What if my twin flame or soul connection has passed away? Death, loss, and spirituality. 

Although there have been very few incidences that I, myself have been made aware of, I am still aware of the fact that some of the twin flames on the journey, will have to deal with the absolutely devastating factor of losing their twin flames on this earthly plane, and enduring the difficult task of having to find a way to go on, without them.

But this is the time in particular, that one must know, that you are never without your twin flame. 

Even when you are not united in the physical realm. 

Much like during the ‘separation phase’, there is a constant energetic dialogue to, and fro, with twin flames, that penetrates all time and distance. I can only assume that this bond is even stronger from beyond, because the twin who has passed, is now radiating at an incredibly high frequency, re-connected with the original source, (creator).

As above, so below.

 Considering the deceased twin will now be radiating at such a pure energy voltage of love, and light, this will undoubtably also raise the vibration of the twin flame in mourning. 

Though of course, it will not appear this was immediately, and may take a long time to even appreciate, after the twin flame has passed, the remaining twin will become engulfed in a web of unconditional love, understanding, and unity consciousness. Not only will he or she be placed with the very deep internal knowing that their love is still very much apart of them, but this will completely re-wire the way that they view life, death, and the after life. This will ultimately be the spiritual enlightenment to rival ALL spiritual growth. 

They are extremely likely to rapidly gain an interest in the supernatural, or the paranormal, if this did not already exist.  This is because they will often begin to experience vivid, or lucid dreams, possibly of their beloved, and awaken feeling slightly confused, warm, emotional, and even extremely, inexplicably loved.

The ones that we love become suspended in an ethereal place, born of our memories, our connections, and our eternal bonds, our loved ones are always with us – Cinderella Anneh-bu.

Despite the obstacles that life brings toward us, it is always important to understand, and remember, that everything does happen according to its plan, and it’s script. It is normal to feel distraught, depressed, and deeply wounded by a loss of thing magnitude, but even something this seemingly cruel, is the universe’s attempt to bring you closer to you, and closer to oneness.

You may interpret your dreams to see if you if you can perceive any messages of love, and comfort from your deceased loved one, or even engage in meditations in which you connect through love, and receive guidance.

The invisible chords that bind us to those we share deep love, and romantic bonds with can never be severed, even if the souls have graduated from this earthly plane, I personally know this from experience after undergoing a very touching, and confusing experience from my deceased brothers, during the alpha state of sleep/dreaming.

I laid in bed asleep, deep in the night, yet something must have stirred me because I awoke slightly, (you know that hazy kind of awake, through sleepy eyes, and blurred visions. As I turned to readjust my sleeping position, I felt the warmest, almost – vibrating, subtle brush sweep, from the top of my head, to just beneath my shoulders. I shuddered, grunted lowly, and turned to face the other side. I was conscious of what was happening, and slightly afraid, but the first thought that entered my mind was my brother, from whom I was asking for a sign from beyond, earlier that day.

My point is, when we lose the ones that we love dearly, and deeply, they sought of become guardian angels, and way showers for us, watching over us, and guiding our paths for the rest of our journeys. It is also highly likely to find that shortly, or months/years down the line of losing them, your life takes on a dramatic and progressive change. Due partly to the inspiration gained by realising the ever lasting cycle of life, and death, and the supporting guidance from your new spirit angel.

Please note that although this article mentions twin flames half the way through, this message, and this concept also applies to deceased loved ones who have left us, family, friends, or otherwise. 

Blessed be, always.

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2 thoughts on “What if my twin flame or soul connection has passed away? Death, loss, and spirituality. 

  1. Thank you. My twin flame died three months ago. I want to join him. Are we all part of some divine plan? Our only job being to let go and to accept reality as is? Is free will an illusion? Is how and when we leave Earth already set? Is it beyond my control? Was it beyond his control? I want to believe in a spiritual realm and to simply live in love with reality. With whatever i encounter on my path. To love the joys as much as the pain because love is within the dark and the light. But to accept or to struggle appears to be a choice. Thus free will is not an illusion, yes?

    1. I believe free will is both & is not an illusion, as such life is a great paradox like the light & dark you so cleverly & tenderly mentioned.. ultimately, all is written, we do have choice & choice creates our destiny, but the creator already knows which choice we will make – sometimes in a strike against fate, we can alter our own destiny, once again through our choices. He is always always with you & now your two worlds of physical reality & spiritual reality touch even closer.. hold hands, search for him in your dreams & waking moments, I promise he is always there.. God bless you Kim 🙏🏽💘❤️💖💘

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