Life path, advice, and tarot – mini sample reading, by me.



 Interpretation and advice, regarding life path numbers, and personality/energy traits.

You are the life path of 1. Many people are unaware of this, but the life path of 1 is actually incredibly similar to the life path of 11. So although you are destined for a path of independence, and taking charge, you are simultaneously crippled by thoughts of insecurity, and inferiority. 
It is only once you break free of moulds, and discover your fiery nature within, that you will step into your leadership abilities. 

On a subconscious level, you are very aware that you stand out, that you are different from others, and that others can sense this about you. So although you would love nothing more than to enjoy, and appreciate the company of others, you are rigged with thoughts of self doubt, and worry about others judging you, and what they may think of you.
But my love, the paradox to this is, you are the one who analyses, and judges others in this exact same way. This is how you pick up on certain nuisances, and imperfections in others. You should truly work on being less judgemental, as this will allow you the opening to let others into your life, and in turn, for others to allow you into their lives. 

You have a lot to offer the world, but you need to know this, and believe this, and carry energy that radiates this. 
I understand that you come from a background, and a childhood where neglecting, and suppression of your needs was apparent, but now, it is time to free your own soul of the chains that once bound you. Let them bind you no longer.
Do you not seek to be free?
Numbers apart of your birth sequence –

August (8), 

the 20th (2)
8 – the number 8 represents the desire for independence, freedom from oppression, and financial security. It is in your nature to be hard working, to climb to your feet, and to be fiercely reliant upon your own ability. You may find yourself becoming an inspiration to others in this way. Number 8’s tend to become successful, and financially secure.
2 – this is where your sensitivity comes in. And the number 2 is often associated with cancerian energy. Warm, affectionate, compassionate, and deeply interested in partnership and togetherness. You seek harmony, and balance, and may become severely depressed if you cannot achieve this. Your sensitivity is a gift, and not a curse, and you mustn’t pertain to the popular belief that it is a weakness, despite the actions of others. 

Your tarot reading – 

What is my hearts desire?

The three of cups.
The three of cups is all about partnership, home, community, company, emotional satisfaction, and the joys that we endure from the presence of family and friends. You truly have a humanitarian heart. You crave openness, and closeness with others, although this is often difficult for you. 
You can have this. But first you have to find acceptance within yourself. If you do not, even if you find others to share your time with, they are likely to exploit your sensitivities, and take advantage of your vulnerability. 
You are a healer, with a lot of love to give. So begin giving it.
What weight is in my heart?

The fool.
The fool is a fantastic card to choose in a deck. It is all about new beginnings, willingness to let go, and an enthusiastic approach to exploring new paths upon the journey of life. 
The fool is dubbed the fool, not because he lacks intelligence, but because he dares to dream, to take a different route. He is not bound by typical societal standards, or expectations, and he does not fear what he cannot control. He has learnt not to take life so seriously. After all, you’ll never make it out of it alive. 
He encourages you to see the beauty in life, in the universe, to release heavy baggage, and toxic energy. You cannot carry heavy baggage with you where you are going.
How do I heal my mind?

Page of swords –
Courage, fearlessness, control, balance, and messages.

The page of swords remains excited about the future because he is brave enough to tackle the challenges that may be expected of him. He has confidence upon his journey, and within himself. He carries a message, so one might say that he is also a channeler. 
Like yourself, constantly channeling information from higher planes of existence. A creative pursuit will help you to excrete these energies, so that they do not build up within. It is your duty to carefully orchestrate, and articulate these energies. 
The page of swords is confident, and encourages you to follow the path of truth. Truth, is the language of courage.
What is the greatest obstacle within my path?

King of cups.
Representative of stability, masculinity, power, determination, action, and control.
In charge of his emotions, he is the perfect embodiment of masculine energies. He has learnt how to use logic, and rationality, to the best of his ability, and as an accolade to move forward. 
Right now, you are radiating beautiful, and compassionate feminine energy, and whilst this is necessary to become a healer, it is also very possible to be hyper-feminine, and have too much ‘passive’ energy. Too much of anything is never a good thing. 
The positive elements of masculine energy are power, and action. This will enable you to reclaim your own power, control over the body, and mind, and greater balance within your emotions. 
Emotional sensitivity may mean that your emotions are frequently rocked, but when infused with logic, and rationality, we can gain a sense of calmness, and an understanding that not every life occurrence is intended to bruise us.
I hope that you enjoy this reading my love.
I enjoyed composing it.

If you have any questions/commentary afterward, please feel free to pass this on to me.
Kindest regards,

Seek Cindy.
I: @spiritualpoet_
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