Twin flames, true love, and a lesson to your soul, FROM your soul. 


  One of the things that caused me the greatest frustration, and pain upon my twin flame journey, and in particular the ‘separation stage’, was the belief that my twin flame was just not getting it. No matter what I did, or what I said, or how I knew deep within that he felt, I still felt as if I was the only one with my eyes open.
How could he have experienced all of these things? And intuitively have felt the connection, the pull, endured the dreams, and still not come running straight into my arms? I started to wonder if I was crazy too.. If perhaps I had imagined all of these things and drew my own conclusions based on a deep seated desire to be wanted.

But then the syncronicities grew, at times became impossible to ignore, and the more that I tried to forget about him, the more I uncovered more layers about myself, my own fears, and clairaudient descriptions of the causes of his hesitance. It was as if, at the moments I truly gave up, surrendered, and allowed him to be free, I then became flooded with psychic knowing, and reassurance. Those were the moments that I was most in tune with the divine. Because those were the moments I was not acting out of possession, control, anger, and conceit. I was simply saying. ‘Okay, maybe we are not meant to be together. Okay, I cannot force him to be one way, whilst he is another way, and this is nobody’s fault’.

It was in the moments that I discovered the overall time flame goal. Surrender. Forgiveness. Faith.

Because even though I was surrendering the need to control an outcome between the two of us, at the back of my mind, tucked away, bathed the knowing that our story was not over, that our destinies were unfinalised. 

   Soul mirrors.
This now brings me to my next twin flame lesson and true love encounter.

This applies to not only twin flames, but those who have experienced authentic love with deep soul connections. 

When the love is magnetic between you and another soul, more than likely, it is because you both possess complimentary soul components. In other words, you are on some level the mirrors into each other’s souls. In the case of twin flames, your fears, and desires mirror one another. In the case of deep soul connections/contracts, you stumbled upon each other because your souls were vibrating at a similar frequency.

In the moments that I would spend growing frustrated, sad, and angry about my twin flames actions, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, in a way that I had never seen myself before.

The things that annoyed me the most about my twin flame was his seeming lack of reliability, issues with intimacy, and fear of commitment. Then all of a sudden, I began to consider all of my own short comings..

How I had a habit of growing bored of things, quickly, and easily. How I had a theme of starting at new schools, colleges, and then three months down the line found myself very reluctant to continue, or even find the motivation to go in to class. 

I thought about my history of sabotaging relationships, by insisting that I was going to be hurt, so pushing my partners away first. 

All of these things were in essence the exact same things that I had faulted in him. It was the same fear of failure, and inner child syndrome that had causes our lack of reliability, and often careless behaviours.

Mirrors, in different ways.

So, perhaps I would not avoid relationships all together the same ways that he would, but once I did get in them, I allowed my mind to become fixated on all of the things that could potentially go wrong, and brought my own fears to reality. Push them away, before they can leave. Such a deeply rooted underlying belief, who would have ever found it? How would I have ever found it? If not for the perfect mirror.

When you find yourself being too hard on your other half for their supposed short comings, perhaps take a greater look at yourself. And realise you are not as far on your journey of self healing as you thought.

Blessed be, Cinderella ~ 


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