Client T’s reading. Life path, name interpretation, and tarot.


As promised, here is your reading. If there are any questions after this reading, or anything that you wish for me to add, or clarify, please let me know.
Life path number.
Dear T, your life path number is the number of 9. This means that you are the humanitarian, the healer, the counsellor, the carer, and the artist.
Your nature, and your destiny lies with being of service to others, and using a spiritual recipe to bring both truth, and light, to the masses. One of the most famous life path 9’s is Bob Marley.
The life path 9 is all to do with compassion, affection for others, and the wounded healer complex. The wounded healer is the healer who becomes a healer only after enduring their own set of trials, and aims to heal themselves through the satisfaction of healing others. You can only ever be happy when others are happy. You may have once suffered from people pleasing habits, but it is likely that you learned to close these barriers once you realised that they got you nowhere.
Self assertiveness, and self assurance is a big one for you, and something that you have had to learn upon your path, as it has not always been so easy for you to attain. However now, I feel that you are gaining a handle on it.
What is highly important is to not grow accustom to using phrases such as, ‘trust nobody’, and ‘I do not need any friends’. Your environment and your experiences probably convinced you that others were pretty untrustworthy, but do not close your heart or your mind to new experiences that may be brought to you through allowing others in.
Rejection, disappointment, and Neglect are all things that the life path 9 is troubled with. For some reason, nobody ever quite seems to get the fact that they are extremely sensitive souls, so therefore they hardly get their needs met, and this leads them to a life time of striving for independence, in order not to find themselves empty handed, and vulnerable.

Name altered for customer confidentiality purposes.

The name ‘T….’ itself is a unisex name, indicating its flexibility and fluidity. You are adapt at many things, and you are creative, so it may be hard for you to find your niche or to settle with one career, as you feel that so many paths are pulling you toward them, simultaneously. Do not be fearful of exploring all of these angles. Yes, ALL. They all lead you to specific places and points that coincide with your divine destiny. It is a misconception that we must choose one career and be burdened or blocked off by it.

Name altered for customer confidentiality purposes.

The name ‘ T….’ also indicates that you are sensitive, affectionate, and spiritually aware. Independent, and brave, you have endured many trials upon your path, and all of them have offered you great wisdom. Now, your path lies with choices.
Tarot reading –

What is my hearts desire?

Seven of wands.
The seven of wands represents change, life obstacles, and choices that carry great impact.
The path that you have travelled has gifted you with great wisdom, intuition, and insight upon your path. Now, you are left with only choices, which direction will you go in? How can you be sure not to relive the mistakes of the past? How can you re-create yourself based upon new found knowledge? 
You now hold very relevant information about the past, and a healthier outlook about the future. You are fast coming into the awareness that the universe is yours to choose, and co-create. 
The seven of wands is all about psychic and spiritual cross roads. You are just about to embark on a new journey, and you find it important that you carefully choose your next steps.
You have come long, and far upon your journey, and I feel that it is important that you trust yourself in regards to moving forward, and, moving inward. Introspection is healthy, and necessary for utilising the instructions from our higher self. Messages will be channeled through various mediums for you. 
Listen to your intuition carefully at this time, as it will lend to you, your next direction, or the peace intended to heal you. Your heart wants so desperately a complete re-modelling of the old ways, one in which you are fully comfortable, and connected with self. Perhaps a change of scenery, a job relocation, or an over all make over? 
You have guessed that you are now ready to embrace a new aspect of yourself. Out with the old, in with the new. Move forward with grace, and bravery.
What do I need to heal to attract love in to my life?

The moon.
The moon presenting itself in a tarot deck, indicates deep emotions, wavering tides, and femininity. Not only does it represent the feminine cycle, and the regulation of emotions, but it can also point to sometimes chaotic, and ‘lunatic’ emotions. 
You could find that your emotions are often easily rattled, growing unsettled quickly, and this causes you to doubt your intuition, and your better judgement, and you become afflicted with the projections of the mind.
The mind is all about illusion, and once the mind has created its own personal, and twisted scenarios, the emotions really quickly, and aggressively, unaware that they have only been exposed to a minute portion of the story/of the truth.
The moon also deals with the subconscious mind, dreaming, being too idealistic, and failing to see the reality behind situations.
You may have been too generous with your heart in the past, and this has caused it to grow bruised, and distrustful.
Understand that you have since grown, and you can trust yourself as the new person that you are to choose the correct life partner for yourself. You must embrace your new found wisdom, using your new found skills to make smarter choices in love, in the future.
You must work on and heal your open wounds, whilst letting go of fantasy ideas about love, and perfection. This will ultimately lead to disappointment, and needs not being met. Love is more focused with fluidity. Allowing things to fit fluently into their place.
Think of the way that the full moon pulls the tides, and the tides comply with the will of the moon. They appear to not flow in accordance with any specific rhythm, yet you know that it is a given.
What is my greatest obstacle?

Five of pentacles.
The five of pentacles is a card that indicates excessive worry, stress, doubt, fear, and unhealthy change in relation to finances, family, and friends. You would love to keep everybody happy, all the time, but the fact that this is not possible often causes you great anxiety, and distress.
You fear that your new found stability is merely an illusion, that will soon be pulled under the carpet, leaving you both vulnerable, and exposed, to the experiences of the past. The very same experiences that you so desperately seek to run from. Change, and freedom, is also a large part of your destiny. You cannot be tied down, your spirit is free. The only thing that can bind you is the constraint of your own mind.
You can relax in the knowledge that life is constantly changing, and you do not have to fear change, or what a new day may bring. Each day carries with it divine guidance. 
It is okay, even advisable to let go of the past, using it as a safety blanket only cements your attachments to it. Worry also only attracts more anxiety fuelled situations. Try and relax, to breathe.
What does the past have to teach me?

The empress.
The empress card represents feminine strength, power, the mother, the lover, and the spiritualist. In many cultures she is also the dream interpretess, and a ‘voo doo’ woman. 
The past seeks to teach you all s out healing, and divination abilities. Did you ever notice how many of those whom crossed your path seemed to be deeply afflicted, also shrouded in pain and discomfort? 

It was you who brought them healing, and love. Even if your efforts were not immediately acknowledged, or rewarded, or reciprocated.
Even the times that you have endured Pain were teaching you, and aiding the light that You possess now. The past presents all of the teachings and awareness that you require to fully step into your divine authority.
You know what to do.

You know what not to do.
What does my past love have to teach me?

The ten of cups.
The ten of cups is a card of satisfactory gain, fulfilment, wholesomeness, family, friends, and commitment. This card may indicate a happy family, the kind that we all crave, that we all hope to one day attain.
You may have had a past love in your life that shattered your former expectations of love, made you believe in love again, and showered you with love, and appreciation, even if any insecurities did not allow you to see it at the time.
Your past lovers see you the way that you are. The divine mother, the carer, and the nurturer. There is no need to worry about the way that you come off. You will naturally attract the love that you desire into your life. This will enhance your healing abilities, and destiny, as your heart chakra opens, and expands. You are a good friend, a loyal companion, and you must learn to appreciate the love that you have within your heart.

It could potentially heal a nation.
How can I heal?

The two of cups.

Woah, love is very big for you isn’t it? 

The two of cups often represents lovers, romance, love, and companionship. You must heal the way in which you view love, and emotions of the past, by devoting yourself to self care.

Once you do so, you set the stage and the template for romantic love to enter your life.
Ultimately, love is your destiny, which ever way you choose to look at it. The number 9 can sometimes be prone to infidelity, because they desire consistent change, so it is important to also see that you do not have issues to do with commitment phobia.
Love is finally the only thing that will bring you the joy, and the peace that you so seek. 
Other associations – making peace with the past, making peace with past lovers. Not holding onto grudges, and letting go of negative emotions surrounding love.
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