My fantastic adventure exploring the Master life path of 22, Tarot reading and life path calculation. ðŸ’–🎁

It has been most interesting to look into both your life path, and your tarot reading, to get a little bit of a better feel of your energies, and your obstacles. 
You have absolutely amazing energy, first of all! And I will tell you that although you may not know, you carry very powerful feminine energy, perfectly designed to be activated during the time of the ascension, and the rise of the divine feminine. The earth needs you to step into, and awaken fully in your powers.
You must stop your fear. You must stop being afraid to colour outside of the lines, you may suffer from persecution consciousness, which manifests as a problem of anxiety for many old souls, and light workers, who can still recall somewhere in their DNA the stigma from the Catholic Church and other institutions for being themselves, and practicing their craft. 
This is a heavy weight, and left un-lifted, could paralyse your entire life destiny.
Before I tell you your complete life path number, I thought I’d take the time to break down the other numbers in your birth sequence, and give you a feel of what they could represent, and mean for you.
July (7) – The number 7 is all about the analytical mind, the thinker, the observer, and the seeker. Simply put, you are a channeler. You are the ultimate channel for divine knowledge, and law, thus your active mind gives you an appropriate handle on perceiving divine wisdom, and bringing it forth into our world.
11 – The number 11 is also among the most spiritual numbers, as is the number 7, and is regarded as the master spiritual number. I am blown away by the presence of all of these numbers in your birth sequence, but this is hardly the best to come. 
The number 11 is all about channeling also, but in a bit of a different way from the number 7. The number 11 channels most of its energy intuitively, and is commonly associated with being an empath. 
The downside of both of these numbers is that they may possess traits of negativity, and feeling hard done by, because of the journey that the spiritual path bestows upon them.
You are to find, or rather create your special niche. This will be something that only you can do, and that probably won’t make much sense to others. You must be willing to step outside of conventional boarders, and barriers, as you will not be easily satisfied with day to day mundane routine. 
For this reason, love may also be difficult, but not impossible, as these numbers provoke pessimism, and distrust, due to the life situations that they have so often endured.
Life path number – 22.

Once more, I am blown away by the presence of such highly charged spiritual numbers! The 22 is also regarded as the master number in spirituality, and this is a number that you share with famous icons such as Tupac Shakur, and Albert Einstein himself. 
What immense spiritual power you possess. You hold all of these magnificent qualities, though they are so unorthodox, and non-ordinary. This is what makes them quite extraordinary. And what a heavy burden it appears that you have upon your shoulders. 
The nervousness, and unease that you sometimes feel can be attributed to the fact that you are aware that you stand out in this world, you are unique, some may say a strange soul, and it is your unique destiny not to grow fearful of this. 
If you do, you may show symptoms associated with stagnancy, and procrastination. You are the master builder, but subsequently, in the laws of balance, you can also become the master destroyer, sabotaging every good opportunity that comes within your path.
You may have suffered greatly in your earlier life, and thus you may find it hard to trust, but understand that your sensitive nature is an ally, and not an enemy. And it will serve you greatly. It is your navigating device to help you observe the subtle aspects of our 3D world, and in doing so, you can build, invent, or teach the world something that it has been lacking desperately.
You are called at this time, and you must answer. 
Try not to become a recluse because of the harshness of the energies of this realm. Use the lessons that you have gained from past pains to motivate you, and do not allow yourself to grow fearful, scared, or distrustful. Go forward in faith, channel correctly.
Your tarot reading is a beautiful indication of the queenly energy that you possess. And as I write this, the time is 11:11. 
Tarot reading.

What areas are keeping me stagnant?

Queen of cups –
Representing emotional fluidity, and stability, a powerful woman who is in touch with both her emotions, and her intuition. Although very feminine in nature, the queen of cups does not suffer from hyper femininity, she is completely balanced, and can draw on her masculine energies should she see fit. Although very sensitive, compassionate, and caring, she is NOT a pushover.
She is able to keep harmonious relationships on going, because she is adapt at empathy, and shifting into the shoes of another in order to view their emotional perspective. 
The appearance of this card tells you that your stagnancy lies with a lack of control in your emotional sensitivity. 

Sensitive, and old souls are often more susceptible to depression, insecurity, and negativity, because they are so exposed to the pain of this world.
The effects of over sensitivity weight heavily on our solar plexus, which governs power, and our ability to feel safe. The opposite of anxiety. The solar plexus once activated encourages us to have the will, determination, and the drive to fulfil our dreams and goals. If this chakra remains blocked, over, or under stimulated, symptoms such as indigestion, and ibs can occur.
How can I achieve peace of mind?

Ace of pentacles –
The ace of pentacles is a card all about fresh beginnings, new projects, seeking out our goals, and an inspiring enthusiasm, and intelligence to do so.
When the ace of pentacles appears, we are presented with the opportunity to follow a new path, a new path that encourages us to let go of the old comfortable ways, and embark on a new journey that relies solely on our intuition, inspiration, and creativity to lead the way.
The ace of pentacles however, does not encourage merely careless dreaming, and the conjuring of plans, but rather the focus on actively and actually doing so. This opportunity is likely to be presented to you in subtle ways, even as a consistent whisper that you have attempted to bury at the back of your mind. Truthfully speaking, your life purpose has always existed within your peripheral, within your reach.
Whatever way that you choose to look at this, this card appearance is an extremely positive one, though it may indicate a current stagnancy, fear or reluctance. 
What is blocking my path from love?

Queen of pentacles.
The queen of pentacles may represent clinging too tightly to a career, or an income, out of a distraction from the fear of love, or a refusal to let go of the past, and allow other opportunities to come toward us.
The queen of pentacles may be stern, unyielding, overly structured, and demanding of control.
She can sometimes point to a feminine women who has neglected her feminine and nurturing nature, in order to pursue the cut throat world of leadership, logicality, and pragmatism. She may unconsciously push love away because of these actions, and as a result of her desires for perfection, and idealism. People who prefer things to be completed a certain way, tend to lack the fluidity that love requires.
It is always important to have a balanced outlook on love, choosing your hearts desires, with your minds careful consideration, although ultimately, your intuition will serve you best. Do not worry so much about becoming hurt, this is what truly attracts hurt.
The positive aspects of the queen of pentacles, are the ways in which she is not overly governed by her emotions, which may be the flip side of the queen of cups. It is important not to be naive in love also, or to lose ourselves in our desires to be merged with another. This is also a love repellant, as it indicates a dissatisfaction with the independent self.
She knows how to strategise in love, and will not allow herself to be manipulated, or mislead. She is a queen in her own right.
She is able to give love freely, and openly, because she is not lacking anything, not self belief, nor self worth. 

You are being asked to cultivate a balance of worlds within yourself.
Self love, will inevitably lead to the experiencing of romantic love.
What is my destiny?

Queen of wands –
The queen of wands is an absolutely fantastic card to draw in a deck! This is like an accumulation of both of the feminine cards that were chosen prior to this, within this reading, ‘the queen of cups, and the queen of pentacles). She is perfectly balanced.

Not too feminine, and not too masculine, and this is what you are striving toward.
This queen is confident, powerful, and knows when to use both energies to serve her, and propel her towards her life’s journey, as she most certainly requires both, and she has learned this, as you too shall strive to learn, and incorporate.
She is outspoken, with a fully activated throat chakra, yet delivers her ideas in a way that they are received as positive encouragement, and support, rather than harsh criticism, and a desire to be right, or overrule. She can be friendly, nurturing, and comforting, but the moment that you display an aura of taking advantage of her, or viewing her kindness as weakness, she is ready, and willing to walk out of the door. But be sure, that when she does, she is not doing so, out of malice, or bitterness, but rather out of self love, and well wishes for you.
Procrastination is not her forte. She is a powerful motivating, and encouraging force, offering inspiration to all those around her. Self growth, and the collective expansion of others are her main goals, and she knows that to see her dreams happen, she must inspire great vision in all those whom she comes across.
Self determination lies within your destiny, and the power to guide others, but first, you must guide and steer yourself.
The image associated with this reading will be posted up along with the tag line, ‘client D’s reading’, for your viewing pleasure.

Once again, I commend you for your patience, and thoroughly hope that you enjoy this reading.



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