The call of the wild, and the need for urgency, by Cinderella Anneh-bu. 

Many empaths, and healers will have found themselves in the previous or coming weeks, months, years, filled with the absolute urgency that there is somewhere that they have to be, something that they have to do, and somebody that they have to meet. This feeling will have plagued them so much that they may have even begun to grow frantic, trying to tend to the needs, of everyone, and everything, fearing that this is where their angst derives from. 

Fortunately, this feeling is actually not a red signal for the empath or the healer to once again become a martyr, sacrificing everything and everyone for themselves.

In actuality, this ‘urgency’ is all related to the healer doing the exact opposite, stepping into their true divine power, accessing the healing that only exists upon actualising their own greatness, and tying up any loose ends to do with soul loss, and energetic blockages.

This urgency, supported by planetary alignment and universal energies, is trying to support all healers to do two things, to purge, and to find. To purge themselves of all of the ills that they have spent their entire lives accumulating, (in order to walk the healing path), and to find the hidden wisdom that will reveal not only their own sufferings, but how these sufferings were actually offerings, to both the healer, and their community.

There is nowhere physically that the empath has to be, or see. The only place is within. There is nobody externally that the empath has to cater to. That person exists within. 

I refer to this feeling, and this time, as ‘the call of the Wild’, as this call is just as difficult to ignore. This call is of the earth, one of natural order, primal, and instinctive, instructed by the creator. 

This is not the time to try to tackle everything, or everyone. This time lies solely with self attainment, self realisation, and self healing. Listen to your souls truths, as you are being guided with every step, every thought, by a higher power. Tune everything else out. Shed your soul of what no longer serves you. Pick up the things that will help you on your journey.

Listen to the winds as they carry you right to the door of your soul family, kindred spirits, and feel safe to leave behind any relationships that mirror old energetic imprints.

Blessed be, Cindy ~ 


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