A song, only for you; why you cannot talk to friends, family members, or even bestfriends about the twin flame Union. 

The twin flame Union is a distant tune being hummed lowly, deep into the night. It is a call of two harmonies, calling, and responding between one another, out stretched into a space between them, but never around them.

This music is attuned to such a frequency that, it goes unheard by anybody whom it is not meant for, yet to the souls that press their ears firmly against it, it is at times most deafening.

On the outside, the twin flame Union appears quite messy. You may frequent yourself with comments such as, ‘he/she is not right for you’. ‘It’s just not meant to be’ ‘find somebody who is more right for you’, all when you have attempted to seek counsel about this sacred Union. To which at times you may have even replied, ‘yes, you are right. ‘I’ll try, thank you for that’, only to find yourself returned weeks/months later, with the same impending angst, and inability to retrieve your heart.

Nothing will do. Not telling yourself that you imagined this whole sacred Union. Not telling yourself that you will be happier with a relationship that makes much more ‘sense’. Not even telling yourself that if your love truly cared about you, they would show it. Nope. Especially not that. Because even when you do not think that your love truly loves you still, you KNOW that they do. It is this internal knowing, with this mental un-knowing that drives you to constantly seek, counsel, answers, frantically racing through multiple search engines, maybe even racing through my own works. And it is comforting, indeed it is, but still, does not take away from the internal push-pulling.

And this is bevause this is a song, ‘only for you’. Only you can decipher what your soul is trying to translates to you, as it fusses, and erupts during the ups and downs of this Union. As you uncover greater levels of yourself, it will feel as if your pining for your twin flame is only growing stronger, this is because the song is getting louder.

Won’t you stop to hear it?

What is it trying to say?

Silence the mind, play the tune..

My twin flame book is currently in the works of being finalised. Full twin flame account, twin flames through childhood, and each of the stages, experiences broken down.

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Full moon in Gemini, November 25th, 2015, Balance, Sexuality, Ancestral issues, and awakening.


Today’s, full moon is absolutely packed to the rim with symbolism, and messages from the beyond!

You will most likely have witnessed this moon being represented by twins, or two pillars parralel to one another. This is because this full moon is all about the integration of two separate aspects, of polarity into our lives. 

For the past few days prior to this full moon, I have experienced what I can only describe as mental chaos, and calamity, as my mind has struggled to find calm, and comfort in its battle against my heart. The ultimate battle of my masculine and feminine components, as the divine feminine tries to weigh back in, and the divine masculine attempts to regain control! 

The strain was coming from two places. My minds reluctance to hold on to things that harbour no concrete, ‘logical’ evidence, and my hearts desire to cling to what it truly knows, including past memories.

The intensity from this full moon is derived from the minds desire to cling on to the painful memories, and experiences of the past, as the heart tries to set in stone the lessons that it has gathered. 

This theme will play out separately, and the divine feminine will release energies associated with the collective feminine energies, whilst the divine masculine is burdened with the release of the collective masculine energies. This release may come in the form of creative, and sexual energies, as this is a centre point of immense built up tensions.

What happens when the divine feminine awakens?

(Ancestral qualms).

When the divine feminine awakens, not only will she command energy from the centre point of womanhood, and empowerment, but she will also soon learn to combine them with her masculine energies. And this can take the form of her exercising power, where she may once have been timid, and inactive. 

The ancestral line of women is laced with issues of abandonment, neglect, and desert. This can be viewed archetypally with the religious depiction of Adam, Lillith, and Eve, whereby it is often suggested that Lillith is cast away, because she refuses to submit, and be subordinate to Adam. 

However, it should be noted that Lilith  actually chose to depart instead of submit, rather than being ‘cast away’. This is the perfect example of the divine feminine’ return, seeking balance, and not imbalance of the two energies, and willing to break moulds, and set templates.

Also, it is important to remember that Eve shared an open dialogue, and communication with the serpent, on the ‘tree of knowledge’, therefore illustrating a woman’s natural ability to commune with the primal, and healing forces of the earth, and hold ‘sacred knowledge’.

The divine feminine returns not to be punished for her knowing, but to relish, and celebrate her commitment to the divine.

Ancestral themes of being over powered, and silenced by men, and times of timidness, or reluctance to speak out will all become apparent in the minds eye, and this is all stored within the shadow self, awaiting full release. 

A supporting hand from the divine masculine.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking charge, and claiming power, as long as the power is self motivated, and not exercised with the intention of claiming ownership of the other. This is an important twin flame lesson to learn, balance, and not seeking complete dominion. 

The logical mind, and the intuitive mind are not enemies, and the notion of the two battling against one another still leaves us with the old paradigm, template of polarity, separation, and good vs evil. The utilisation of the two, is divine. 

During this time, the divine masculine will find himself battling his hearts ultimate desire to be heard, to be appreciated, to be engulfed. 

For so long, he has lived with the idea that to be in control, and to exercise masculinity is to almost be void of emotion, (aside from anger), and to generally display an heir of non-chalance. However, he is now awakening to the reality that this approach has rather been hurting him, than helping him, and has caused him to miss it of viral opportunities to experience the love that he has always dreamt of.

This may seem like a very fearful and uncertain time, but it is important to remember that things never seem as they are on the surface, particularly to those who are eternally connected to universal destinies. 

How do I handle this time of intense charge?

The divine masculine may feel as if he is losing control a little bit, almost as if he is spiralling into his own doom. But this is only because he refuses to let go. Spiritually, emotionally, and creatively. There is so much being expected of him, and knowing this, he rather chooses to cling to old, comfortable beliefs, and pursuits, and does not quite feel ready for the path of salvation.

He does not have to take big steps. He can simply begin by letting go. Letting go of the thoughts of what he ‘thinks’ that he should be.

The divine feminine may find herself wondering such things as, will I ever find love? Will I always be abandoned in love? Am I even good enough for love?

If only she were to look deep within her hearts truth, and see that love is what she is, not what she must obtain. If only she may rid herself of the externally imprinted beliefs that she is anything but sacred, and fully in control of her destiny, then she will awaken to not only her full healing capacity, but her ever flowing portal of internal wisdom. This will set her peace.
Blessed be, sacred beings ~

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Why a woman’s menstrual cycle is the absolute best time of the month! 

Yes, you most certainly read that headline correctly! Just in case you were wondering if you had somehow jumbled up the placement of the words, you have not, and you have just stumbled upon a page that thoroughly celebrates not only women, but all of the glorious facets that come along with them!

Now I am not talking about doing anything too ‘kinky’, or unorthodox here like going out and shouting to the world that you are on your menstrual cycle, (whilst providing evident proof), but as we welcome home the divine feminine, I believe that it is only right that we challenge, and replace old, patriarchal, mysogynistic, religious systems that regarded women, and their monthly visits as ‘disgusting’, or ‘unholy’.

Much of the documentation that has been written about women, and their bodies during this time was constructed around patriarchal, misinformed, and down right women-bashing ideologies! None of which were rooted in concrete fact, but were simply apart of a male dominated, self righteous coo that was occurring on a wider scale to discredit, and dethrone women.

(If you would like to know more about the displacement of women in social and cultural hierarchies, there is plenty of information available on the Internet about the establishment of ‘the new world’).

There is even religious scripture that attempts to indicate that the reason some women suffer painful menstrual cramps is because Eve was the cause of the fall from Eden – yes as ridiculous as it sounds, this has been used to justify both child bearing pains, and menstrual cramps. The belief that women are by nature, both faulty, and unholy.

So if it were indeed to be true this perception, then why would it be that God would still choose such unrighteous souls to behave as vehicles for new souls incarnating on to this earth? Wouldn’t that in turn mean that each soul in passing through her, would too inherit some of her uncleanliness, and unholiness? Therefore rendering all of man kind by default unclean, and unholy? Though made in ‘his’ image?

And why is it that this very same unholy act of menstruating is the very same occurrence associated with the ability to keep us healthy enough to even bear children?

Indeed, if you look at it this way, then in-fact, the menstrual cycle is not only an inclination of health, but also a requirement of it. We have all heard of the issues of women suffering from bulemia, anorexia, and a host of other bodily issues, who can not, and in fact, do not experience their monthly cycles. The correlation here is, if their bodies were in ‘healthier’, more nourished States, then naturally, it would do what comes naturally to a vitalised source, and behave in accordance.

And, I am sure we have also all heard of the women who experience menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding, and report that upon ingesting certain foods, such as sugar, dairy, or meat, their cycles, only intensify in both pain, and flow. So why exactly is this?

Well the belief is, that instead of being seen as an act of uncleanliness, and dirtiness, a woman’s menstrual cycle is actually the time when she is undergoing intense cleansing, rejuvenation, and detoxifying processes.

It is believed that attached to, or within the blood that is lost, are also any remains of sexual debris (unwanted sexual energy, or DNA associated with previous partners), and also any unhealthy foods, thoughts, or ill health that is stored within the womb of the woman. This is similar to mucus in a sense, which also transforms toxins out of the body when a person is experiencing a cold, or a flu.

So of course it would make sense that upon ingesting foods of low vibration, or of a parasitic nature, the body produces a thicker flow, and more pressure to cleanse, thus resulting in the magnified pain, and flow.

Much trauma and spiritual energy is located in the centre of a woman’s womb. This is the very reason why sexual assaults and invasions carry such impactful psychological, and spiritual disruption. The menstrual cycle is simply a way to even out the score, allow women a chance every month, to be reborn.

Whilst of course, reminding us of our never ending connection to nature, the divine, and the earth. I mean, you only have to keep up with the moon cycles to know how connected we are, most women’s menstrual cycles roughly, or very accurately co-respond to either the full moon, or the new moons appearance.

Flowing goddess of love and light.

There is also a wide spread belief, along with scientific research that during a woman’s menstrual cycle, she is most attractive to men. This is because her skin is said to develop a healthy glow, as she is currently (shedding old skins), and her hips are said to appear wider, which has always been known to drive the male species crazy!

Embrace your inner goddess, and natural earth connection!

Take care of yourself during your period. Do the things that you enjoy.

Stop, be still, and be present with your body.

If you find that you are more emotional, or irritable than usual, perhaps you are only experiencing the symptoms of emotions that you have been suppressing, or ignoring in the previous month(s).
Blessed be my sacred moon beams ~

In order to love, and to come to terms with everything that it means to be woman, and to celebrate womanhood, it is important to understand the intricate workings behind the facets of womanhood.

Undoing centuries of internalised misogyny about women, and women’s bodies, probably won’t happen right away, but there are smaller steps to take, for instance, finding empowerment, in the parts about womanhood that were previously deemed ‘taboo’, or ‘undesirable’ by patriarchal teachings.

PMS is nothing to be ashamed, nor silenced about. It is, in my interpretation, a mini dark night of the soul, in which we are allowed to cleanse, and purge ourselves of any emotional afflictions hoarded during that month. Their arrival, and piercing of the surface should be monitored, take the time to slow down, and listen to what your sadness/frustration/anger, is truly trying to tell you. Where is it coming from? What can you do to pay homage to it?
This also provides an amazing opportunity to monitor our health, as foods that contain artificial, or unnatural hormones will induce PMS in us, that is out of our ordinary range of emotion. The more intense your PMS is, the more you must pay attention to the regulation of your body.

The degree to which a woman’s period is painful, indicates how powerful her inner nature supposedly is, and the level of pain to which she can endure.

It is incredibly important for sufferers of Dysmenorrhea to take great care of themselves during their time of menstruation, and to experiment with, and find coping mechanisms to deal with the pain. In cultures outside of the West, women take the time during menstruation to be separated from the village/community, and honour their wombs with sacred ritual, and care giving. It is considered a blessed time in which the woman is most connected both to her psychic, and intuitive knowing, and can bring back valuable knowledge for her community.




Armand Baltazar – photo credits.

Because Dysmenorrhea tends to begin so early on in the menstruation stage, alot of sufferers can feel as if they have been robbed of their childhood, or that they have had their innocence taken away from them particularly early. I identify with going through this process particularly early, (at the age of 11), and i remember feeling like this was not something that i could discuss with my peers, as they would not understand, (many of them had no started their periods, and the ones who had, did not experience so much pain).

Scientists, and medical professionals are still unsure as to why this pain even exists, and many theorise that it is something to do with a lack of oxygen travelling through, and to the womb, (fallopian tube) during the time of menstruation. Whatever theory you may have heard about painful periods, i do not believe that this period, (pardon the pun), should be so painful, or so disdainful. If society do not view it important enough to find natural, or long lasting relief for these symptoms, then i believe that it is up to us as women, to experiment with different techniques, and bring this healing knowledge fourth to the rest of us.

Whilst discussing ‘periods’, still remains taboo, regardless of the fact that, discussion of, admiration for, and exploration of, the female body remains one of the main interests of general society, we are still alienating, and segregating women from the access to  all aspects of themselves, and their wholeness.

Women should not have to play up to the societal expectations of them as sexual, and visually stimulating beings, whilst cowering away in shame, and discontent when addressing other areas of womanhood, and what it means to be ‘seen’, in relation to womanhood. Periods will continue to occur, until the time of menopause. It is time that we stop hiding this portion of femininity in secrecy, and teaching future generations of women coming into their own, that they are from offset of puberty, somehow more shameful, and burdensome.



Cindy Anneh-bu

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Twin flames; Week of shadows and mirrors.

Hello once again all of my soulful, and beautiful twin flame companions! As per usual, I would just like to note that although this article is directed toward twin flames, highly sensitive, highly empathic, old soul-ed healers will also benefit from this!

Now, before I begin, I would just like to once again touch up on the fact that in the days leading up to a full moon, those most sensitive to earthly and planetary sensations, (most notably empaths) will be aware of the emotional, and mental effects.

Full moons are a very luminous time in our lives where light is constantly being shined on all of the darkness that remains in our soul. For those of us who are, ‘called’, this is most notably the inbuilt fear systems that we are still holding onto, and any energetic blockages of that kind, that keep us in a denser energy. 

Each full moon, and each major numerological/astrological event has brought us closer this year towards purging, and cleansing, and you could say that everything going on in the world right now is pointing to old systems of power and corruption erupting, and a people losing faith in a failing system.

Yes, I am quite sure that you would have noticed, even those whom you once thought would never see the light of day, are finally awakening to minor truths about the way that we see things, and the world that we live in. It won’t be long until they realise the extent to which the wall has been pulled over the eyes, and once they do, this sets the plan in motion for an absolute epidemic, and pandemic of a revolution of consciousness.

So much is going on behind the scenes, we have seen fear tactics being used heavily by the media in recent days to try and manipulate the energy flow of the collective conscious, and turn us away from the light codes that are being downloaded upon us. Everywhere we look, we are to be victims of callous energy, and division/ separation consciousness, which is exactly what we have been trying to Pull away from! 

So what does this mean for twin flames and old soul-ed healers? Well, since they are all so very receptive to universal energies, right now, their own fears of separation and division are being magnified, and amplified. Much like they are among the collective consciousness.

You are separate from your fellow brother. You must fear attack, defeat, and betrayal, are all of the messages being subliminally fed to the earth right now… And in return, twin flames and healers everywhere would have experienced intense moments of doubting, and judging themselves.

Who is the self? 

Is the shadow the self?

Is there truly any light at the end of the tunnel?

These are all of the doubts that have been made apparent. More so than ever, as they find themselves on the brink of destruction, and creation, these beautiful souls are taking one last glimpse into the past, and pondering the possibility of a new future. They know they are on the edge, but they just do not know what of. 

Your lover, is your mirror.


So, you wonder why your twin flame or soul connection does not make contact? Does not attempt to ‘fix’ or ‘patch’ things up, even considering the distance..

Well what are you doing? What are you feeling? And what are you experiencing? 

Do you still suffer from feelings of low self worth? If you have the crippling fear that your love may be uninterested in you because they have found somebody who makes them happier, then perhaps you are still feeding into the notion that you are somehow inferior. In which case, it is very likely that your twin can not bet on long lasting Union, because they also are experiencing feelings of inferiority. Typically, the runner twin subconsciously feels as if they are not good enough for the remaining twin. 

So if you find that during this time your shadow self is ravenous, so is that of your twin flames.

Always listen to the messages that your soul are trying to bring to you. Try to look deeply within, and never without.

Letting go, death and the ego.

As this full moon looms, and asks us to think about our feelings, it also asks us to truly consider the feelings that we have for our twin. Do we still find ourselves in a deep state of misery, fury, anxiety, and loneliness? This Union was never intended to be punishment. The universe would never send you a piece of your life lesson in order for you to remain in a place of excruciating pain. Be very weary of twin flame advice that tries to paint the pain of this Union as, ‘just another part of the process’. Whilst it very much is, this pain is not intended to remain festering as pain, but rather to draw your heart toward God, yourself, and wholeness consciousness.

The only reason this Union and longing will still feel excruciating, is if you are still hanging on to ideals about what love should be like, and what you need to experience to make you feel loved, or worthy. 

Do not go through your pain, grow through your pain.

Let Go.

Let God.

You do not have to let go of your love to practice non attachment, or to experience the death/rebirth process. 

You simply just have to let go. 

Stop taking everything so seriously. 

Stop worrying so much about the past, just let go and see what happens.

As we prepare to enter the zodiac of Sagittarius/Ophiuchus, we are asked to use the wisdom attained to illuminate our path, and use our pain to teach others. We are asked to look deeper within, as we journey toward the bigger questions, who are we? 

Why are we here?
Blessed be, Cindy ~

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Inside the fascinating realm of a healers dreams..

So what do healers dream about, one might wonder? 

Considering that they are supposedly so deeply spiritually rooted and connected, it is natural to wonder if empaths, healers, and light workers dream’s really do take them to a place of another world, and can they really gain access to a place within their mind that nobody else can?

To quantify, and understand this, we would first have to consider an empaths mind, and imagination in their waking worlds. 

Healers, shamans, or empaths are particularly known for their creative abilities. It is thought that their very creative juices are mere extensions of their channeling abilities, and their inspiration is born of clairauidence, (clear hearing from being tuned into higher frequencies). Given this information, then why should empaths, and healers not experience expansive, and vivid dreams? If their waking worlds and imaginations are already filled with such colour, and vigor, then why then should their dreams, (where anything, and everything is possible), be any different?

There is an ancient belief among African spiritualism that dream time is when we can successfully connect with our ancestors, and the divine, and receive messages in the form of omens, and premonitions. My parents themselves, have even at numerous times been irreversibly shaken after experiencing certain dreams, they would discuss them as if they were JUST as important as everyday reality, if not more.

Much healing work is done during a healers sleep, here, their mind owes no obligation to their ego, or to the limitations of five sensory perception, and they often find themselves dreaming in vivid detail of the past, past homes, and past aqaintances, all in order to make sense of their role, and their journey.

If they are victims of soul loss, which many ‘wounded healers’, originally are, they will repeat very similar, or memorable dreams, in order to pin point exact moments, and scenarios that led to their soul loss.

Also, they will often receive images in their dreams that enlighten them, about particular belief sustems, or doubts, that are causing them set backs, or road blocks, we can say, on their journey to becoming a healer. I also believe that even whilst sleeping, many healers heal. 

Have you ever experienced dreams with strange faces that you did not recognise? Within those dreams, did you participate in any care giving, guidance, or assistance? It is very possible that your soul is travelling, and allowing you to heal those you would otherwise have no ways of reaching, or healing. 

A healers healing ability stems very far, and very wide, and upon doing so, the healer heals apart of themselves. 

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What if my twin flame or soul connection has passed away? Death, loss, and spirituality. 

Although there have been very few incidences that I, myself have been made aware of, I am still aware of the fact that some of the twin flames on the journey, will have to deal with the absolutely devastating factor of losing their twin flames on this earthly plane, and enduring the difficult task of having to find a way to go on, without them.

But this is the time in particular, that one must know, that you are never without your twin flame. 

Even when you are not united in the physical realm. 

Much like during the ‘separation phase’, there is a constant energetic dialogue to, and fro, with twin flames, that penetrates all time and distance. I can only assume that this bond is even stronger from beyond, because the twin who has passed, is now radiating at an incredibly high frequency, re-connected with the original source, (creator).

As above, so below.

 Considering the deceased twin will now be radiating at such a pure energy voltage of love, and light, this will undoubtably also raise the vibration of the twin flame in mourning. 

Though of course, it will not appear this was immediately, and may take a long time to even appreciate, after the twin flame has passed, the remaining twin will become engulfed in a web of unconditional love, understanding, and unity consciousness. Not only will he or she be placed with the very deep internal knowing that their love is still very much apart of them, but this will completely re-wire the way that they view life, death, and the after life. This will ultimately be the spiritual enlightenment to rival ALL spiritual growth. 

They are extremely likely to rapidly gain an interest in the supernatural, or the paranormal, if this did not already exist.  This is because they will often begin to experience vivid, or lucid dreams, possibly of their beloved, and awaken feeling slightly confused, warm, emotional, and even extremely, inexplicably loved.

The ones that we love become suspended in an ethereal place, born of our memories, our connections, and our eternal bonds, our loved ones are always with us – Cinderella Anneh-bu.

Despite the obstacles that life brings toward us, it is always important to understand, and remember, that everything does happen according to its plan, and it’s script. It is normal to feel distraught, depressed, and deeply wounded by a loss of thing magnitude, but even something this seemingly cruel, is the universe’s attempt to bring you closer to you, and closer to oneness.

You may interpret your dreams to see if you if you can perceive any messages of love, and comfort from your deceased loved one, or even engage in meditations in which you connect through love, and receive guidance.

The invisible chords that bind us to those we share deep love, and romantic bonds with can never be severed, even if the souls have graduated from this earthly plane, I personally know this from experience after undergoing a very touching, and confusing experience from my deceased brothers, during the alpha state of sleep/dreaming.

I laid in bed asleep, deep in the night, yet something must have stirred me because I awoke slightly, (you know that hazy kind of awake, through sleepy eyes, and blurred visions. As I turned to readjust my sleeping position, I felt the warmest, almost – vibrating, subtle brush sweep, from the top of my head, to just beneath my shoulders. I shuddered, grunted lowly, and turned to face the other side. I was conscious of what was happening, and slightly afraid, but the first thought that entered my mind was my brother, from whom I was asking for a sign from beyond, earlier that day.

My point is, when we lose the ones that we love dearly, and deeply, they sought of become guardian angels, and way showers for us, watching over us, and guiding our paths for the rest of our journeys. It is also highly likely to find that shortly, or months/years down the line of losing them, your life takes on a dramatic and progressive change. Due partly to the inspiration gained by realising the ever lasting cycle of life, and death, and the supporting guidance from your new spirit angel.

Please note that although this article mentions twin flames half the way through, this message, and this concept also applies to deceased loved ones who have left us, family, friends, or otherwise. 

Blessed be, always.

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Twin flame, a timeless journey through space, book sample. {avail for purchase Nov 31st.}

Chapter sample.


An archetypal love.

It is important for us to leave behind old notions of love. These are the notions and the descriptions that share with us what love ‘should’ be like, and what love ‘should’ look like. We think of outward displays of affection, calling when one should, and meeting the expectations that we set and require of them. But what if our own expectations are solely based on underlying insecurities, and the need for control? And are not at all painted around true love, and the honest appreciation of another, soul, to soul. What then? Are our requests still as valid? Is our partners unresponsive behaviour still, ‘evil’, or ‘malicious’ on their part? Or are they simply a reaction of to resistance of these subtle and passive forms of abuse and expectation. 
The twin flame Union is largely about abuse, yes abuse. This may confuse you, and you perhaps wonder how a love held in such high regard, and cultivated around a soul pull can hold any relation to abuse. 

Well abuse is the potion that concocts all twin flames, empaths, and healers, to be exactly as they are. And I am not just talking parental abuse here. I am talking absolute life times, generations long of embedded abuse, that has shaped and taken form within them, in order to possess the empath, old soul, twin flame. All so that upon initiation, they can purge themselves of these patterns of abuse, effectively freeing both them, their societies, cultures, and generational lines. 

It is the experience of abuse and distorted love that lies at the essence of the twin flame Union. These same forms of abuse are the very illnesses that will plague the twin flames cultural societies, and backgrounds. The twins simply mirror this projection, to and from, one another. They are to transform this template that has currently been adopted by man kind. No longer should we respond to love with fear, with the abuse tactics that we have been taught, and with conditions so rigidly placed upon love. Love and control can no longer share a home.

It is very likely that control would have played a major role in the lives of both twin flames, beginning since their childhoods. Both twins will have experienced a set of strict social, religious, or cultural rules, in relation to the way that their parents and cultures have raised them. 

These types of controls of course vary within every twin flame pair, but it is the teachings that stem from this control that cause both twins to act out their fears, prior to, and during the ‘separation stage’.

These are archetypal forms of control forged on the basis of old paradigm, separation consciousness, polarity, and false, rigid gender constructs.

For example, ‘a woman is worthless without a man. She must ensure commitment and reciprocity from a male at all costs, in order to reconcile and claim her validity’. And in the case of men, this false archetype has been, ‘men must always be control. It is a shame and a degradation of his man hood, if he is not in control, of his emotions, his surroundings, and his partner’. 

Because of these terrible rigid teachings, the female energy in the twin flame Union, sets out on a harrowing mission to draw her love closer to her, and closer to ‘commitment’, despite much regard for any reserve on his part, in order to claim this validity, and dispel the vulnerability that she has once been taught lives inside of her.

The male energy, however, absolutely terrified of this love that seems to pull him in over his head, seeks so desperately to once again gain the control that supposedly keeps his manhood in tact. Whilst he is in the clutches of his beloved, he realises that he is not in control, not in control of his emotions, and not in control of his actions, as he is aware on some level that each stage of this Union is being guided by a higher force. A higher force that has everything to do with him, but is far larger, than he and she both. 

However, parental control, and dogma is not the only source of limitation and ego fixation that plagues both twins. As they will also find that the societies that they are born in to, or grow up into, also mirror the same sexist, backward, racist, or egotistical values that the twins parents harbour, thus, their task to break free from these illusions, are on a grander scale. Nobody wants to be perceived as the outcast of their societies, cultures, or family. Human beings by nature are social creatures, longing for connection, communication, and acceptance.

And these conditions are so severe, that often times the twins will have to choose between pursuing their bond with their lover, or abandoning their love, and keeping their ‘reputations’ in tact.

It is very likely that the twins Union and any sort of recognised relationship between the two of them, would bring judgement, scrutiny, and even rejection – that which both twins so desperately fear. This may take the form of one of the twins being the ex lover of their twins friend, or of a close family relation. This Union has taboo, and secrecy written all over it. 

But why is that? What is so tainted and shameful about divine love? Well, in order to answer that question, why don’t we take a closer look at the story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ? And how their supposed love affair was so carefully, and precisely removed from Christian religious teachings, even going so far as to demonise Mary!

The Union of Christ and Mary Magdalene was no coincidence. Mary Magdalene had notably endured numerous trials in her life time, even when she had first stumbled upon Jesus, she is described as appearing frail, unclean, and unkept, kneeling to Christ’s feet, pleading for salvation. This is essentially what twin flames are doing as a result of the ‘separation stage’. During their yearnings for one another, and the soul pull, they are truly being called toward the light, towards their inner connection with God – Christ consciousness. 

Painted as promiscuous, and a ‘lost soul’, as many twin flames are during their live journeys, Mary was a cast out, until she sought Union, and divinity with the Christ. It can be perceived that Mary was sought to be tarnishing of Christ’s reputation, but her original sin, and her many trials and tribulations, were actually what drew him to her. She had depth, a story, a foundation which will built upon enduring the lower self, and darker forces of this world, and this was the perfect combination for spiritual mergence, and enlightenment. She was perfectly imperfect, and provided the perfect anecdote and example for transmutation, merging the lower self, with the higher self.

A Union of this sort is all about transformation, death, and rebirth, and re-Union. In order to understand the light, you must first have perceived the dark’ . A path, that will be shunned, and disregarded by many.

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