Love, of course forever.

I asked of her, that she must change the way that she saw love, so that at once, she could change the way that she saw me, but I could not hope to change her, the way that I could not hope to change myself.

You cannot change a woman of such knowing, neither should you hope to, and when there is no compromise, I’d rather set a bird to sit with her in the evenings, and fill my emptiness, because I’d rather be absent, Than the causes of her loneliness.

So it is not only in loving by being, and seeing, and telling, but my love became the kind that filled her insides, even when I could not be by her side. A love unconditional that needed no proof, as I exhausted every avenue, each time that I tried to prove.

And the more I tried, the more I extinguished a fire within.. There is no passion spent in days convincing another that your love is true, whilst you barely hold enough love to spread through to you.. So there is only so much a man can do, but to leave, and leave with her pieces of him.. To gather in solace, whilst I wish, whilst she wishes..

Things could have been different.
© 2015
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