Tips for people suffering from depression, loss, or a sudden break up.

What you will need:

1. Your favourite food, preferably something hearty, highly saturated, (no, I do not normally encourage this), but it does work perfectly for grounding ones self, as the food is so heavy. Just try not to make a habit of it after.
2. Thick curtains, or at least ones that barricade you. The important thing at this moment is to grab a hold of your pain, for yourself. Pain has a habit of wanting to spill out & spread out everywhere. If you draw your curtains & darken your room, you can create the illusion just for that moment in time of being separate from the outside world. Trapping your pain where it is, so that it does not have to concern anybody else. Feel free to imagine ceasing to exist. Feel free to imagine time, space, or the present moment being nothing but a figment of somebody else’s imagination. Forget the thing that hurt you. For a second, when you close your eyes, it never happened.
3. A hot water bottle. Comfort is really important in this instant. You may feel as if you need a hug, but also feel as if you would prefer to be alone. Well, a hot water bottle & some cuddly toys could substitute the comfort that you so need.
4. A re-run of your favourite series, movies. Escapism is a fantastic mechanism for coping, as long as it does not become a force of habit. Allow your imagination to carry you into the place of your favourite TV show. Imagine interacting with the characters, imagine what the street would smell like, how you would save the day if you were the main character, completely immerse yourself in somebody else’s story.
5. A draw or corner to place your phone, where you will not be distracted. Your phone being switched off will help to add to the idea of being separate from, away from the world & away from all of the troubles of it. Put it somewhere you will not be tempted to immediately grab it. There is no rush to switch it back on. There is no shame in keeping to yourself. You need this right now.
Please keep in mind that these coping techniques are only advisable during initial grieving periods, perhaps the first couple of days. After a while, exercise, fresh air, & conversation works wonders.
Cindy Anneh-bu © 2015
All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.


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