Soul ties, and breaking free. 

What is a soul tie? And do we all have one?

Well yes, and no..

A soul tie is somebody with whom we share a deep emotional, and/or spiritual connection with. A soul tie can even be tied accidentally, in the case of physical intimacy, where ones energy refuses to be called back after merging with another.
Everybody has at one point in their lives been tied to a soul yes, but not everybody necessarily has a soul tie, as this term is mostly reserved for those who cannot seem to break free of their connection with another soul, no matter what they do, no matter how hard they try. This obsession can even take over their lives completely, resulting in them obsessively day dreaming about this person, and putting their own health at risk, at the expense of pining over them.
There is nothing remotely romantic, nor spiritual about this type of connection, and it is not to be confused with a soul mate connection, in which both souls are submerged in a feeling of love. A soul tie is most frequently one sided. This is why it is referred to as a tie, it may be seen as a form of entrapment.

Empaths are most at risk of developing these types of ties as they attract the energy of others to flow freely to, and from them, merging with the emotions/thoughts, and feelings of others.
Nobody can break a soul tie, but you. It is within your conscious effort and decision to say, ‘I am not chained, nor bound by this soul’. The moment you release these words, you create a shift in energy, from, ‘I need you’, to ‘I am not required to stay where my love is unheard’. This is why hook up culture is so destructive.. So many soul ties, so little knowledge of invisible bonding.. It is the thoughts that you create surrounding your soul tie that keep you ‘tied’. Your thoughts create the emotions that centre them. Looking back in retrospect, you may find yourself only pondering over the perceived good/happy times with them, forsaking their faults. Yes! There were faults, don’t you dare forget there were faults and become fixated upon some illusionary idealistic version of who they are. 

When you find yourself thinking excessively about somebody, ask yourself..what are these thoughts motivated by? Loneliness? Boredom? More than likely, you will find that they are.We are more likely to form & maintain unhealthy soul ties when we are unhappy with our present, as they begin to cement as means of escapism, particularly for my little dreamers…


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