A shift in perceptions – November 5th, numerological stance, by Cinderella Anneh-bu

As promised, today, twin flames should be feeling a little more at ease with their twin flame angst, than the previous days.

This is not to say that there stil won’t be the occasional flutter of the heart, and the ever fluctuating, ‘have I just conjured this whole thing in my mind?’, but underneath it all, should exist a calm breeze of, ‘I am within my love, and my love is within me, as I rise, so does he, (she)’.  This is the twin flame principle. As I follow my own instinctual visions, and conduct my own healing, I also benefit those outside of me, and bring them healing, and peace of mind. 

And this is particularly true, when you raise your own vibrations, and the world around you begins to appear different before your very eyes. Where the lines of, is my happiness creating this shift? Or is this shift creating this happiness, become irreversibly blurred’.

A numerological perspective.

November 5th

November  (11 month) – 11; spiritual transformation, intuitive knowing, empathy, psychic, death and rebirth, healing, balancing of two energies, wisdom, spirit contact through trials and tribulations.

5th day – 5 ; change, transformation, adventure, productivity, overturn, newness, freedom, shapelessness, letting go.

Today is all about surrender, because change can not occur, unless we first make sacrifices. What greater sacrifice to the universe is there, than the ultimate love of your life? This is a gift, to and fro.

The universe blesses you with the perfect mirror image, (if only you should work toward it), and the most potent potion for transformation, (if only you can reconcile with yourself).

And when you do, and you tell the universe that there is no lack within you, thus you no longer look at this situation from a perspective of loss, you grant that change has arrived.

A solid change from the old paradigm. The old ways of thinking about love as conditional, and in need of constant confirmation, and approval. You learn that love cannot exist whilst there is no love, or peace within, thus you cultivate these things. 

And in doing so, offer peace, blessings, and love, to your twin, your community, and your society. 

Blessed be ~ 


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