Dream interpretation, advice, and tarot – mini. Reading Sample, by me. 


Hope you enjoy my interpretation/analysation this week 🙂 

I have broken it up into three pieces. Firstly, the advice about your dilemma with being indecisive, falling for brothers/cousins/friends etc, I can tell you that this has been a theme throughout lives, and is a karmic thing! Lol so don’t be alarmed.. Your dream interpretation comes next, and finally a two tarot reading to hopefully help offer more clarity!
Advice/opinion on dilemma – 
This issue is definitely a major karmic lesson for you, and was also preparing you for your twin flame Union. 

You have a recurring theme of a fear of commitment, routine and monotony, that may not necessarily be limited to relationships, and this is why you are often so indecisive and find it difficult to stick at something, ie school, college, or university. This is born from an anxiety about not being good enough, similar to the ways in which we procrastinate.
At first, you appear enthusiastic about this thing, and cannot wait to dive head first into it.. But after a while, you begin to avoid it, and slowly start questioning whether it is really, ‘for you’, to which the response has always been, no it isn’t! I need to get out whilst I can! This is all from a fear of failing, or a fear that if you were to give it your all, it would not be enough, this is also where a lack of motivation comes in. If we held the belief that our work would eventually come out a desired way, we would be desperate to begin straight away, and witness the manifestation of our results.
You tend to jump in Head first, (and heart first), but when it is ‘too late’, you recognise that you are not as compatible with a certain partner as you thought you were, this is generally when your eyes begin to wander, and you come across another, (the brother, cousin or friend for instance), and you realise that you are more compatible with them. 
It is vital to acknowledge Yesi that you have a dual nature. Two sides to you. If you will look back and think carefully, you will see that the two individuals that you tend to fall for, both represent these dual natures, and reflect the two different sides of yourself. The one you are most drawn to, is the side within yourself that you are most compassionate toward, that you wish to accept about yourself. You have a huge heart, but you must exercise taking your time in life, and in love. You need to confront the anxieties that you have surrounding a fear of failing, and a lack of control. It is this need for control that causes the most anxiety, because you cannot control the flow of life events. 
Your dream interpretation – 
You are very right about the nature of your dream. It is your anxieties that are causing dreams of this kind. I believe you fear that your ex is not truly gone, or rather, you still suffer with the effects/consequences of his presence. You feel that you are still vulnerable to him, or his offences, and you still very much remember the feeling of something being ‘not quite right’, whilst you were with him, and you have not quite relinquished this fear. The ‘x’ marked on your back is symbolic of being a target, or being targeted, and being so far away from home, (in a foreign land), is also indicative of you feeling vulnerable, and unsafe, you are fearful that there would be nobody nearby to turn to, or call on for help, almost as if you are trapped. But take note that your dream refutes this claim. Your auntie came to your rescue, and just as in your dream, you always have the assistance that you need. There is no need to be so anxious, or fearful. You need now to cut/break any chords that keep you attached to him, or his memory, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Or this will hold you back, and also prevent your twin from re-entering your life, as unconsciously, he also feels, and reflects this fear/blockage. You took on energy (fear), that belonged to your ex, and you must now return it. Cut cords. You are currently on a journey. Redeem your sense of safety and well being. 
Tarot reading –

What message does my dream hold for me?

Eight of wands.

The eight of wands indicates fast paced action, journeying or travelling. This card is all about taking action in our lives, newness, and goals being achieved. It suggests being in some sort of Journey, or may indicate the need to take a vacation and re-cooperate. This journey of course may also relate to mental, emotional, or spiritual journeying, in which we are about to experience rapid change. It can point to the end of obstacles, and a new era of trust, and success in our lives. Completion, conclusion, resolution, and the end of delay. 
How can I find peace?

The sun.

Travelling may be in your sights, a change of scenery, leaving the old behind, and exploring newness. The sun is all about growth, and nourishment. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and realising that after every dark night, there is a brighter day. You will find peace in allowing yourself to absorb the healing energies that the sun has to offer, warmth, grace, and dedication.

  Blessed be, Seek Cindy ~

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