Last night, I dreamt of the moon..

“Last night, I dreamt of the moon, and crashing waters, gushing aggressively towards glass walls that barricaded me, and I know that I dreamt of them because of you.
The moon represents so many things, intuition, feminine energy, fertility, love/romance, the unconscious, emotions, and alchemical illumination.
All of that, is you.
You are the walls that barricade me, and the ocean waters are the feelings that you do not want to let in.
You can see them coming, through the transparency of the walls, you can see that they exist, but as the moon also rules illusion, you are trapped inside of confusion, is this mere intrusion, or can such a love truly exist?
Once again, my darling, look to the moon for your salvation from doom..
It is asking you to be in tune, with the other aspect it rules, intuition..
My love, just listen,
You have been blessed with the clearest of visions, should you trust your intuition..

And that is a given, such provision,
Just listen.
And the moon, how it glistens, when you listen to its melodic traditions.
Feminine energy is a force to be reckoned with, and in the dream,
We were both fearful of the spaces In-between..
It is not the water, nor the moon that strikes the fear,
It is the distance, from here, to there.
Because what is the difference,
between illusion, and romantic confusion?”

Cinderella Anneh-bu


“I tried to love you, so hard I did. I spent so many nights trying, and in the end, I think that I loved you a little bit, maybe not enough to have you burn a fire inside of me, but you surely lit a dim match, and sometimes those burn far longer than roaring flames.
- I always told myself that I wanted a love that sprung me from my finger tips, and Burned me if I ever tried to extinguish it, and I found that type of love so many times, yet I couldn’t handle the burn.
- the final time that I got hurt, nearly knocked me off my feet all together. The pain was too much. It was the pain of all of the other times before, merged into one, and at once, all of my fears about being unlovable came back around, for one last tea party.
And, so I had to flee,
For my own safety ofcourse,
If I stayed, by now, I would be nothing but a mere corpse..
And I fell into you instead, something you said, that got inside of my head, made me think, that maybe I could be safe here. You taught me just like my father did, that the rest of the world was far too scary, so I had to stay with you, right beside you, and not stray too far outside of the lines, not walk too closely to the abyss, and I was used to this.
This narrow form of persuasion, and faux protection. I was used to this.
So I settled, and I have been settling ever since.
And now, I am so tired of settling for things that I learnt to endure during childhood folklore. I am so sick of continued curses, and the ways in which I perpetuate them.”

Cinderella Anneh-bu

Internal bleeding..


Lately, my mind has been racing with so many things.

Who am I?

Who am I to become?

Was I always this deep?

What is the meaning of all of this?

Is this even real life?

Why am I stuck inside of my own mind all of the time?

Why do I care so much about societal injustice?

Why do I care so much about men, and women, and the things that they do?

Why do I have so many emotions, and why are they so intense?

Why is my nervous system so, nervous?

Why am I so nervous?

Why am I so anxious?

What’s going to happen in the future?

Who will stand the test of time with me?

And I don’t know any of the answers to any of these questions, and I cannot even begin to know.

I have been spending so much time alone lately, for the past few months actually, and it has been most strange. Sort of like living in limbo. I have received many spiritual insights since then, which have helped me broaden my views, and my knowledge of things.. But I have also dug so deeply into the human psyche, that I think that I am abnormal now.

None of the people around me understand me, or what goes on in my mind. I try to explain it to them, and for the most part they are sympathetic, but when I look deeply into their eyes, or listen to the uncertainty in their voice, I know that they do not truly, or fully understand me.

And can I blame them?

I mean what the hell is even going on with me..

I know I’m weird, and I push everyone away, and I prefer to be in this strange little cocoon by myself, doing strange things, but hey.. I am still a human, and I need human things.

The whole world forgot I still exist.
Now, I am off to do some more strange things..

And in the end, it is all about surrender. 

“And in the end, it is all about surrender, complete, entire surrender. The throwing away of the ego, and the embracing of pain. It is only through suffering that you surrender yourself to the divine. That you say, I am not greater than your will, and I am not above human emotions, nor experience.It is always the ego that fights pain, and that claims to be non deserving of this pain. The ego wishes to protect its identity, and the perceptions that it has built for itself in order to feel loved, and protected. The soul knows that it is always loved, and protected, by those most divine energies, and the most divine light.

Once again, the ego seeks constant confirmation. The soul knows all, and needs to seek none. The ego needs facts and assurance to confirm that it is not lonely, unloved, and unprotected. Ofcourse in thinking this, the ego is created upon the basis of fear, and desperation.

Surrender to the feeling of, ‘not being good enough’. If you are not good enough, then so be it. No, I have not lost my marbles. But if you struggle against anything, you only draw more negative attention to it. If you are not ‘good enough’, so what? Somebody still loves you. Many will still be entertained, and amazed by you. So define, ‘not good enough’.

Your perception is only a mere fragment of a truth. The ultimate truth, that which does not exist, because everybody’s truth is based upon their own perception, and life experiences, so who determines this ultimate truth? The collective? Well, the collective have failed to come forward and take lie detector tests. Most of what you know of the, ‘collective perception’, is an attempt by individuals to fit in, to be apart of something..
This in itself is illusionary.
Many of those individuals within the collective, will be more than willing to stray from the collective stream of thought, should such a life circumstance call for it, such as love, or death.

For instance, if a collective society hold the belief that women, let’s say, from, ‘America’, are untamed, and therefore, undesirable.
An individual from this collective may well, wish to maintain this belief, and abide by it, in order to appease that society, but may find themselves somewhere along the line, madly in love with an American woman, therefore his ‘illusion’, of belonging to this collective thought stream is shattered.
And his heart begins to lead the way, alienating his ego, and the egoic beliefs.

If you feel alone, then too, surrender to that emotion. Do not fight it by wishing that you were in the presence of others, because then you will always seek for something outside of yourself to fulfil you. Think about the amount of numbers you have in your phone, those who try to reach out to you, from time to time, those whom you have shared beautiful memories with.
Were you then too, alone?
For aloneness like all things is only momentary, temporary, a figment of the mind,
A crime.. If you ask me.”

Cinderella Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)
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Awakening the divine masculine, rebirth, accepting feminine intervention; and making peace with your emotions.

So how does he do it? How does he cope? After being emotionally stunted for more than 3000 years, how does the divine masculine re-familiarise himself with feminine principles, and allow himself to settle into his emotions, without creating an uncomfortable feeling?

Well, I would love to tell you, (him), that this will happen naturally, but this is just not something that I can do. And this form of integration will take both some time, and some patience – from both parties.

As the divine feminine returns, and bids to make her mark on reclaiming her masculine counter part, she will without a doubt encounter resistance from the opposing side, the hyper masculine, masculine energies, who associate her with weakness, and submission.

The divine masculine has remained in hiding for a long time because of this. You see, because this new form of man, who was born with an empathic mission, was also born with a higher than average level of feminine energy, the most high knew that he would need this, to carry out his mission, to be the peace maker.

Because he has learnt how to blend into his society so well, he may even go unnoticed as the truthfully deep sensitive that he is. He may even find himself surrounded by a group of friends who fit the hyper masculine archetype, or at least – heavily attempt to.

He remains in-cognito, only displaying his deeply intuitive, and emotional tendencies, on the rare efforts that he sees fit. Generally, he is gifted by the most high with something reminiscent of a twin flame, (if you believe in that theory), a highly spiritual soul counterpart, with whom he first fully uncovers, and expresses, the depth of his nature. It is likely that she will be the one who re-introduces him to the divine feminine. After their meeting, the man will never be the same. His transformation has begun.

The entire process is a re-birth, and will challenge him to completely re-wire the ways that he views manhood, the ways in which he views his relationship with his father, and most importantly, his relationship of wounding with his father.

Through this spiritual evolution, he will begin to understand the traumas associated with up holding this masculine template, and how alienating the divine feminine has only brought both friction, and disassociation between both parties. He, more than anyone understands the shame associated with appearing as a, ‘weak man’.  

He, also more than anyone, knows the struggle to maintain this act.

His emotions will see to it that he opens up a gateway, whether he intends to or not, he will be gifted with the ability to endure the entire emotional spectrum, and he must decide from there on, cautiously, where to place his time and energies. 

His mission is in awakening the male collective that surrounds him, and in doing so, he will be granted the opportunity for expansion, and immense manifestation abilities.
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Spiritual, mental, and emotional healing – re-integration.

For a lot of us who consider ourselves lone wolves, star seeds, light workers, and empaths, one of our greatest concerns is the time that we require to be alone, and how this may sometimes spill over into loneliness.

Now, loneliness, and time spent alone are two very different, and separate things. Whilst alone time is advised, and in pretty frequent numbers for this highly sensitive group, loneliness can stem from an apparent fear of the outside world, in attempts to shield, and protect ones self from harrowing experiences.

However, the problem is, where ever we are feeling compelled to shield, and protect ourselves from anything, we are doing so out of fear. We cannot hope to protect ourselves from outside energies, or external experiences, by barricading ourselves away, no matter how much trauma we have endured at the hands of others.

Building strong community networks, and support systems is imperative in living a joyous, and fulfilled life. 

Yes, even for the ‘lone wolves’. 

Whilst lone wolves may function mentally, and even spiritually better alone, their emotional development is still dependent on their ability to build, and maintain healthy connections.

This may not come as easily to a soul who is extremely introverted, shy in nature, or even timid, and uncertain, but with appropriate patience, compassion, and guidance, even the most sensitive of souls can thrive in the outside world.

Though we are overstimulated far more easily than the average person, we are also blessed with the ability to see the world in vivid, and unique imagery. The more of the world that we see, the more of the world that we may heal, that we may influence, so it is highly important for us to become active, and involved members of our community.

Familiar re-integration.

Familiar re-integration refers to the existing bonds that we have with our families, and what this dictates about the emotional states we hold with ourselves. In many ways, your soul vibration, is tied into the vibration of your earth family’s. Whilst healers may be born into families with heavy karmic debt, and trauma induced experiences, the transmutation of these energies by you, (the empathic old soul-ed healer), will be exactly what is necessary to pull these family members out of their ‘dark ages’.

This does not mean that family members will not still exhibit dark triad behaviours, and function from old patterned programming, but it means situations, communication, and understanding, between you and them, should improve. This is how you will be aware that you are on the right path, and you are successfully clearing karma, and healing ancient old wounds.

Different empaths are set different tasks when they are gifted to the souls of their parents, and families. Some of them, are to correct emotional wrongs, these will be the old soul-ed, hyper sensitive beings who carry a great deal of feminine energy.

 The mark for their success in energy transformation, and alchemy, will be apparent in a new found lightness becoming noticeable in their family members, or a growing desire amongst them, for better self expression, and communication.

Platonic re-integration.

Platonic re-integration refers to the bonds, and the relationships that the healer may construct with their soul (group)/families, or souls whom resonate. It is very likely that prior to shamanic initiation, (the process of intense self discovery, and spiritual attune-ment), the healer belonged to a group of friends that were parallel to their dormant state, and egotistical level of consciousness.

Upon awakening, or rather, ‘re-awakening’, the healer must then find what is called their, ‘soul family’, a group, or collective of individuals with whom they harbour the shared task of raising the collective vibrations, and leaving an imprint upon society.

This may seem like a daunting task, and the healer may not initially know where to start, but naturally, and almost intuitively, once they allow themselves to be abailable, they will be drawn, simulataneously toward the paths of one another.

Good places to start looking, or rather opening up to, for the healer include, charity organisations, (everybody there already has the shared intention of helping others, and making a difference – many of them are bound to be, ‘called’), poetry/spoken word events, (souls who gather together to be moved by art are almost certainly finely connected to the ways of the universe), yoga/meditation classes, (this one goes without saying really. The ancient practice of such arts, just screams, spiritual resonance)!
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Ode, to kings of soil skins.

Art credit – Flowers for the Dead, Gerardo Castro

I adore,  the inner workings of your mind. I adore, the intricacies, and the delicacies that are you.

Even though society often reduces you to a mere murmur, and the places that surround you, betray you, I adore you more when I see your strength, un-breakable.

So, I take a second, a moment from my day, only to let you know the ways in which I praise you, the days Of which I wish to save you.. From so many things, systematic education, societal, programming, indoctrination, the ways in which i crave to tell you,

that you are more, so much more..

Than chasing fictitious dreams of materialism, and childish lure..

That only see you selling your soul for momentary, temporary bliss, never again shall I have to tell you this,

You are neither your location, nor your occupation, nor the chains that you adorn your wrists.

You are a gift, an eternal King, seldom, all held into one, and if ever you shall tell someone, never leave out the part where you ruled kingdoms..