The travesty of the hyper-masculine archetype. 

I have not completed my post on numerology as of yet, but that will be coming through soon..

From my study, and my observation, I have seen that males carrying the life path of 1, 11, and 9 are most prone to the wounded healer archetype, this is because this is also the templates of the spiritual healers, the channellers, and the way showers.
Astrologically speaking, men under the star sign of Scorpio, cancer, and Pisces are also very likely to hold hyper sensitive traits, and a considerable amount of feminine energy, and this is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Men within this group tend to hold a very special, and tender relationship with their mothers, and a great appreciation for women, though this may be counter acted by a very hyper masculine father, who views women from the old ways of thinking, as inferior, and lesser commodities.
The challenge then, for these men, is to create an open space within themselves where they can allow this feminine energy to flow freely, (effectively healing themselves), and counteract the pain of the misinformation, and dogma inherited from their fathers, and their paternal karmic line.
If none of this makes very much sense to you, and if you are a man who would like to calculate your own life path and find out how to heal, email me, (email in bio).

Despite what we have been socialised to believe, men expressing healthy emotions such as sadness, empathy, and love show incredibly health benefits, to both mind, and body.

So many men are in pain, because they are in so much emotional turmoil, and they have never been taught how to express it, or that it is ok to express it.

The luckier of the few, will go on to attract highly feminine women, who will balance their energies, and teach them to open up.. 
Cindy Anneh-bu ©


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