Twin flame – week of clearing. 25th October-5th November. Numerological/astrological update. 

So what the hell is going on with twin flames everywhere this week? And why have we been dealing with these intense energies more than ever since the super moon? I thought we had ALREADY got through all of this? 

Now, these are probably all of the questions that have been popping up over this past few days for twin flames. Since the super moon, and the planets opposition to Chiron the wounded healer, all sorts of sticky, gooey, and buried emotions are rising to the surface. I did say that this was going to be a powerful time for healing the divine masculine, and the divine feminine, it just seems that when we tend to mention the word, ‘healing’, people automatically assumes that this means an absence of pain. In reality, this is SO far from the reality. In actual fact, true healing can not fully take place without first digging deeply within, and hurling underlying pains flying back at you. 

As we all know, full moons, super moons especially, and new moons are all synonymous with some sort of releasing, and cleansing ritual. This is why we will also find that the many cycles of the moon tend to sync with women’s menstrual cycles. Menstruation is also a period, (pardon my pun), for immense cleansing, detoxifying, and renewing of the body, and the systems. Well this is also exactly what the moon cycles offer us all. The opportunity for deep, penetrating cleansing. And as we had entered the watery, ever emotive sign of Scorpio, this emotional release was destined to be heavy, and destined to be DEEP.

Twin flames tend to carry a lot of heavy baggage with them, karmic debt, unresolved issues of the past, and energetic blockages relating to deeply entrenched childhood wounds. None of these patterns or structures were ever going to be broken easily, or quickly, and each pending moon cycle, and astrological arrangement gives us the opportunity to confront these issues, piece, by piece, especially since the opening of the lions gate on 8/8/8. 

The number 8 is a major twin flame number, as it represents eternity, and the overlapping cycles of the two circles, eternally conjoined. 

In this particular time, we are working with the very psychic zodiac Scorpio, so much of the pain that Twins will be experiencing is a combination of BOTH’s souls pain, as their psychic openings towards one another have been opened.

Many twins will even be experiencing dreams of the other twins inner most fears or anxieties surrounding them. Pay attention to dream symbolism, and how your twin may translate messages through your subconscious mind. Many twins will have noticed accelerated synchronicity and inner knowing also at this time.

Dreams of the past will also be no surprise, as so much healing work occurs in dreams, we may travel to particular moments in our lives, in order to heal the pains that were born there. 

We may also be dreaming of ex partners, karmic attachments, as we finally burn those energetic bridges that bind us, tearing us away from our twin, and ourselves. We will confront our deepest demons, gaining a greater understanding for our childhood selves. 

Significance of astrological dates.

25th. In numerology, the 25th, would translate to (2+5) = 7 – the number of the mind, introspection, contemplating.

Whilst the 5th represents change, overturn, freedom, and travel, so we hope to see a shift in perspective around this date.


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