Life path, advice, and tarot – mini sample reading, by me.



 Interpretation and advice, regarding life path numbers, and personality/energy traits.

You are the life path of 1. Many people are unaware of this, but the life path of 1 is actually incredibly similar to the life path of 11. So although you are destined for a path of independence, and taking charge, you are simultaneously crippled by thoughts of insecurity, and inferiority. 
It is only once you break free of moulds, and discover your fiery nature within, that you will step into your leadership abilities. 

On a subconscious level, you are very aware that you stand out, that you are different from others, and that others can sense this about you. So although you would love nothing more than to enjoy, and appreciate the company of others, you are rigged with thoughts of self doubt, and worry about others judging you, and what they may think of you.
But my love, the paradox to this is, you are the one who analyses, and judges others in this exact same way. This is how you pick up on certain nuisances, and imperfections in others. You should truly work on being less judgemental, as this will allow you the opening to let others into your life, and in turn, for others to allow you into their lives. 

You have a lot to offer the world, but you need to know this, and believe this, and carry energy that radiates this. 
I understand that you come from a background, and a childhood where neglecting, and suppression of your needs was apparent, but now, it is time to free your own soul of the chains that once bound you. Let them bind you no longer.
Do you not seek to be free?
Numbers apart of your birth sequence –

August (8), 

the 20th (2)
8 – the number 8 represents the desire for independence, freedom from oppression, and financial security. It is in your nature to be hard working, to climb to your feet, and to be fiercely reliant upon your own ability. You may find yourself becoming an inspiration to others in this way. Number 8’s tend to become successful, and financially secure.
2 – this is where your sensitivity comes in. And the number 2 is often associated with cancerian energy. Warm, affectionate, compassionate, and deeply interested in partnership and togetherness. You seek harmony, and balance, and may become severely depressed if you cannot achieve this. Your sensitivity is a gift, and not a curse, and you mustn’t pertain to the popular belief that it is a weakness, despite the actions of others. 

Your tarot reading – 

What is my hearts desire?

The three of cups.
The three of cups is all about partnership, home, community, company, emotional satisfaction, and the joys that we endure from the presence of family and friends. You truly have a humanitarian heart. You crave openness, and closeness with others, although this is often difficult for you. 
You can have this. But first you have to find acceptance within yourself. If you do not, even if you find others to share your time with, they are likely to exploit your sensitivities, and take advantage of your vulnerability. 
You are a healer, with a lot of love to give. So begin giving it.
What weight is in my heart?

The fool.
The fool is a fantastic card to choose in a deck. It is all about new beginnings, willingness to let go, and an enthusiastic approach to exploring new paths upon the journey of life. 
The fool is dubbed the fool, not because he lacks intelligence, but because he dares to dream, to take a different route. He is not bound by typical societal standards, or expectations, and he does not fear what he cannot control. He has learnt not to take life so seriously. After all, you’ll never make it out of it alive. 
He encourages you to see the beauty in life, in the universe, to release heavy baggage, and toxic energy. You cannot carry heavy baggage with you where you are going.
How do I heal my mind?

Page of swords –
Courage, fearlessness, control, balance, and messages.

The page of swords remains excited about the future because he is brave enough to tackle the challenges that may be expected of him. He has confidence upon his journey, and within himself. He carries a message, so one might say that he is also a channeler. 
Like yourself, constantly channeling information from higher planes of existence. A creative pursuit will help you to excrete these energies, so that they do not build up within. It is your duty to carefully orchestrate, and articulate these energies. 
The page of swords is confident, and encourages you to follow the path of truth. Truth, is the language of courage.
What is the greatest obstacle within my path?

King of cups.
Representative of stability, masculinity, power, determination, action, and control.
In charge of his emotions, he is the perfect embodiment of masculine energies. He has learnt how to use logic, and rationality, to the best of his ability, and as an accolade to move forward. 
Right now, you are radiating beautiful, and compassionate feminine energy, and whilst this is necessary to become a healer, it is also very possible to be hyper-feminine, and have too much ‘passive’ energy. Too much of anything is never a good thing. 
The positive elements of masculine energy are power, and action. This will enable you to reclaim your own power, control over the body, and mind, and greater balance within your emotions. 
Emotional sensitivity may mean that your emotions are frequently rocked, but when infused with logic, and rationality, we can gain a sense of calmness, and an understanding that not every life occurrence is intended to bruise us.
I hope that you enjoy this reading my love.
I enjoyed composing it.

If you have any questions/commentary afterward, please feel free to pass this on to me.
Kindest regards,

Seek Cindy.
I: @spiritualpoet_
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3 reasons why I rejected religion, and abhorred God; a spiritual perspective.

Before I begin this article, I would just like to state that all views expressed here are entirely my own, are not intended to criticise any one way of thinking, believing or worship, and are simply my own interpretation of my own truths.

1. ‘Just pray to God’.

Whilst I truly do believe in the positive power of prayer, and intension/ channeling, (talking to and receiving messages from the divine), for the longest time, I grew absolutely sick of being told this, as a solution to everything – including depression! At one point, one really needs to stand up and take responsibility for their own lives, and understand how everything inside of them, reflects everything outside of them. It is no sense using prayer as an escape goat from actually working through your issues, and striving to make a change. In other words, you cannot simply sit at home from day, to day, yet pray to feel rain fall on your skin. Sure, you could always go and take a hot shower, but the actual novelty of rain will escape you, lest you go outside. This is my belief with prayer, much like my belief with positive thinking, it only works when conjoined with positive action, and opportunity. And it is not a solution in itself. A belief of this kind can prove misleading, even shattering to the one who interprets it conclusively. And telling somebody with a mental illness simply to pray their sadness away, is boarder line insensitive, not to mention rooted in out dated cultural stigma.

2. ‘The institution baddies’

Now, this next one goes for any spiritual, or religious institution, as I am sure that it does not only extend to the Christian church, although this is where my experiences took place. Have you ever gathered with a congregation, only to feel the intense burning of sideways glances, or over competitively dressed church goers? Well, it does not stop there. From as long as I could remember, some of the most arrogant, ill mannered, and obnoxious people always seemed to fly the God flag the highest, and be the most dedicated of church goers. I did not understand this. If church was supposed to be a holy place of worship, and the belief in God was supposed to grant you some type of moral superiority, then why ever were these people so, pardon me – but ghastly! It seemed to me that God was just not enough, not enough to change who they were, or simply, that God did not exist. If he did, surely these people would be saved by his glory, no?

Well, whilst I still do not feel like sharing the same ‘God’, with these types of individuals, spirituality has given me the freedom to see that these people are actually souls who are in pain, and their ‘connection’ with God, is merely a substitute for their connection with themselves. Ancient doctrine itself dictates, the Kingdom of God dwells within. The key to truly finding this essence, is truly finding, and understanding ones self. And attendance to a religious institution does not grant you this knowing, or ensure a jar tight guarantee of ‘righteous behaviour’. 

3. The paradox of original sin, polarity, and the concept of damnation.


Undoubtably, on the journey to finding myself, and finding the God within, the hardest aspect was the belief that although we were all sinners, our sins were constantly being tallied up, and one day, dependent on our luck, we may be sent to eternal damnation for our sins, (that were original, that we couldn’t help). Exactly – dumb founded. 

On my road to finding myself, I had found that most of my depression was a result of not forgiving myself for my shadow aspects, and the mistakes that I had made upon my path. The threat of being punished, abandoned, or cast out for my sins had already been deeply embedded by religious doctrine.

Honestly, the threat of being cast out of the ‘Kingdom of heaven’, is not only boarder line abusive, but can also stir up some pretty intense abandonment issues.

You absolutely cannot deny your darkness, nor can you suppress parts of yourself that are deemed traditionally, ‘unholy’. This only causes greater frustration, and deterrence from your true nature, which is good – not riddled with some sort of automatic sin! Yes, human kind is imperfect by nature, we grow, and learn through our mistajes, and none of this warrants eternal damnation, particularly not from an all forgiving, omniscient force. 
Cinderella Anneh-bu

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Twin flames; A week of release. 29th Nov/ 11/11.

November 29th.



I believe that since the full moon, and the days following it, many twin flames and Empaths have undergone what I can only describe as a purging. Something finally bubbled up and built to the surface. Whether emotionally, mentally, or energetically, something this week pushed all twin flames over the edge, and all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Anybody who has been dealing with the twin flame separation stage will undoubtably be familiar with bottled up emotions, frustration, and tension. I mean come on, months on end without speaking to, and hearing from the love of your life? Having nothing to resort to other than Facebook, and Twitter updates? It is enough to drive anybody mad! Especially the healer who channels information at 100mph.

So what this recent full moon so brilliantly offered us was a huge, intense release, but have we got everything out there yet?

It is a great time to be a twin! Energies are accelerating, and as the divine masculine allows himself to be healed, the divine feminine can relax a little, coming further into the knowledge that her love is reciprocated. Many will have made slight contact with their twin flames, enough as a brief conversation, and I believe that these are little tokens/signs that the universe offers us once we have cleared some karma, and shown enthusiasm for our self love journey.

‘You are getting far better at this whole unconditional love thing. Here, have a little catch up with your twin, but remember, don’t get too attached!’ – the universe. 

Both parties are doing their fair share of healing, and releasing, and this will mirror, and manifest as a greater intense calling to be among each other. 

The universe may motion excessively with angel numbers, (twin flame numbers that hold meaning), songs that hold meaning, and just about everything else that reminds you of your twin flame!

Things that were buried not – so -deeply beneath, (but still deep enough not to be perceived consciously), will absolutely erupt to the surface, and the very words that you breathe/think, will be the voice of your wounded inner child, telling you what you have to heal/work on. 

You must let go! 

I am channeling the information that the largest cause of stalling for twin flame reunions are in fact karmic attachments, and the many addictions that twin flames, and old souled healers adopt in order to cope with their inner chaos, whilst temporarily grounding themselves.

One, or both twins will be holding on to some unhealthy addiction. Considering the twins mirror one another, they will both in some ways be refusing to let go of a learned pattern. 

Karmic attachments, (or addictions as I sometimes refer to them), can take the form of abusive/unhealthy relationships, alcohol/substance abuse, or excessive partying, habitual negative thinking, and emotional co-dependency.
All of these are forms of addictive behaviours that many Empaths, twin flames and old souled healers take on in order to deal with the heavy burden that is placed upon them, of channeling mass energies, and challenging life experiences. This is all karma that needs to be cleared.

‘Karma as such, is not the karma that we know. Karma is the conditions that we create for ourselves, mentally, emotionally, our in put, that begets our universal output. The only way to ‘clear’ your karma, is to cleanse yourself’ – Cindy Anneh-bu.

Yes folks, this is the big secret, you CAN clear your own karma, and I will go into this more in my twin flame book.

Letting go of karmic attachments indeed is one of the greatest obstacles, and ironically, the greatest success in all twin flame stories. Whatever your addiction may be, it is now clearer than ever. Whilst you are clinging to this form of escapism, you are not dealing with your true, pressing issues, therefore neither is your twin.

This entire twin flame process is all about releasing. Releasing the collective miseries, and removing the coat of planetary accumulation, until there is nothing left but soul.
Blessed be, sacred beings ~

Seek Cindy.
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A letter, from a father, to his daughter; much, much later. 

“I give you the world,
On a silver platter,
And I say that there is not a thing in this universe that I treasure more than you.
But already, that isn’t fair.
And I have placed so much glory, and storage on your head, and I expect you to live up to these false ideals.
I watch you closely as you play,
So delicate,
That every time that you step a little out of line, or I fear that you may be bruised, I swarm in, and I take you, and I keep
And in doing so, I teach you to be afraid of the world.
You watch the others, your brothers,
And you see how they play untamed,
Unscathed by the battles of the playground,
Free, to dance around and move as one with the breeze, grazing their knees, and rising to their feet with ease,
But when you try,
I ask you to come back, to stand by me.
And that is where you will always be.
If not by me, then in the grips of another man who will expect much the same of you, to keep away from the dangers of the world, to be frightened, to be his.

I tell you that you are precious,
And there is this thing between your legs that you must guard with all of your life,
And keep yours till somebody make you a wife,
And only then will you know glory,
I tell you only then, will your story be worthy.
With this same sacredness, I give you shame.
I pass you blame.
I tell you to cover your arms, more discretely, straighten out your skirt more nearly, and close your legs,
For men are watching,
I teach you to be prey.

And at the end of the day,

I return, and turn around,
And call you my precious little girl.

A letter, from a father, to his daughter.”

Cindy Anneh-bu


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Dream interpretation, advice, and tarot – mini. Reading Sample, by me. 


Hope you enjoy my interpretation/analysation this week 🙂 

I have broken it up into three pieces. Firstly, the advice about your dilemma with being indecisive, falling for brothers/cousins/friends etc, I can tell you that this has been a theme throughout lives, and is a karmic thing! Lol so don’t be alarmed.. Your dream interpretation comes next, and finally a two tarot reading to hopefully help offer more clarity!
Advice/opinion on dilemma – 
This issue is definitely a major karmic lesson for you, and was also preparing you for your twin flame Union. 

You have a recurring theme of a fear of commitment, routine and monotony, that may not necessarily be limited to relationships, and this is why you are often so indecisive and find it difficult to stick at something, ie school, college, or university. This is born from an anxiety about not being good enough, similar to the ways in which we procrastinate.
At first, you appear enthusiastic about this thing, and cannot wait to dive head first into it.. But after a while, you begin to avoid it, and slowly start questioning whether it is really, ‘for you’, to which the response has always been, no it isn’t! I need to get out whilst I can! This is all from a fear of failing, or a fear that if you were to give it your all, it would not be enough, this is also where a lack of motivation comes in. If we held the belief that our work would eventually come out a desired way, we would be desperate to begin straight away, and witness the manifestation of our results.
You tend to jump in Head first, (and heart first), but when it is ‘too late’, you recognise that you are not as compatible with a certain partner as you thought you were, this is generally when your eyes begin to wander, and you come across another, (the brother, cousin or friend for instance), and you realise that you are more compatible with them. 
It is vital to acknowledge Yesi that you have a dual nature. Two sides to you. If you will look back and think carefully, you will see that the two individuals that you tend to fall for, both represent these dual natures, and reflect the two different sides of yourself. The one you are most drawn to, is the side within yourself that you are most compassionate toward, that you wish to accept about yourself. You have a huge heart, but you must exercise taking your time in life, and in love. You need to confront the anxieties that you have surrounding a fear of failing, and a lack of control. It is this need for control that causes the most anxiety, because you cannot control the flow of life events. 
Your dream interpretation – 
You are very right about the nature of your dream. It is your anxieties that are causing dreams of this kind. I believe you fear that your ex is not truly gone, or rather, you still suffer with the effects/consequences of his presence. You feel that you are still vulnerable to him, or his offences, and you still very much remember the feeling of something being ‘not quite right’, whilst you were with him, and you have not quite relinquished this fear. The ‘x’ marked on your back is symbolic of being a target, or being targeted, and being so far away from home, (in a foreign land), is also indicative of you feeling vulnerable, and unsafe, you are fearful that there would be nobody nearby to turn to, or call on for help, almost as if you are trapped. But take note that your dream refutes this claim. Your auntie came to your rescue, and just as in your dream, you always have the assistance that you need. There is no need to be so anxious, or fearful. You need now to cut/break any chords that keep you attached to him, or his memory, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Or this will hold you back, and also prevent your twin from re-entering your life, as unconsciously, he also feels, and reflects this fear/blockage. You took on energy (fear), that belonged to your ex, and you must now return it. Cut cords. You are currently on a journey. Redeem your sense of safety and well being. 
Tarot reading –

What message does my dream hold for me?

Eight of wands.

The eight of wands indicates fast paced action, journeying or travelling. This card is all about taking action in our lives, newness, and goals being achieved. It suggests being in some sort of Journey, or may indicate the need to take a vacation and re-cooperate. This journey of course may also relate to mental, emotional, or spiritual journeying, in which we are about to experience rapid change. It can point to the end of obstacles, and a new era of trust, and success in our lives. Completion, conclusion, resolution, and the end of delay. 
How can I find peace?

The sun.

Travelling may be in your sights, a change of scenery, leaving the old behind, and exploring newness. The sun is all about growth, and nourishment. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and realising that after every dark night, there is a brighter day. You will find peace in allowing yourself to absorb the healing energies that the sun has to offer, warmth, grace, and dedication.

  Blessed be, Seek Cindy ~

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How Numerology/Astrology could have saved me from a failed love story.. Sample Report Version. 

Well, I thought what a better example to use than myself.

I experienced two life changing, transforming unions over the past few years. The first, was my ‘false twin flame’, twin flame prep, or rather ‘karmic attachment, and the second, was my actual twin flame, the true love of my soul. And guess what, both of them were the life path of 11. 

So I know what you are thinking, that pretty much means they were the same right? And that is why I confused the first with being my actual twin flame instead of a prep? Well, yes, and no. Those belonging to the same life path group may indeed mimick one another in a magnitude of ways, but depending on the individuals actual energetic imprint, and other influencing factors, such as star sign, two souls belonging to the same life path will vary in different ways.

So yes, both of these two men shared similar life path 11 energies, thriving internal worlds, intense intuition, and sensitivity, but they articulated this very differently.

My false twin flame was not a horrible man. If he was, I would never have fallen so deeply for him, (despite the fact that he was such an avid manipulator, who’s ego wouldn’t have had things any other way). He was simply consumed, by many things associated with being a wounded healer upon this journey, particularly narcissism.

My false twin was a Capricorn. Known for their seemingly cold, stand-offish and closed nature. Combined with being a life path 11, his thriving intuition and chaotic inner world meant that he developed an extra stern, and hard exterior, as not to let any news slip of his internal drama!

Capricorns, (men especially), have been taught from an early age that outward displays of emotion do not garner affectionate responses, and therefore tend to withhold emotion (viewing this as a statement of power), whilst finding ways to punish those who do open up, and who show a level of emotion that causes them to feel uncomfortable. 

So how was my life path 11 twin flame any different?


Well, for one, he was a Scorpio. Now scorpions, men especially, are known for their intensity, emotionally, and romantically. He was the 11 who was open about the chaos that became of his mind, allowing me the open space to reciprocate, opening up about my own experiences with over thinking as a life path 7, and cultivate an open trusting, intimate bond.

Scorpions are very sensitive to rejection, so whilst, my false twin was with holding emotion as a form of power/punishment/dominance, my true twin flame, simply held in his emotion through fear of being rejected, not through malice, not through manipulation, but through a fear of not being enough.

The Capricorn however, in his state of deprivation, had managed to convince himself that not only was he ‘enough’, but in-fact, was ‘too much’, and I should have been lucky to know him – cheeky or what?!
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Numerology reading Sample report. Birth date, and obstacles upon path.


Please note, upon choosing one of my numerology services, a client may decide whether they would like to draw a tarot along with their life path reading, either to indicate what obstacles are blocking them upon their path, or to see where their hearts true desire lies, (future aspirations). In the case of these sample readings, I have included both examples. 

Also, although life path readings may be universal, the descriptions given are more based on the individuals energy, than the simple generalisation of the numbers calculated. 

When working with life path numbers to calculate a persons destiny, I like to work with ALL of the numbers present in a persons birth sequence, and not just a culmination of all numbers. Therefore, I will also deal with the surrounding numbers that influence their behaviours,

Ie – 

Firstly, your overall life path number, is the life path of 8, but before I describe to you what that means, I would like to introduce you to a method of numerology I use, where I calculate some of the existing numbers in the Birth sequence, as I also believe that these have an influence over the individual.
For instance, the number 3 appears twice in your birth sequence.

(This client was born on the 3rd of march).

3 March (3),

So let’s take a look at what the number 3 means in regards to numerology..

The number 3 is the number of creativity, and those carrying this number tend to be artistically inclined in some form, through writing, painting, dancing, singing, or otherwise. Number 3s have a very vivid imagination, and for this reason is often depicted as the dreamer, and the idealist, who has big ideas for humanity, and huge aspirations to see them being fulfilled!
It is also believed that the number 3 is very in touch with a child like nature, and deep down, they possess an unmistakable compassion, tenderness, and softness, that may stem from being what we call, a ‘wounded healer’.

However, without further ado, let us take a look at your overall life path number, which is the sum of your entire birth sequence, 3+3+1973 = 8.
The life path of 8 in my opinion, is a fantastic life path to own! Not only does the 8 represent longevity, eternity, wealth, and abundance, but it also represents balance – which is my favourite principle!

The number 8 is always very likely to showcase a very independent, rebellious, and adventurous spirit. They appear to be very tough, self sufficient, independent, and self reliant to the point that they may even seem suspiciously, or mysteriously lonely. Spectators may wonder indeed if the number 8 has any close friends, or family, as they always seem to be far more interested in a career, or artistic endeavour.

The number 8 is undoubtably ambitious! Either due to being poor, deprived, or neglected in childhood, or from growing up in a restrictive environment/setting, the number 8 as soon as they are old enough sets out to cultivate enough material wealth and stability to see that they never have to rely on others again. This is where their independent streak is born from. At one point or another, they had no choice but to rely on others, and their needs were often left unmet, so they therefore desire ultimately, to never find themselves in this predicament again. Typically, the idea of being vulnerable or needy, is absolutely horrifying to them!

The number 8 is also very likely to have experienced some harrowing times in their younger years. Anything from betrayal, to abuse of trust, and love. Once upon a time, the number 8 gave their heart away, freely, and openly, and expected others to do the same. But upon witnessing that the same was not granted, the number 8 tends to dive into a career, or some sort of money making plan instead, this serves as an illusionary distraction, and fulfilment of their ultimate needs.

The strong and independent exterior that the 8 carries is usually bravado. Although they are actually very hard Woking, they sometimes fear that If they were ever to stop working so hard, they would have nothing else to show for themselves, and little else to fall back on. It is also likely that they do not have strong family connections, or if they do, they are also weary of their family’s intentions and motives at times.

The real challenge for the number 8 is to re-intergrate into society, as an effective member of the wheel, and not just the here today, gone tomorrow type. Despite whatever hurt you may have experienced, life is still abundant with riches, and you will not find these spiritual or emotional riches, unless you let go of the walls that you have built around your heart.

The 8 can be prone to long term loneliness, mental isolation, and lone wolfism, that over time if left untreated, could morph into depression. 

The adult world can seem scary, and critical when we have not been taught as children that we can trust those around us, but as adults, we have the ability to cater to ourselves in a way that we were never blessed enough to be catered to. But self love is merely a door, that opens up to a room of accepting the love that others also have to offer us. Remember that like attracts like, if you persist through life with walls and barriers, those who you attract into your experience will mirror your hesitance, and conceal, and therefore will never fully show up as themselves either.

In this case, you will endure recurring cycles of meeting those who do not meet your needs, and further retreating into yourself, and your work.

Your tarot reading: Obstacle/what is blocking your path –

The four of swords.

The four of swords relates to the order, stability, and calm that we experience after a rocky, or tumultuous life period, and any sort of mental, emotional, or physical Injury. In numerology, the four is all about order, and our need to take control over situations that bring us any disorder. The four of swords indicates that you have had your fair share of trials amongst life’s journey, almost perfect love stories, that each left you, a little bit more disheartened than the last. This has probably been an on going theme for you for multiple lives. Perhaps there is something that each experience needed to teach you. Perhaps each experience mirrored the ways that you felt internally about yourself. Either way, when the four of swords shows up, we need rest, we need to restore order, and balance, essentially, licking and tending to our wounds.

Kindest regards, and blessed be,

Seek Cindy. ~

Clients reading number 2.Numerology reading report.

Life path 6.

Your life path of 6 means that you are the advisor, the counsellor, the humanitarian, and the care giver.

Naturally, you are the peacemaker. People come to

You for advise, and naturally, your observant nature allows you to pick up on their subtle troubles, and you sometimes step in to offer your advice, and perspective. You must be careful not to come off as domineering, or interfering, and ensure that others are open, and willing to take on your advice, when you do decide to give it.
Because you are so giving, you are also prone to feeling unappreciated, and frustrated, if you perceive that others are not recognising of your efforts. 

You are very family and community based. Fitting in, and being a part of something, is likely a thought that has followed you for most of your life, and will be why you share such a great affinity for the weak and the down trodden, in them, you see yourself.

You must learn to become your own healer, so that you may help others accordingly, without growing bigger, cynical, or resentful in the process. 

You are likely to travel deep lengths to cater to those who you feel ‘need you’, you are your brothers keeper, and your sisters keeper, and for this reason it is likely that you seek out those who are already in pain.
Although you love to feel needed, you must remain aware that others will always take advantage where you allow them to, and if you carry on without setting healthy boundaries, you may create your own unbreakable cycles of encouraging others to lean on you, and then growing frustrated, and depressed when you feel as if they are taking advantage of you. 
You must also be vigilant of growing resentful or becoming ill intentioned due to past pains. It is your painful past experiences that have given you such compassion, do not allow yourself to forget this.
Tarot reading.

Past influences –  

Four of pentacles.

The Lord of power represents the time when we achieve a stable level of material balance. At least at that present time. Control, settling in, retrieving balance after a turbulent or rocky time. Everything in order, and everything in place. This card may sometimes point to us holding on too tightly to material possessions. You may have come to substitute, or equate, financial security with emotional stability, and you may find that this compromised your spiritual, or creative pursuits/energy. 

All creator (creative) energy is free flowing, and if we hold on too tightly to anything on the physical plane, we may find that we are blocking ourselves in other areas. Whilst financial security is vital, and beneficial, do not cling to an occupation/income as a source of internal fulfilment. Do not neglect the simpler beauties of life.

Present/obstacles – 

Three of swords/king of cups.

The combination of these two cards may point to the breakdown of a relationship, loss of a love interest, disturbance to emotional equilibrium, rejection, loneliness, heart break, grief or betrayal.

Painful, unexpected events.

The three of swords is often depicted as a heart with three sword wounds penetrating it. This points to an injury of the heart, or an emotional time where we experience a great loss. In combination with the king of cups, this is very likely to correspond with a relationship, or a significant other. Perhaps the union did not go as planned, perhaps you are left once again feeling emotionally unfulfilled, and wondering how much more your heart can withstand. 

The king of cups asks you to take the kind of action that he might take, for example, calmness in a crisis, using diplomacy rather than force, and developing an overview of situations and outcomes. 

The king of cups is in charge, and in control of his emotions, when he arrives, he may point to a love interest who represents a heavily masculine energy, and a relationship that requires us to be introduced to integrating both masculine, and feminine energies. Masculine energy is associated with emotional balance, whereas feminine energy is all loving and engulfing, masculine energy can express reserved love, and seek the rest of this balance from the feminine. Overly feminine energy is overflowing, and over emotional. Picture a cup of water flowing, until it pours messily from the cup. 
This is a partner, or individual whom may seem to lack considerable effort, care, or consideration, but in reality, he has been taught to sit on his emotions, and instead, develop a calm and composed, interior, and exterior, thus he always expresses an heir of calm, and does not bode well in arguing for arguments sake. 

He comes to us to introduce balance, leadership qualities, and harmonise masculine and feminine energies. He asks us to bring balance to our intense and creative emotions.
Remember that your path is the one of the humanitarian, and essentially, the healer. And it is important to remember that any and all bruises of the heart are attempts to guide you, and teach you, and not to become stains of the heart, or undermine your progress. Pain encourages death/rebirth, in order for you to grow, learn from past mistakes, and transform into the highest version of yourself. Whilst your pain may appear never ending, or excruciating, with time, faith, self) love, forgiveness, and patience, you will see the truth and the light behind all situations, including this one. 

How can you develop a stronger awareness of the unconscious without becoming overwhelmed by it?

Future aspirations – 

Ace of cups.

This is the tarot decks card of true love, and points to our deepest desires to find, become inspired, and become transformed, by love. It would be hard to imagine a soul mate reading, without the presence of the ace of cups.  

When the ace of cups appears in a reading, there is a feeling of love so deep, that one, (or both) of the partners are almost willing to die for the other! There are intense feelings of fulfilment, satisfaction, and wholesomeness, and there is no doubt that the love is reciprocated on both sides. 

This card points to your desire to find, and experience this type of love. As I mentioned before, feelings, care giving, and love, are extremely important to you, and this is tied in with your mission, and soul purpose on this earth. You must realise that external love does not first exist without internal love, and in order for you to locate the love that you truly desire, you must become and embody this very love that you so seek. There are other pleasures in love that you can enjoy whilst you still have not found the love of your life. The love of family, the love of friends, and the love of creativity, these are all variations of love and will also bring you fulfilment and satisfaction.
You will find love one day! It is a given, but please do not close your heart to it along the way. Recognise that the bruises of your heart are lessons, not curses.
Kindest regards,

Seek Cindy.