‘How does an empath, empath?’



How/why does an empath, ’empath?’

So at some point in their childhood, or throughout, they endured a traumatic experience, or set of experiences.. In order to cope, and soothe themselves, every time that they became presented w/ these uncomfortable or neglectful experiences, they began to tap into a higher reality/ (Dimension), some may call it day dreaming, regardless, they detached in this way, and subsequently gained access to another space.. This ‘space’ introduced them to a new world entirely, one where channeling, and astral travel became a necessity for emotional survival. If they had carers who were abusive in a passive aggressive sense, they soon developed intense instincts, so that they could sense when/where the next ‘ attack’/ emotional disequilibrium would come from.. They lived a life virtually on hyper alert. 

If their throat chakra became blocked in the process, then they would behave very similarly to those who ‘suffer’ from autism, operating on a purely mental level, with little to no, desire to communicate verbally. So instead, they write, they draw, they paint, they art… The end. – Cinderella Anneh-bu
P.s, if you are autistic, my interpretation is that you are a wonderfully magical, enchanting, and Intuned being, and I love you so much ✨💖 

YES, I have a book all about empaths coming out soon, just for you all… 
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