What is the big, ‘bad’ secret about the life path numbers, 7, and 11? 

Anybody who has familiarised themselves with my former works, will know that I have a somewhat fascination with the life path numbers 7, and 11, respectively. Not only that, but I have cultivated a sort of spiritual synchronisation between the two, based on strength in similar attributes, and the benefiting natures that they have on one another, once the two are brought together.

I believe that i have made no secret of the fact that I am the life path of 7, and my twin flame is the life path of 11, but not many know that along with my twin flame, one of my closest friends, my false twin flame, AND the worst karmic attraction/attachment that I have ever experienced, were also, all the life path 11. Wow, one might say. So why does this particular number keep following me?

Or perhaps, why do I keep following it..?

Well, first, let us take a look exactly at what these numbers mean, and perhaps I can paint you some insight as to why I believe that they work so well together, and push one another into heightened States.

 Two journeys, parallel In nature. 


‘One day, the lucky 7 fell in love with the life path 11, and my it was a tear drop from heaven, blessed by the most sacred of secrets, yet who’d ever believe it? Intuitive, empathic, romantic, in tune, psychic, nostalgic, kundalini full bloom.. Many, ancient years since June, 360 life times away, a sun, and a moon’

– Cinderella Anneh-bu

Imagine belonging to a parallel universe. An infinite, ever expanding, intricate Galaxy, that behaved as a veil between worlds.

Well can you?

For this is exactly the life and the destiny, of the life paths 7, and 11. Bound to, and fixated by a colourful, vivid inner world that expands beyond the boarders of the average eye. Inside the minds, and the hearts of the life paths 7 and 11, is a great secret, a great secret that the two can share with no other, aside from each other.

How beautifully poetic.

Two souls coming together once again to experience momentary bliss, love, companionship, learning and understanding? Inside the confides of that which only two minds could comprehend.

These two numbers have secrets. Whilst the 7 is attracted to mysticism, esotericism, and the spiritual realm, the 11 exists as a portal, for the here, and the ethers, so neither two are ever truly fully ‘here’

Deep thinking, analysation, intuition, and intense introspection is the name of their game, and they have no say in this whatsoever. As much as they cannot control the journey of their lives, (for it has been pre-destined), they cannot control the nature of their mind, or the ways that they soak information, for they are channels. Designed to bring information into this world from higher realms of existence, essentially, ‘hyper sensitive’

Psychic, creative, magnetic, and seeker, are all terms that come to mind when we assess these two numbers.

The life paths 7 and 11 often have their spiritual journeys sparked from a very young age, actually, probably from previous life times before also. Misfortune, misery, depression, abuse, betrayal, dysfumction, and hard ship, are all some of the traits associated with their spiritual lessons. They have it hard, very hard, the burden is great to carry, but is it not that way for all those who are sent by Gods requests? 

They have to endure these trials, they have to endure these triumphs, these lessons, only then will they know true enlightenment. And their task is one of integrating two thriving worlds. Their lower nature, with their higher selves, their intuitive knowing, with their logical mind, and their masculine sides, with their feminine sides. 

The structure of the number 11 can indicate the integration of two parralel, yet opposite sides, as it takes the shape of two pillars.

This is also articulated with the life path 7, as although they are very logical, and data driven, they are also constantly channeling information via extra sensory perception, and they must learn to trust, and utilise both of these accolades, to the best of their ability. 

Essentially cultivating wholeness, and oneness, which is the ultimate task of these two life path numbers.

Somewhere along the lines of their journey, a situation, or experience shook them, very likely earlier on, branding them, ‘the wounded healer’, and it is their quest to re-unite with the divine, that governs their existence. Only should they find the path..

The number 11 is a karmic number, and it is therefore very likely that this life path incarnates into this realm with much karma.

When these two life paths connect, they trigger a recognisation, a soul reaction, and a space to openly, and honestly share the secrets, and the sides of themselves, that they keep hidden from everyday light. This gives them the opportunity to know themselves, and see the world, in a new light. 

These two life path numbers are messengers, so sure enough, they provide messages, for one another. The life path 7 can often introduce, or induce rather, spirituality to the life path 11. Although naturally extremely spiritually inclined, the life path 11 can be rigged with doubt, and the 7 provides clarity, and confirmation, of something other worldly. 

‘The tale of the wounded healers, upon meeting, oh how they strike one another’

Cinderella Anneh-bu

So how does religion, most accurately, biblical scripture offer a hint to the destinies, and the missions, of the life paths 7 and 11?

Exodus; 7:11.

Quite ironically, it was actually a Bob Marley song, that re-focused, and drew my attentions, toward the biblical chapter of exodus. If you are not already familiar with this song, I advise you to give it a listen, as it describes perfectly the conscious, and planters shifts, from an age of oppression, to a dawn of enlightenment, and awakening.

This is the proposed tasks of all the healers who incarnate into this realm, to be guardians, light showers, and messengers of the divine.

The famous story of Moses, the Phaoro, and the plea, ‘to let my people go.

In exodus, 7:11, we see the divine attributing talents of healing, messages, and alchemy to both Moses, and Aaron, ‘thou shalt speak all that I command thee’.

There is also the mention of Aaron’s rod transphorming into a serpent, which is the esoteric symbol of healing, and healing ability, the exact mission statements of the life paths 7 and 11. Given God’s divine word, and sent with the tools of healing to oppose the current oppressive conditions, and bring about lasting change, a hefty mission, though will equipped.

The transformation of the sea, to a thick blood red, is also another symbol of alchemy, death, re-birth, and fluidity, (control over emotions, and intuition). 

All the signals have been listed, as they say, it was written. 

And the 7, and the 11, therefore gifted. 

Blessed be ~

Cindy Anneh-bu

Instagram: @spiritualpoetess_

Twitter: @spiritualpoet_ 

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