Twin flames; A week of release. 29th Nov/ 11/11.

November 29th.



I believe that since the full moon, and the days following it, many twin flames and Empaths have undergone what I can only describe as a purging. Something finally bubbled up and built to the surface. Whether emotionally, mentally, or energetically, something this week pushed all twin flames over the edge, and all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Anybody who has been dealing with the twin flame separation stage will undoubtably be familiar with bottled up emotions, frustration, and tension. I mean come on, months on end without speaking to, and hearing from the love of your life? Having nothing to resort to other than Facebook, and Twitter updates? It is enough to drive anybody mad! Especially the healer who channels information at 100mph.

So what this recent full moon so brilliantly offered us was a huge, intense release, but have we got everything out there yet?

It is a great time to be a twin! Energies are accelerating, and as the divine masculine allows himself to be healed, the divine feminine can relax a little, coming further into the knowledge that her love is reciprocated. Many will have made slight contact with their twin flames, enough as a brief conversation, and I believe that these are little tokens/signs that the universe offers us once we have cleared some karma, and shown enthusiasm for our self love journey.

‘You are getting far better at this whole unconditional love thing. Here, have a little catch up with your twin, but remember, don’t get too attached!’ – the universe. 

Both parties are doing their fair share of healing, and releasing, and this will mirror, and manifest as a greater intense calling to be among each other. 

The universe may motion excessively with angel numbers, (twin flame numbers that hold meaning), songs that hold meaning, and just about everything else that reminds you of your twin flame!

Things that were buried not – so -deeply beneath, (but still deep enough not to be perceived consciously), will absolutely erupt to the surface, and the very words that you breathe/think, will be the voice of your wounded inner child, telling you what you have to heal/work on. 

You must let go! 

I am channeling the information that the largest cause of stalling for twin flame reunions are in fact karmic attachments, and the many addictions that twin flames, and old souled healers adopt in order to cope with their inner chaos, whilst temporarily grounding themselves.

One, or both twins will be holding on to some unhealthy addiction. Considering the twins mirror one another, they will both in some ways be refusing to let go of a learned pattern. 

Karmic attachments, (or addictions as I sometimes refer to them), can take the form of abusive/unhealthy relationships, alcohol/substance abuse, or excessive partying, habitual negative thinking, and emotional co-dependency.
All of these are forms of addictive behaviours that many Empaths, twin flames and old souled healers take on in order to deal with the heavy burden that is placed upon them, of channeling mass energies, and challenging life experiences. This is all karma that needs to be cleared.

‘Karma as such, is not the karma that we know. Karma is the conditions that we create for ourselves, mentally, emotionally, our in put, that begets our universal output. The only way to ‘clear’ your karma, is to cleanse yourself’ – Cindy Anneh-bu.

Yes folks, this is the big secret, you CAN clear your own karma, and I will go into this more in my twin flame book.

Letting go of karmic attachments indeed is one of the greatest obstacles, and ironically, the greatest success in all twin flame stories. Whatever your addiction may be, it is now clearer than ever. Whilst you are clinging to this form of escapism, you are not dealing with your true, pressing issues, therefore neither is your twin.

This entire twin flame process is all about releasing. Releasing the collective miseries, and removing the coat of planetary accumulation, until there is nothing left but soul.
Blessed be, sacred beings ~

Seek Cindy.
© 2015
All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.




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