scorpios energy, what’s the big emotional fuss all about? 

Okay guys, we are about to enter the fantastic zodiac of Scorpio, and I could NOT be anymore excited. I’m a little dramatic, but I am going to do my best to keep level headed here lol, and also, it means a lot to me to do my lovely scorpions some justice, and channel all of the information that I have personally witnessed, and perceived about Scorpio. All of this information was given to me through divine intuition, so you are very likely to see some things about Scorpio that you have never seen before. SO much is happening energetically at this time, and it is all because of our wonderful Scorpio zodiac sign, now let me give you a brief of what this Zodiac is all about.. Scorpio season is such a wonderful way to welcome the divine masculine back into the bosom of the divine feminine.. Such an emotional sign (water sign)! Scorpio is all about intuition, they have a thriving inside world which sometimes renders them reserved, contemplative and withdrawn. Scorpio is the feeler, they feel everything, but they are also aware that others do not have access to their world view, causing isolation. Many scorpios exist with the concerns of not being good enough, which is such a huge contradiction.. Let me tell you why. The only reason scorpions grow so frustrated with themselves, is because they are also aware that they have some extraordinary abilities, (which they REALLY do – woah). This sign is all about psychic ability, and channeling information from higher planes of existence, so this is the perfect time to tap into divine power! It is their reluctance to put these abilities into practice (because of fear of failing, fear of not being enough), that sabotage them. The Scorpio is very sensual, people tend to view them as quite magnetic, and they possess a high level of sexual energy, which is the perfect template for kundalini rising to take place, such power in these beings, and it is all reflected in their intense eyes. I have a feeling, THIS is the year the Scorpio will unlock all the magic that they possess – and this really is magic. It is all about transformation, the alchemical process, turning dark energy, into light energy. #spiritual #scorpio #starsign


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