Inside the fascinating realm of a healers dreams..

So what do healers dream about, one might wonder? 

Considering that they are supposedly so deeply spiritually rooted and connected, it is natural to wonder if empaths, healers, and light workers dream’s really do take them to a place of another world, and can they really gain access to a place within their mind that nobody else can?

To quantify, and understand this, we would first have to consider an empaths mind, and imagination in their waking worlds. 

Healers, shamans, or empaths are particularly known for their creative abilities. It is thought that their very creative juices are mere extensions of their channeling abilities, and their inspiration is born of clairauidence, (clear hearing from being tuned into higher frequencies). Given this information, then why should empaths, and healers not experience expansive, and vivid dreams? If their waking worlds and imaginations are already filled with such colour, and vigor, then why then should their dreams, (where anything, and everything is possible), be any different?

There is an ancient belief among African spiritualism that dream time is when we can successfully connect with our ancestors, and the divine, and receive messages in the form of omens, and premonitions. My parents themselves, have even at numerous times been irreversibly shaken after experiencing certain dreams, they would discuss them as if they were JUST as important as everyday reality, if not more.

Much healing work is done during a healers sleep, here, their mind owes no obligation to their ego, or to the limitations of five sensory perception, and they often find themselves dreaming in vivid detail of the past, past homes, and past aqaintances, all in order to make sense of their role, and their journey.

If they are victims of soul loss, which many ‘wounded healers’, originally are, they will repeat very similar, or memorable dreams, in order to pin point exact moments, and scenarios that led to their soul loss.

Also, they will often receive images in their dreams that enlighten them, about particular belief sustems, or doubts, that are causing them set backs, or road blocks, we can say, on their journey to becoming a healer. I also believe that even whilst sleeping, many healers heal. 

Have you ever experienced dreams with strange faces that you did not recognise? Within those dreams, did you participate in any care giving, guidance, or assistance? It is very possible that your soul is travelling, and allowing you to heal those you would otherwise have no ways of reaching, or healing. 

A healers healing ability stems very far, and very wide, and upon doing so, the healer heals apart of themselves. 

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