Love, not forever?

Love, this time I thought that it would last, why would I not? Though there were similarities in your narrative, I had never witnessed a love so loving, a soul so contemplative, like my own.

A woman like me does not find a man to love easily, no not without great sacrifice, because not many can cradle a heart so soft, so affectionate, so delicate. So when the time came, the job was only for the man who could tap into his deepest, inner sensitives, not only this, but a man who held a place within him, for me too, to exist. He was I, and I, was he. It was the only reason that we spoke, and understood the language of authenticity. Two souls, two hearts, beating in synchronicity, that craved unity, and longevity more than the waking days, and closing eves.

My eyes widened, as they witnessed yours, and beneath them saw nostalgia laid, plain on the floor. You were all of the things that I had dreamed in my teens, a sense of humour only the spirit of a young child could see, and endure, and hold in glee. It was fated, ancient, and sacred, and at once my walls came crashing, my fears quaking.

But there is something significant about lovers who can love, and hold one another in between time and space, retrieving their childhood innocence, and grace, such a love cannot hold its self up on its two feet in an era, in a place, and a time that only knows defeat. 

Sooner, rather than later, we saw jealousy, and the aching possibilities that once sat with us, that followed us since we knew the bitter disdain of what pain was.

Nobody will love me again like you. Nobody knows me again, like you. Nobody sings a song to my soul, that only my heart knows the words to.. 

And I love you still, yet, it wasn’t meant to be.
© 2015
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