Melodic heavens, of a tune, wishful.

  At times, I do not say much. Not particularly because I am quiet, or have nothing to say, nor because I would rather preserve my silence, I just do not know how to empty heavy words, in a hollow time frame.

When I am around those who want to discuss trivialities, and the lives of others, and the egotistical perceptions of themselves, I feel that my words will ultimately become wasted, which is a lot of the time, and a loss of my rhymes.

Oh, yes, there are words that are bursting to leap from my tongue, and dance playfully, and confidently through my gums, yet still I grow numb, and nothing escapes but a mere Hum…

There isn’t anyone who knows. How I wish to discuss the things that truly matter to me, the existence of things otherworldly, to me, they are so lovely.

And then, I see the sunshine again, and I remember other days, when I was more free to share my philosophies. Perhaps, I was not as submerged in the realm of spirituality as I am now, so it was easier to stir conversation. All of a sudden, I want to return to simpler times, and I am lost within my mind again..

Ask me about the deeper meanings of life. Let us talk about life, and death, and the afterlife, and if you will stay with me then.. Tell me that you are a believer, and by God, I will believe in you. My mind cannot rest on the smaller things, they leave me so empty, they offer me nothing worthy!

Let us mention love, and see how your eyes light up, see how my fists unclench, and we are almost a second away from kissing, from touching, sweet oxytocin..

A lover who loves, and loves, and discusses ghosts, and aliens, well in to the evenings, never forgetting to make love before the sun rises, awakening kundalini.

Who could know a sweeter heaven? And if they should, they dare not share it..


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