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Future influences:

Queen of pentacles.

Love: In the context of love, this is a very feminine card, and also points to strategy, particularly for those who are not currently involved with anyone. The strategy to find love is the stereotypical feminine one; don’t chase it, make yourself available, but do not be desperate to bring someone new into your romantic life. When the time is right, that will be made abundantly clear to you, and you won’t have to do backflips to make something come about. Be upbeat, and know that you have many things in you which are worth loving.

The queen of pentacles is genuinely compassionate, affectionate and nurturing by nature, and she gets this from her mother’s side. She is always there to help when needed, offer guidance, and be supportive, though this is the very nature that often sees her taken advantage of, or taken for granted. It is important for you to remember that although the queen appears to be a subordinate in her role beside the king, you are extremely powerful in your own right, and you will see this, the minute that you turn your care taking abilities inward toward yourself.

In terms of a relationship, this card indicates that you should maintain an heir of individuality, independence, and integrity at all times. Same applies to feelings. Love is unwavering in her heart. But do not take her for granted. Do not do something that humiliates or hurts her ego. She is a logical lover and does not succumb to blind love. She is sharper in her head than the King of Pentacles. Being future oriented, she knows what she wants in her relationship and who is unhealthy for her well being. For a while of course, she tries her best to amend a bad relationship with negotiations. When it all fails she does not hesitate to show her boyfriend the door, bringing in a true end to everything. She will not look back. She will not urge him to get back together. What a powerful omen to have in your corner!
Past influences:

The nine of wands.

The nine of wands, Lord of strength, reminds us that being true to ourselves will release energies to help us to deal with whatever we find within. When it appears, we can be reassured that our inner strength will guide us toward our goals. This card points to difficulties in our past and in our path, misfortunes of the heart, turbulent friendships and rocky roads. You may have dealt with a lot of betrayals, and issues to do with mistrust, but all along the way your intuition was guiding you toward the truth, and it is important that you learn to trust yourself again so that you can hear, and heed to this knowing once again. The nine of wands encourages you to be self loving, and faithful to you, before you can be faithful to anybody else. It also stands to remind you to take a breather before making any hasty decisions based upon past pains, and desires for perfection. True wholeness comes from within, and only when we reach a centre of completion can we branch outward, and complete others.
Current obstacles 

Queen of swords.

The queen of swords appears to be emotionally cold and blunted, but she has had to become this way to survive life’s struggles, and a conscious sea of deceit. She is neither emotionally cold, nor stunted, beneath the surface she is still the loving nurturer, and the mother, but she is also fiercely ready for war, and ready to defend herself and her family if need be.

This card in the tarot deck points to a woman’s ability to become in tuned with her masculine energies, uniting both energies as one. Masculine energy is protective, strategic, and logical, this card reminds you that you are not weak minded, nor weak willed. You have the potential within you to claim your power, and stand strong as a hero. If you have any reserve or doubts about entering this marriage, then now is the time to stand firm within yourself, and ask whether these doubts may hold foundations of truth.

Do you need to be clearer in your expression?

Perhaps you have grown accustom with going with the flow, and not rocking the boat. Well now is the time to show that you are in charge, of your own fate, of your own destiny!

It is time to guard your heart fiercely.
Future influences-

Two of cups.

This card often means an engagement or a marriage. Whenever two forces are drawn together, there is potential for bonding. The two of cups indicates this type of union, and the new opportunities that it may bring. The key themes to this tarot option are love, commitment, sexual unity, and creative energy. 

When this card is drawn, there is definitely love present. But there is also a hint of fear, jealousy, and pain. It is important to utilise forgiveness on all grounds, and this also relates to personal forgiveness. The joining of two can also promote vast healing, only if both of the two are open to this healing.

I believe that your partner holds a lot of pain and blockages in his heart centre, you also hold pain within you, and issues associated with an overactive heart chakra.

The marriage of the two of you can not experience successful fruition, until the marriage of the two souls experience this Union. That is, once the two of you are ready, individually ready. Once healing has occurred, and once there is no distrust or suspicion on your part.
Can you say that this is a possibility?
Past influences. 

Three of swords.

The Lord of sorrow almost always indicates some sort of disruption which causes pain and uncertainty. Such disruption leads to a loss of balance and harmony. 

This card represents feelings of rejection, loneliness, abandonment, and not feeling good enough, and I believe that these are issues that are mirrored within the two of you.

You and your family showed immense healing power, and love by forgiving him and accepting him back into your loving embrace. And this was of HUGE significance to him, as I am sure that it was for you.

However, the pain that exists within both of you may still cause friction and speed bumps down the road, for this is the very reason that you are both filled with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Marriage seems to bring a promise of security, but what first remains to be resolved?
I hope that you have fully enjoyed this reading my love, and I look forward to hearing back from you about any feed back.
Kindest regards,


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