November, a fresh new month ahead of us! Monthly goals. 



Goals for this month.1. Publish my twin flame book.

2. Send out my mystical bundles. 

3. Change my whole wardrobe.

4. Join some sort of book club or social meeting.

Hi guys!

 I thought that I would make a list of all of my goals for the month, and instead of hiding them away in my secret journal, I would share them all with you, so that we could track this process together, and hopefully I could also inspire all of you to write down your monthly goals! 
I started off with a few easy/straightforward ones here, that I think could actually make a big difference. 
I am the biggest procrastinator in the world, and I still have not figured out if it is because I have this subconscious fear of failure, or if it is because I am just this raging perfectionist who needs to take a chill pill. Either way, sometimes things take me far longer than they should, and those of you who have utilised my services will know this, (but hey, they are always laced with extensive information, which does take time!) 

I am really excited about the book that I am releasing this month – as it has been a major out let in dealing with the separation phase of my twin flame Union, and I also believe that it will crystallise and immortalise everything that I have experienced this year, so I can finally close the chapter on it, no pun intended.
My special mystical bundles are also something that I was SO excited about initially, (and still very much am), but the minute I got caught up in all the readings, I no longer really had any time to craft the bundles, in the ways that I would have liked to. Getting them out there will be a huge achievement for me.
Changing my whole wardrobe is also something that sticks out as important, and meaning a lot to me. I feel like none of the clothes that I presently have, articulate my new being enough. Like I said, I am constantly, and consistently changing, and I see clothes like a representation of your soul to the world, and my soul has grown so much lately, I need all new representation! Plus, I’ve just made it through a pretty tough time, and cannot wait to treat myself!
Joining a book club or meeting is my final last ditch attempts in forming some sort of social life, and getting myself back out there. One of the things that knocked me off my feet in the midst of battling mental illness was my reluctance to leave the house, or even engage in social activity. After a while, I had minimised all time spent with others, till I frequently only spent time with one person. Of course the only problem is, as I have grown more spiritual, and dedicated more of my life to the purpose, I have come to understand the importance of like minded souls, and finding my soul family, which hopefully the universe will find cunning ways to orchestrate, once I put myself out there!


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