What happens when you have a blocked throat chakra?

I was meaning to share this one with you guys for a while, but I guess I was a little bit nervous, because it is an incredibly touchy & sensitive subject & one that is dear to my heart.
So your throat chakra, governs your ability & your power to express yourself. It is all about expression & located just by the centre of your throat. The throat chakra allows for energy that has been stored, or kept in the body, to rise upward & exit the body, through the throat & the mouth. You can imagine that energy that does not escape, becomes stagnant & even poisonous in the body. It manifests as timidity, frustration, passive aggression, low self esteem, insecurity, nervousness & so on.. From personal observations, a blocked throat chakra stems from childhood incidences, (like most things do). Those w/ a blocked throat chakra likely grew up in an environment where their thoughts & opinions were painted to be invalid, or orders, beliefs & behaviours were dictated to them, where there was no room for opposition, or rebuttal. 

This type of up bringing is typical of cultures outside of the west, where colonial teachings of enforcing roles, for control remain implemented.
Consequently, the child who learns to be so passive in this environment, is likely to carry this behaviour & imprint with them into the social world, (school), where they are likely to be bullied for this same reason. For their timidity, uncertainty, fragility & lack of ability to speak up for themselves – even whilst it is all they truly want to do.
Because they find expression so difficult, they often also tend to avoid conflict, as this would require them to truly express what it is they are thinking & feeling.
This is typically the life path of healers, empaths & light workers, treading through the path of abuse to one day come to know & understand that empathy, & love is seriously lacking from this world.
However, all hope is not lost. Because these souls find it difficult to express themselves verbally, they usually become fantastic artists, painters & writers, as this offers them a means to articulate their thriving inner world.
Cindy Anneh-bu © 2015
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