Full moon in Gemini, November 25th, 2015, Balance, Sexuality, Ancestral issues, and awakening.


Today’s, full moon is absolutely packed to the rim with symbolism, and messages from the beyond!

You will most likely have witnessed this moon being represented by twins, or two pillars parralel to one another. This is because this full moon is all about the integration of two separate aspects, of polarity into our lives. 

For the past few days prior to this full moon, I have experienced what I can only describe as mental chaos, and calamity, as my mind has struggled to find calm, and comfort in its battle against my heart. The ultimate battle of my masculine and feminine components, as the divine feminine tries to weigh back in, and the divine masculine attempts to regain control! 

The strain was coming from two places. My minds reluctance to hold on to things that harbour no concrete, ‘logical’ evidence, and my hearts desire to cling to what it truly knows, including past memories.

The intensity from this full moon is derived from the minds desire to cling on to the painful memories, and experiences of the past, as the heart tries to set in stone the lessons that it has gathered. 

This theme will play out separately, and the divine feminine will release energies associated with the collective feminine energies, whilst the divine masculine is burdened with the release of the collective masculine energies. This release may come in the form of creative, and sexual energies, as this is a centre point of immense built up tensions.

What happens when the divine feminine awakens?

(Ancestral qualms).

When the divine feminine awakens, not only will she command energy from the centre point of womanhood, and empowerment, but she will also soon learn to combine them with her masculine energies. And this can take the form of her exercising power, where she may once have been timid, and inactive. 

The ancestral line of women is laced with issues of abandonment, neglect, and desert. This can be viewed archetypally with the religious depiction of Adam, Lillith, and Eve, whereby it is often suggested that Lillith is cast away, because she refuses to submit, and be subordinate to Adam. 

However, it should be noted that Lilith  actually chose to depart instead of submit, rather than being ‘cast away’. This is the perfect example of the divine feminine’ return, seeking balance, and not imbalance of the two energies, and willing to break moulds, and set templates.

Also, it is important to remember that Eve shared an open dialogue, and communication with the serpent, on the ‘tree of knowledge’, therefore illustrating a woman’s natural ability to commune with the primal, and healing forces of the earth, and hold ‘sacred knowledge’.

The divine feminine returns not to be punished for her knowing, but to relish, and celebrate her commitment to the divine.

Ancestral themes of being over powered, and silenced by men, and times of timidness, or reluctance to speak out will all become apparent in the minds eye, and this is all stored within the shadow self, awaiting full release. 

A supporting hand from the divine masculine.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking charge, and claiming power, as long as the power is self motivated, and not exercised with the intention of claiming ownership of the other. This is an important twin flame lesson to learn, balance, and not seeking complete dominion. 

The logical mind, and the intuitive mind are not enemies, and the notion of the two battling against one another still leaves us with the old paradigm, template of polarity, separation, and good vs evil. The utilisation of the two, is divine. 

During this time, the divine masculine will find himself battling his hearts ultimate desire to be heard, to be appreciated, to be engulfed. 

For so long, he has lived with the idea that to be in control, and to exercise masculinity is to almost be void of emotion, (aside from anger), and to generally display an heir of non-chalance. However, he is now awakening to the reality that this approach has rather been hurting him, than helping him, and has caused him to miss it of viral opportunities to experience the love that he has always dreamt of.

This may seem like a very fearful and uncertain time, but it is important to remember that things never seem as they are on the surface, particularly to those who are eternally connected to universal destinies. 

How do I handle this time of intense charge?

The divine masculine may feel as if he is losing control a little bit, almost as if he is spiralling into his own doom. But this is only because he refuses to let go. Spiritually, emotionally, and creatively. There is so much being expected of him, and knowing this, he rather chooses to cling to old, comfortable beliefs, and pursuits, and does not quite feel ready for the path of salvation.

He does not have to take big steps. He can simply begin by letting go. Letting go of the thoughts of what he ‘thinks’ that he should be.

The divine feminine may find herself wondering such things as, will I ever find love? Will I always be abandoned in love? Am I even good enough for love?

If only she were to look deep within her hearts truth, and see that love is what she is, not what she must obtain. If only she may rid herself of the externally imprinted beliefs that she is anything but sacred, and fully in control of her destiny, then she will awaken to not only her full healing capacity, but her ever flowing portal of internal wisdom. This will set her peace.
Blessed be, sacred beings ~

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