The mysterious life, of the life path of 7. 

Now this is my absolute favourite life path number, of course it is! Lol because it is my own..

In numerology, (the study of numbers and their divine meanings), the life path 7 is achieved when the culmination of the birthdate is summarised to 7, as in my case, the sum of 10 + 12 (December) + 1992 = (7), go on, try it!
The individuals that I have chosen to represent this piece, also hold birth dates that culminate to the number 7, and there are specific descriptions, and characteristics that come with persons who hold this life path number! 

The number 7, is the loner, the seeker, and the keeper of esoteric (occult type wisdom). This is often called the MOST spiritual number, (aside from the master numbers), this is the number of the researcher, the mystic, the thinker, and the psychic, and for this reason, this number is associated with being very otherworldly, with persons who hold this number tending to be eccentric, appearing strange, or unusual to their peers. They are individualists, and although they are likely to have an intensely strong connection to God, and the spiritual world, they are often found cultivating their own spiritual beliefs, as these are beings who will not accept any information, until they have researched and thought about it thoroughly!
The number seven is also referred to as the number of perfection, as God rested on this day, knowing that his work was finished. This number is the channeller, absorbing and expressing divine knowledge, intellectual knowing& intuitive understanding, straight from, and through the divine.
They are driven by their inner desires to find the deeper, hidden meanings in life, and usually do so even without their conscious effort. Their life experiences seem to just lead them, to the exact places that they need to be to attain wisdom. Typically, this includes difficult life experiences, much confusion, and inner turmoil as they find themselves in a world that does not understand them, nor do they truly understand it.
It is very easy for this life path number to slip into depression and pessimism, as they think FAR more than the average person.

It is even rumoured that in ancient times, those with this life path number, would be removed from society at an early age, and trained to become a monk, or some type of spiritual server, as their connection to the divine, was so, inherently strong.

The life path of 7, can not stop seeking, they are driven by seeking, and as such, their world is ruled by their ability to see both from a higher perspective, and an intricate perspective. They bring great knowledge to this world, as they are the ones to pick every single thing apart, until there is nothing left of it, but the truth. They are aware that they hold a mission, even if they are not necessarily sure what this mission is.

The number 7 is a dual number. What I mean by this is, although they are so data driven, and ruled by logical analysis, and research, this number also carries a heavily intuitive tone, meaning much of their findings, are actually not a result of research, but a result of tapping into their intuitive flow, though the two compliment one another, for example, a seven may receive spontaneous inclination to research a certain topic, but once they do, it will not take them long to form connections in their mind, and see the information collected, in a way that it has never been seen by eyes that have viewed it prior to that time. In this case, spirit fed them the knowledge, though their research aided their conclusions.

The number 7’s greatest challenge, is not to become a hermit. It is true that they are very different, and have very different views and values, than mainstream society, but they will only grow more negative, If they entirely alienate themselves from the world.

They require much alone time, this much is true. They are channeling at such an alarming rate, that both alone time, and a creative endeavour offer them the opportunity to make sense of all of the information that they are receiving, and the new, rapid, insights, that are being formed.

It is not only in the behaviour of the life path number 7, but also in the mathematical perception of this number that is most unique, and individual, as this is the only number that cannot be multiplied, nor divided in to.

The number 7’s are likely to be non Materialistic, as their spiritual nature leaves them with little, to no desire for financial gratification. Their head is always in the clouds, frankly, they are so submerged in spirituality, that they often struggle to navigate in the material world. Though this is apart of their mission, and nature, too much of this, promotes an overactive crown chakra, and will enevitably lead to detachment from this world, which will cause obstacles in achieving their overall missions.

Long term relationships may also prove difficult for this life path number. They have a tendency to search for, or rather notice imperfections in others. Though they can love very, very hard, their relationship with their internal worlds, can cause disturbance, or distraction.

This is the number that wants to know the big questions, and has no use for the mundane in life. ‘Why are we here? Who am I? Who is God? Where are we going?’ Are the questions that continuously plague this life path number, so much so that they tend to withdraw from others, who they know that they cannot share such theories, or queries with.
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8 thoughts on “The mysterious life, of the life path of 7. 

      1. Wow I think I love you. I’ve said before your writing has helped me so much. I’m trying to ease myself into this knowledge so that I am too protected. Finding out some things have extremely upset me but your writing helps ease the flow of information daily.

  1. My life path number is 7. I am a sun sign of Leo, that means my element is Fire but my chinese element is Earth as I was born as the Chinese Tiger in their zodiac. I am a Seeker of knowledge. Is there any way for me to truly know my own extent of my existance?

  2. This is my life path number as well and to top it off I am an expression/destiny number 11. That right there tells a lot about my daily struggles.

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