Mini life path romance calculation sample, dm or email for booking.

Clients life path – 8

Romantic interest’s life path – 3
Your life path, the life path of 8 signifies difficult times in earlier life, possibly restricted, judged, or taken for granted by those who should have been offering support or care giving. for this reason, when the 8 grows, all they seek is independence, freedom, and long term stability from ever needing to rely on another again. This may seem them working feverishly and obsessively all to avoid pains of the past. The 8 strives to protect their heart and themselves, even to the extreme of sometimes appearing cold , closed, or unphased. In truth, life path 8 is very sensitive, though they have learned, or rather been taught, that methods of being open and vulnerable only lead them toward pain. They may even begin to push others away for this reason, although all they really seek and long for underneath is close bondage, intimacy and closeness. This seems to be the one thing that always escapes them and they may find themselves diving Into some form of business endeavour to distract themselves from their intimacy and emotional problems.
Your partner/love interest’s life path number – 3

Creative, sensitive, compassionate healer. Artistic – particularly drawn toward the healing arts. Number 3 has a destiny of service and providing the world with a message of comfort. The humanitarian is likely to carry the wounded healer complex. This is some type of experience or incident during childhood that left him feeling vulnerable, isolated, or rejection.
Conclusively, the numbers 3 and 8 will make an excellent couple of love and devotion as far as I predict. The 3 will pick up the slack in regards to emotional withdrawal, and the 8 will learn to balance and integrate feminine energies, creativity, and reciprocity. 
Enjoy my darling.

Kindest regards,

Seek Cindy.

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