What is the big, ‘bad’ secret about the life path numbers, 7, and 11? 

Anybody who has familiarised themselves with my former works, will know that I have a somewhat fascination with the life path numbers 7, and 11, respectively. Not only that, but I have cultivated a sort of spiritual synchronisation between the two, based on strength in similar attributes, and the benefiting natures that they have on one another, once the two are brought together.

I believe that i have made no secret of the fact that I am the life path of 7, and my twin flame is the life path of 11, but not many know that along with my twin flame, one of my closest friends, my false twin flame, AND the worst karmic attraction/attachment that I have ever experienced, were also, all the life path 11. Wow, one might say. So why does this particular number keep following me?

Or perhaps, why do I keep following it..?

Well, first, let us take a look exactly at what these numbers mean, and perhaps I can paint you some insight as to why I believe that they work so well together, and push one another into heightened States.

 Two journeys, parallel In nature. 


‘One day, the lucky 7 fell in love with the life path 11, and my it was a tear drop from heaven, blessed by the most sacred of secrets, yet who’d ever believe it? Intuitive, empathic, romantic, in tune, psychic, nostalgic, kundalini full bloom.. Many, ancient years since June, 360 life times away, a sun, and a moon’

– Cinderella Anneh-bu

Imagine belonging to a parallel universe. An infinite, ever expanding, intricate Galaxy, that behaved as a veil between worlds.

Well can you?

For this is exactly the life and the destiny, of the life paths 7, and 11. Bound to, and fixated by a colourful, vivid inner world that expands beyond the boarders of the average eye. Inside the minds, and the hearts of the life paths 7 and 11, is a great secret, a great secret that the two can share with no other, aside from each other.

How beautifully poetic.

Two souls coming together once again to experience momentary bliss, love, companionship, learning and understanding? Inside the confides of that which only two minds could comprehend.

These two numbers have secrets. Whilst the 7 is attracted to mysticism, esotericism, and the spiritual realm, the 11 exists as a portal, for the here, and the ethers, so neither two are ever truly fully ‘here’

Deep thinking, analysation, intuition, and intense introspection is the name of their game, and they have no say in this whatsoever. As much as they cannot control the journey of their lives, (for it has been pre-destined), they cannot control the nature of their mind, or the ways that they soak information, for they are channels. Designed to bring information into this world from higher realms of existence, essentially, ‘hyper sensitive’

Psychic, creative, magnetic, and seeker, are all terms that come to mind when we assess these two numbers.

The life paths 7 and 11 often have their spiritual journeys sparked from a very young age, actually, probably from previous life times before also. Misfortune, misery, depression, abuse, betrayal, dysfumction, and hard ship, are all some of the traits associated with their spiritual lessons. They have it hard, very hard, the burden is great to carry, but is it not that way for all those who are sent by Gods requests? 

They have to endure these trials, they have to endure these triumphs, these lessons, only then will they know true enlightenment. And their task is one of integrating two thriving worlds. Their lower nature, with their higher selves, their intuitive knowing, with their logical mind, and their masculine sides, with their feminine sides. 

The structure of the number 11 can indicate the integration of two parralel, yet opposite sides, as it takes the shape of two pillars.

This is also articulated with the life path 7, as although they are very logical, and data driven, they are also constantly channeling information via extra sensory perception, and they must learn to trust, and utilise both of these accolades, to the best of their ability. 

Essentially cultivating wholeness, and oneness, which is the ultimate task of these two life path numbers.

Somewhere along the lines of their journey, a situation, or experience shook them, very likely earlier on, branding them, ‘the wounded healer’, and it is their quest to re-unite with the divine, that governs their existence. Only should they find the path..

The number 11 is a karmic number, and it is therefore very likely that this life path incarnates into this realm with much karma.

When these two life paths connect, they trigger a recognisation, a soul reaction, and a space to openly, and honestly share the secrets, and the sides of themselves, that they keep hidden from everyday light. This gives them the opportunity to know themselves, and see the world, in a new light. 

These two life path numbers are messengers, so sure enough, they provide messages, for one another. The life path 7 can often introduce, or induce rather, spirituality to the life path 11. Although naturally extremely spiritually inclined, the life path 11 can be rigged with doubt, and the 7 provides clarity, and confirmation, of something other worldly. 

‘The tale of the wounded healers, upon meeting, oh how they strike one another’

Cinderella Anneh-bu

So how does religion, most accurately, biblical scripture offer a hint to the destinies, and the missions, of the life paths 7 and 11?

Exodus; 7:11.

Quite ironically, it was actually a Bob Marley song, that re-focused, and drew my attentions, toward the biblical chapter of exodus. If you are not already familiar with this song, I advise you to give it a listen, as it describes perfectly the conscious, and planters shifts, from an age of oppression, to a dawn of enlightenment, and awakening.

This is the proposed tasks of all the healers who incarnate into this realm, to be guardians, light showers, and messengers of the divine.

The famous story of Moses, the Phaoro, and the plea, ‘to let my people go.

In exodus, 7:11, we see the divine attributing talents of healing, messages, and alchemy to both Moses, and Aaron, ‘thou shalt speak all that I command thee’.

There is also the mention of Aaron’s rod transphorming into a serpent, which is the esoteric symbol of healing, and healing ability, the exact mission statements of the life paths 7 and 11. Given God’s divine word, and sent with the tools of healing to oppose the current oppressive conditions, and bring about lasting change, a hefty mission, though will equipped.

The transformation of the sea, to a thick blood red, is also another symbol of alchemy, death, re-birth, and fluidity, (control over emotions, and intuition). 

All the signals have been listed, as they say, it was written. 

And the 7, and the 11, therefore gifted. 

Blessed be ~

Cindy Anneh-bu

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Mini life path romance calculation sample, dm or email for booking.

Clients life path – 8

Romantic interest’s life path – 3
Your life path, the life path of 8 signifies difficult times in earlier life, possibly restricted, judged, or taken for granted by those who should have been offering support or care giving. for this reason, when the 8 grows, all they seek is independence, freedom, and long term stability from ever needing to rely on another again. This may seem them working feverishly and obsessively all to avoid pains of the past. The 8 strives to protect their heart and themselves, even to the extreme of sometimes appearing cold , closed, or unphased. In truth, life path 8 is very sensitive, though they have learned, or rather been taught, that methods of being open and vulnerable only lead them toward pain. They may even begin to push others away for this reason, although all they really seek and long for underneath is close bondage, intimacy and closeness. This seems to be the one thing that always escapes them and they may find themselves diving Into some form of business endeavour to distract themselves from their intimacy and emotional problems.
Your partner/love interest’s life path number – 3

Creative, sensitive, compassionate healer. Artistic – particularly drawn toward the healing arts. Number 3 has a destiny of service and providing the world with a message of comfort. The humanitarian is likely to carry the wounded healer complex. This is some type of experience or incident during childhood that left him feeling vulnerable, isolated, or rejection.
Conclusively, the numbers 3 and 8 will make an excellent couple of love and devotion as far as I predict. The 3 will pick up the slack in regards to emotional withdrawal, and the 8 will learn to balance and integrate feminine energies, creativity, and reciprocity. 
Enjoy my darling.

Kindest regards,

Seek Cindy.

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Future influences:

Queen of pentacles.

Love: In the context of love, this is a very feminine card, and also points to strategy, particularly for those who are not currently involved with anyone. The strategy to find love is the stereotypical feminine one; don’t chase it, make yourself available, but do not be desperate to bring someone new into your romantic life. When the time is right, that will be made abundantly clear to you, and you won’t have to do backflips to make something come about. Be upbeat, and know that you have many things in you which are worth loving.

The queen of pentacles is genuinely compassionate, affectionate and nurturing by nature, and she gets this from her mother’s side. She is always there to help when needed, offer guidance, and be supportive, though this is the very nature that often sees her taken advantage of, or taken for granted. It is important for you to remember that although the queen appears to be a subordinate in her role beside the king, you are extremely powerful in your own right, and you will see this, the minute that you turn your care taking abilities inward toward yourself.

In terms of a relationship, this card indicates that you should maintain an heir of individuality, independence, and integrity at all times. Same applies to feelings. Love is unwavering in her heart. But do not take her for granted. Do not do something that humiliates or hurts her ego. She is a logical lover and does not succumb to blind love. She is sharper in her head than the King of Pentacles. Being future oriented, she knows what she wants in her relationship and who is unhealthy for her well being. For a while of course, she tries her best to amend a bad relationship with negotiations. When it all fails she does not hesitate to show her boyfriend the door, bringing in a true end to everything. She will not look back. She will not urge him to get back together. What a powerful omen to have in your corner!
Past influences:

The nine of wands.

The nine of wands, Lord of strength, reminds us that being true to ourselves will release energies to help us to deal with whatever we find within. When it appears, we can be reassured that our inner strength will guide us toward our goals. This card points to difficulties in our past and in our path, misfortunes of the heart, turbulent friendships and rocky roads. You may have dealt with a lot of betrayals, and issues to do with mistrust, but all along the way your intuition was guiding you toward the truth, and it is important that you learn to trust yourself again so that you can hear, and heed to this knowing once again. The nine of wands encourages you to be self loving, and faithful to you, before you can be faithful to anybody else. It also stands to remind you to take a breather before making any hasty decisions based upon past pains, and desires for perfection. True wholeness comes from within, and only when we reach a centre of completion can we branch outward, and complete others.
Current obstacles 

Queen of swords.

The queen of swords appears to be emotionally cold and blunted, but she has had to become this way to survive life’s struggles, and a conscious sea of deceit. She is neither emotionally cold, nor stunted, beneath the surface she is still the loving nurturer, and the mother, but she is also fiercely ready for war, and ready to defend herself and her family if need be.

This card in the tarot deck points to a woman’s ability to become in tuned with her masculine energies, uniting both energies as one. Masculine energy is protective, strategic, and logical, this card reminds you that you are not weak minded, nor weak willed. You have the potential within you to claim your power, and stand strong as a hero. If you have any reserve or doubts about entering this marriage, then now is the time to stand firm within yourself, and ask whether these doubts may hold foundations of truth.

Do you need to be clearer in your expression?

Perhaps you have grown accustom with going with the flow, and not rocking the boat. Well now is the time to show that you are in charge, of your own fate, of your own destiny!

It is time to guard your heart fiercely.
Future influences-

Two of cups.

This card often means an engagement or a marriage. Whenever two forces are drawn together, there is potential for bonding. The two of cups indicates this type of union, and the new opportunities that it may bring. The key themes to this tarot option are love, commitment, sexual unity, and creative energy. 

When this card is drawn, there is definitely love present. But there is also a hint of fear, jealousy, and pain. It is important to utilise forgiveness on all grounds, and this also relates to personal forgiveness. The joining of two can also promote vast healing, only if both of the two are open to this healing.

I believe that your partner holds a lot of pain and blockages in his heart centre, you also hold pain within you, and issues associated with an overactive heart chakra.

The marriage of the two of you can not experience successful fruition, until the marriage of the two souls experience this Union. That is, once the two of you are ready, individually ready. Once healing has occurred, and once there is no distrust or suspicion on your part.
Can you say that this is a possibility?
Past influences. 

Three of swords.

The Lord of sorrow almost always indicates some sort of disruption which causes pain and uncertainty. Such disruption leads to a loss of balance and harmony. 

This card represents feelings of rejection, loneliness, abandonment, and not feeling good enough, and I believe that these are issues that are mirrored within the two of you.

You and your family showed immense healing power, and love by forgiving him and accepting him back into your loving embrace. And this was of HUGE significance to him, as I am sure that it was for you.

However, the pain that exists within both of you may still cause friction and speed bumps down the road, for this is the very reason that you are both filled with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Marriage seems to bring a promise of security, but what first remains to be resolved?
I hope that you have fully enjoyed this reading my love, and I look forward to hearing back from you about any feed back.
Kindest regards,


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A shift in perceptions – November 5th, numerological stance, by Cinderella Anneh-bu

As promised, today, twin flames should be feeling a little more at ease with their twin flame angst, than the previous days.

This is not to say that there stil won’t be the occasional flutter of the heart, and the ever fluctuating, ‘have I just conjured this whole thing in my mind?’, but underneath it all, should exist a calm breeze of, ‘I am within my love, and my love is within me, as I rise, so does he, (she)’.  This is the twin flame principle. As I follow my own instinctual visions, and conduct my own healing, I also benefit those outside of me, and bring them healing, and peace of mind. 

And this is particularly true, when you raise your own vibrations, and the world around you begins to appear different before your very eyes. Where the lines of, is my happiness creating this shift? Or is this shift creating this happiness, become irreversibly blurred’.

A numerological perspective.

November 5th

November  (11 month) – 11; spiritual transformation, intuitive knowing, empathy, psychic, death and rebirth, healing, balancing of two energies, wisdom, spirit contact through trials and tribulations.

5th day – 5 ; change, transformation, adventure, productivity, overturn, newness, freedom, shapelessness, letting go.

Today is all about surrender, because change can not occur, unless we first make sacrifices. What greater sacrifice to the universe is there, than the ultimate love of your life? This is a gift, to and fro.

The universe blesses you with the perfect mirror image, (if only you should work toward it), and the most potent potion for transformation, (if only you can reconcile with yourself).

And when you do, and you tell the universe that there is no lack within you, thus you no longer look at this situation from a perspective of loss, you grant that change has arrived.

A solid change from the old paradigm. The old ways of thinking about love as conditional, and in need of constant confirmation, and approval. You learn that love cannot exist whilst there is no love, or peace within, thus you cultivate these things. 

And in doing so, offer peace, blessings, and love, to your twin, your community, and your society. 

Blessed be ~ 

The call of the wild, and the need for urgency, by Cinderella Anneh-bu. 

Many empaths, and healers will have found themselves in the previous or coming weeks, months, years, filled with the absolute urgency that there is somewhere that they have to be, something that they have to do, and somebody that they have to meet. This feeling will have plagued them so much that they may have even begun to grow frantic, trying to tend to the needs, of everyone, and everything, fearing that this is where their angst derives from. 

Fortunately, this feeling is actually not a red signal for the empath or the healer to once again become a martyr, sacrificing everything and everyone for themselves.

In actuality, this ‘urgency’ is all related to the healer doing the exact opposite, stepping into their true divine power, accessing the healing that only exists upon actualising their own greatness, and tying up any loose ends to do with soul loss, and energetic blockages.

This urgency, supported by planetary alignment and universal energies, is trying to support all healers to do two things, to purge, and to find. To purge themselves of all of the ills that they have spent their entire lives accumulating, (in order to walk the healing path), and to find the hidden wisdom that will reveal not only their own sufferings, but how these sufferings were actually offerings, to both the healer, and their community.

There is nowhere physically that the empath has to be, or see. The only place is within. There is nobody externally that the empath has to cater to. That person exists within. 

I refer to this feeling, and this time, as ‘the call of the Wild’, as this call is just as difficult to ignore. This call is of the earth, one of natural order, primal, and instinctive, instructed by the creator. 

This is not the time to try to tackle everything, or everyone. This time lies solely with self attainment, self realisation, and self healing. Listen to your souls truths, as you are being guided with every step, every thought, by a higher power. Tune everything else out. Shed your soul of what no longer serves you. Pick up the things that will help you on your journey.

Listen to the winds as they carry you right to the door of your soul family, kindred spirits, and feel safe to leave behind any relationships that mirror old energetic imprints.

Blessed be, Cindy ~ 

November, a fresh new month ahead of us! Monthly goals. 



Goals for this month.1. Publish my twin flame book.

2. Send out my mystical bundles. 

3. Change my whole wardrobe.

4. Join some sort of book club or social meeting.

Hi guys!

 I thought that I would make a list of all of my goals for the month, and instead of hiding them away in my secret journal, I would share them all with you, so that we could track this process together, and hopefully I could also inspire all of you to write down your monthly goals! 
I started off with a few easy/straightforward ones here, that I think could actually make a big difference. 
I am the biggest procrastinator in the world, and I still have not figured out if it is because I have this subconscious fear of failure, or if it is because I am just this raging perfectionist who needs to take a chill pill. Either way, sometimes things take me far longer than they should, and those of you who have utilised my services will know this, (but hey, they are always laced with extensive information, which does take time!) 

I am really excited about the book that I am releasing this month – as it has been a major out let in dealing with the separation phase of my twin flame Union, and I also believe that it will crystallise and immortalise everything that I have experienced this year, so I can finally close the chapter on it, no pun intended.
My special mystical bundles are also something that I was SO excited about initially, (and still very much am), but the minute I got caught up in all the readings, I no longer really had any time to craft the bundles, in the ways that I would have liked to. Getting them out there will be a huge achievement for me.
Changing my whole wardrobe is also something that sticks out as important, and meaning a lot to me. I feel like none of the clothes that I presently have, articulate my new being enough. Like I said, I am constantly, and consistently changing, and I see clothes like a representation of your soul to the world, and my soul has grown so much lately, I need all new representation! Plus, I’ve just made it through a pretty tough time, and cannot wait to treat myself!
Joining a book club or meeting is my final last ditch attempts in forming some sort of social life, and getting myself back out there. One of the things that knocked me off my feet in the midst of battling mental illness was my reluctance to leave the house, or even engage in social activity. After a while, I had minimised all time spent with others, till I frequently only spent time with one person. Of course the only problem is, as I have grown more spiritual, and dedicated more of my life to the purpose, I have come to understand the importance of like minded souls, and finding my soul family, which hopefully the universe will find cunning ways to orchestrate, once I put myself out there!

Twin flames, true love, and a lesson to your soul, FROM your soul. 


  One of the things that caused me the greatest frustration, and pain upon my twin flame journey, and in particular the ‘separation stage’, was the belief that my twin flame was just not getting it. No matter what I did, or what I said, or how I knew deep within that he felt, I still felt as if I was the only one with my eyes open.
How could he have experienced all of these things? And intuitively have felt the connection, the pull, endured the dreams, and still not come running straight into my arms? I started to wonder if I was crazy too.. If perhaps I had imagined all of these things and drew my own conclusions based on a deep seated desire to be wanted.

But then the syncronicities grew, at times became impossible to ignore, and the more that I tried to forget about him, the more I uncovered more layers about myself, my own fears, and clairaudient descriptions of the causes of his hesitance. It was as if, at the moments I truly gave up, surrendered, and allowed him to be free, I then became flooded with psychic knowing, and reassurance. Those were the moments that I was most in tune with the divine. Because those were the moments I was not acting out of possession, control, anger, and conceit. I was simply saying. ‘Okay, maybe we are not meant to be together. Okay, I cannot force him to be one way, whilst he is another way, and this is nobody’s fault’.

It was in the moments that I discovered the overall time flame goal. Surrender. Forgiveness. Faith.

Because even though I was surrendering the need to control an outcome between the two of us, at the back of my mind, tucked away, bathed the knowing that our story was not over, that our destinies were unfinalised. 

   Soul mirrors.
This now brings me to my next twin flame lesson and true love encounter.

This applies to not only twin flames, but those who have experienced authentic love with deep soul connections. 

When the love is magnetic between you and another soul, more than likely, it is because you both possess complimentary soul components. In other words, you are on some level the mirrors into each other’s souls. In the case of twin flames, your fears, and desires mirror one another. In the case of deep soul connections/contracts, you stumbled upon each other because your souls were vibrating at a similar frequency.

In the moments that I would spend growing frustrated, sad, and angry about my twin flames actions, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, in a way that I had never seen myself before.

The things that annoyed me the most about my twin flame was his seeming lack of reliability, issues with intimacy, and fear of commitment. Then all of a sudden, I began to consider all of my own short comings..

How I had a habit of growing bored of things, quickly, and easily. How I had a theme of starting at new schools, colleges, and then three months down the line found myself very reluctant to continue, or even find the motivation to go in to class. 

I thought about my history of sabotaging relationships, by insisting that I was going to be hurt, so pushing my partners away first. 

All of these things were in essence the exact same things that I had faulted in him. It was the same fear of failure, and inner child syndrome that had causes our lack of reliability, and often careless behaviours.

Mirrors, in different ways.

So, perhaps I would not avoid relationships all together the same ways that he would, but once I did get in them, I allowed my mind to become fixated on all of the things that could potentially go wrong, and brought my own fears to reality. Push them away, before they can leave. Such a deeply rooted underlying belief, who would have ever found it? How would I have ever found it? If not for the perfect mirror.

When you find yourself being too hard on your other half for their supposed short comings, perhaps take a greater look at yourself. And realise you are not as far on your journey of self healing as you thought.

Blessed be, Cinderella ~