Twin flame poetry ~

“And she’s just being a good friend, and doing what a good friend does. And a confidant. Because no matter what we want, or what we may say, and the end of the day, this love looks crazy, silly. Unapproachable to anybody who may see. And perhaps I have drawn the fool card, and I am the one who cannot see, and I am trapped in a fallacy, of broken dreams and fantasies, treachery. That is the name of game, they will blame and shame us, should they name us, shameless, shapeless lovers. But we not like the others, yes maybe undercover, but not under covers. I’ll tell you what such we are, midnight lovers, but not by the hour. Time stalls, stands still, and I get a glimpse of your spirit, and u quiver, and I quill, and I will take this last dance with you, forever, into the oblivion.”

Divine scripture. 

“‘On the dangers of seeking external advice about your sacred union’. The twin flame Union can not, and I repeat NOT be understood by third parties or fit the typical 3D models that relationships do. This means that it is extremely pointless and even dangerous to seek external advice or speculation about this type of Union from friends or family, as they will probably advise you to move on, and find a more suitable or stable type of relationship. Remember that this Union has absolutely everything to do with self! Self work, self introspection, self love, and self healing. Upon seeking others for advice regarding this type of Union they are likely to attempt to convince you of its invalidity, in other words do not expect their compliance or understanding. This relationship is unlike any usual relationships and this is because it has the goal of challenging existing notions and perceptions of love. To the outside world, the structure may seem simply ridiculous, absurd, and in many cases immoral. Figuring this out is all for you! All about you! All about you! It is about learning to trust yourself, your intuition and your better judgement, and through that, trusting the God in you. Reconnecting with source.”

Cinderella Anneh-bu 

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