that I have EVER tapped into, and it is absolutely overwhelming. You are psychic, intuitive and empathic to the ultimate HIGHEST degree. Your sensitivity has followed you for your whole life, and unfortunately, when you were growing up, you were so misunderstood because of it, that you soon learned to tune it out, rather opting for a reserved, quiet, withdrawn, and contemplative approach. You have had a life paved with much difficulty, heart ache, loss confusion, and ultimately betrayal. You carry sensitivity from your birth sequence número logically (life path 11), and also from your sun sign Scorpio meaning that you are VERY easily hurt, although you may never show it. You learnt early on in life that people do not respond to your emotional impulses, so you have suppressed them, which often makes for a lonely and difficult inner world because you wonder, who will truly ever understand the things that I have buried deep within me? And who will believe me as I do not show it? Deep down, all you have ever craved is love. To love, and to be loved, but because you also carry this deep seated fear of rejection, intimacy, and abandonment, you often sabotage yourself. You fear that you 

Will be hurt if you open your heart, and showcase the full extent of your love and your sensitivity, so you have a tendency to sabotage your relationships, ether through intensity, or intense withdrawal, it depends what mind frame you are in, but the underlying factor with both is fear. You have never really believed in yourself, and this is not all entirely a fault of your own, as your outer experiences and harsh, critical up bringing has cemented this belief deep within you. I find this particularly extraordinary, as you possess an absolutely amazing energy that is dripping with spiritual opportunity. You represent duality, the coming together of two worlds. So the pressure is on for you to transmute all of your painful lessons into wisdom, and healing energy. You are to re-unite the feminine and the masculine, the heaven and the hell, the depression and the spiritual enlightenment. In this way your path has been rigged with so much pain and trauma, because when you finally transform it, it will be nothing but pure light and gold, thus you will be the way shower. You are the one who possesses a mind most analytical, you may be described as somebody who thinks too much, and this is true as your psyche is constantly doing over time. Your mind often thinks about the past a lot, and this is because once again you have the path of the spiritual seeker, the teacher, therefore you must make sense of many things, alone, in your mind, often directly channeled from the divine. This is a lonely path, of that I will not lie, but all of the greats had to be hermits to some degree. Spiritual information is constantly being downloaded by you, and If your path was not paved with deep introspection and solitude, you would not have time to correctly interpret these messages.

The key here is to try to learn to trust others again, first by learning to trust yourself. Do not shut yourself from the world, and please learn to believe in, and love you, before it is too late.

You are also very likely to have a twin flame in this life time!

Blessed be my sacred angel. Please let me know how you found your reading, Cindy ~


Hi Cindy, 

Thank you for this. And everything you mentioned I have known.. deep down. What you have provided me is as if I’m reading my own thoughts. How or where do I start my journey toward spiritual enlightenment?? My insecurities is what keeps me from moving forward. How do I start to believe/love myself?

I want to be a better person and the crazy thing is I know it’s in me… I feel it peaking through the darkness. It’s a gift and a curse to feel everything so deeply. 

By the way I’m an artist, I haven’t painted in about 2 years. But I would like to share some photos of my art via our Instagram chat. Please let me know your feelings.

I don’t know what has led me to you, but I’m happy it happened. 



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Blessed be ~ 


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