Happy Holidays ~ Full moon in cancer, Christmas Day; family, maternal love, healing, shadows of the past, femininity, ending the year, and nostalgia. 


Happy holidays everyone! 

I am absolutely ecstatic once again to be able to hopefully offer you all some relief, and some insight into the crazy world that is astrology! 

This full moon is significant for so, so many reasons, and in many ways this is the pinnacle of all of the pain we have felt this year, and all of the healing that we have accomplished.

Woah, has this one been an emotional roller coaster. Just like the moon we had in Scorpio earlier this year, cancer is one of the ultimate emotional and sensitive signs, and is also a water sign, ruled by the moon – double the potency! This sign too represents empathy, and can cry at the drop of a hat! So if you have been feeling particularly emotional, and weepy this past week, then fear not. You are simply under the effects of the all nurturing, loving, and emotionally expressive cancer.

Cancer is absolutely dripping with the remnants of divine feminine energy, and maternal cravings, and it is this that propels us to desire deep and secure intimacy during this Christmas period, which is only magnetised by the usual Christmas longing for familiar faces, and comforting warmth. Yes, this is the full moon of exaggeration! Everything is exaggerated, and pulled to the surface to the extreme, so this also includes any emotional imprinting that we have held onto for a while.

We all know that moon cycles offer us the opportunity for healing, particularly full moons, as they shine a light on all of the shadows, all of our darknesses, and all aspects of our shadow self.

Is co dependency a recurring theme in your life? Have you long been burdened with the feeling of not being good enough? As if you will always be abandoned? Have these theories caused you to act hastily, or socially ‘incorrectly’ more than once? Has the inability to tame, and balance your emotions caused you more harm than good?

Well if yes, then this full moon offers you the opportunity to see yourself in action. You will be faced with your mirror, yourself. All of the shadow aspects that have been ruling over you, and subsequently holding you back in areas to do with love, and safety, will once again be brought to the surface. But something is different This time – 


A visit from your inner child..

As this full moon in cancer is all about maternity, feminine energy, maternal love, and the childhood home, it is no wonder that the appearance of the inner child will also come to stir some emotions, but all with the intention of stirring deep, intense healing – ofcourse. Cancer is all about deepness. Feeling things on a very deep, intimate, and intricate level. Many cancers even have problems with expression, because their inner worlds are so chaotic, and reactive, they sometimes find it difficult to put this into words, or to get others to understand what it is that they are actually experiencing.

This is the exact language of the inner child, especially the wounded one. For this reason, you may be present with thoughts such as, ‘nobody understands me’. ‘Nobody knows how much it hurts’, and ‘I wish that I could find somebody who accepted me/made me feel safe’. This is all that the inner child wants. And what makes this full moon different, is, not only are we facing the shadow self, but we are facing the inner child, who is guiding us, (whilst we guide them), on a journey, to understand why our shadow self was born in the first place. 

 This will manifest as dreams of children, (who actually represent our inner child), dreams of the family home, (in which the inner child is catered to), or spontaneous memories about painful past/childhood events.

The inner child is doing us a great service, by allowing us to see into the places that we were hurt the most, which spurred certain behaviours that we now associate with the shadow self. Behaviours that are born of a great hurt. 

Family ties, femininity, and fertility.

Like many empaths, you may be on the receiving end of a family who do not quite understand you, nor the many extra sensory gifts that you possess. This full moon will also touch on this. Not only is the friction between you and your biological family magnified, but you are also asked to look deeply into their pasts, and perhaps understand why it is that their behaviours manifest in the ways that they do, and even, why you decided to take on their karmic imprints. What traits do your family represent that mirror your mission of healing? Are they narcissistic? Oppressive? Much like the society that you are to change? How can this help you on your journey? What insight has it offered you? 

You must travel back in time, if only momentarily, and see why it is that you chose to come to the family line that you did. Something about your family’s soul journeys and karmic missions resonate with yours, unlocking this, will be the key to unlocking your shadow self, and its repetitive patterns.

How is your relationship with your mother? And if you are a woman, what about your mother have you taken on to be yours? 

If you identify with masculine energy, how does your relationship with your mother speak about your relationship with other women? Do you seek broken souls in relationships because your own mother was this way? Or perhaps an auntie. The maternal side of your family has much to teach.

How does your relationship with your father affect you? Is he emotionally distant? The same as your twin flame/ soul mate? What are you to learn about the divine masculine from this? In what ways do they require healing? These are all of the questions that you need to ask yourself, and pay attention to. You have taken on their imprints, and chosen them to be your family for a reason.

As the divine feminine tries to come back, she will undoubtably be met with feelings of great doubt, caution, and intense anxiety. The last time that she was so out in the open, and outspoken about her beliefs, and abilities, she was prosecuted for it. She was condemned. Burned at the stake, emotionally, sexually, and physically violated, now that is a whole lot of trauma to carry with you into the cosmos. So she did not carry it alone. She left a little part of it in every woman who was to be incarnated, so that they too could never forget her pain, (particularly empaths), and now, they are being reminded. It is the shadow self of the divine feminine who exercises caution. Her pain is also as loud as the pain of the inner child.

Stepping out of the shadows is not an easy task, and nobody said that it would be. Suddenly, the rememberance of times where we have felt vulnerable, scared, and alone, will become prevalent. This is all the great mother, remembering, sparking our rememberance, but we must know that this is okay..

In order to know where you are going, you must know where you are coming from. Whether you experienced sexual abuse at an early age, or if you frequently gave your sexual power away, each time, the divine feminine was there, mourning with you, she asks you to remember her, as you remember this.


The topic of fertility does not only elude to fertility in the sense of pregnancy, but also our ability to make things manifest. One of the largest deterrents to manifestation is the feeling of shame, yes, some may say even more than fear, the feeling of shame is paralysing in regards to manifestation power, and it becomes practically impossible!

A lot of light workers, healers, empaths, and twin flames experience persecution consciousness, and shame associated with their deep sensitivies, and divine gifts. Did somebody cause you to feel guilty this past week about how deeply sensitive and emotional you are? Did it cut like never before? Ofcourse it did. Because this is a pain you have dealt with for life times long. Shame, for the things that come so naturally to you. 

It is time to face yourself. Why do your inherent abilities cause you such shame when they are of the divine? It is time to draw your attention towards the fine tuning, and accentuation of these energies, rather than wishing them away, of allowing them to run rampant. The divine feminine asks you to remember, that you have a gift, and you are not in anyway cursed.

You must release the shame that accompanies your sensitivies and your abilities, or else, you will never fully self actualise. You will also, only keep attracting souls who also feel that your nature is somehow, ‘shameful’.

In regards to the divine feminine, being shamed for sexuality could also be a theme that makes itself apparent, one of the ways that the divine feminine was attacked with vehemence, is through her sexuality, as the feminine is a master of cultivating sexual energy, Channeling it into the heart center (chakra), and using it for great alchemical purpose.  For this reason, she was made to feel shamed for anything sexually related, so that she would slowly, but surely drift from such powerful manifestation opportunities. 

This created a space for the masculine energies to then assume responsibility, and dominance over sexuality, which pretty much messed up the dynamics of things, as masculine energy is associated with power, and conquering, whereas sexuality, in sacred spiritual practice, is the mutual exchange of , love, and compassion, as opposed to being initiated with the goal of conquering, or overpowering. This, in many ways, is how rape culture was born.

December is naturally associated with the feeling of nostalgia. We are rounding up the year, and we are reviewing how it all went, what we did right, what went wrong, and how much we did, or did not achieve.

Well, you can relax! Because according to astrological alignment, and my own personal knowing, so much has shifted, and changed this year, even without your conscious effort! 

Do your best in remaining grounded. You may call this year the planting of the spiritual, and evolutionary seeds, and next year shall be the sprouting! Do not grow deterred if you feel that you have not come as far this year as you may have liked, you planted the necessary seeds, and the rest will surely follow. 

We have had an absolute intense year, multiple death/rebirth processes, accelerated growth, loss endurance, and many light workers, have connected, only to disconnect with their twin flames. Our heart strings have been tugged beyond measure, our spiritual abilities expanded beyond belief, and our faith shaken at multiple times to its very core. Have you ever had a year like it?!


Well done! You successfully made it through to the otherside, even if you are still desperately hanging off the edge, with both legs dangling in the air! 

This is a particularly difficult time of the year for those enduring a twin flame separation, I want to say that a lot of twins recently have made the very tough, but very brave decision to let their twins go, and I truly stand by this decision. This is all apart of the death rebirth process. Can you trust the universe to return to you whatever you require? Twin flame, or not? Well let go, and see.

Especially difficult, is this time of the year for those who have lost anybody to death, as I myself have. I would just like to send healing vibrations, my condolences, and much appreciation to all those who are stil going strong! Please know that your loved ones will be beside you on Christmas Day, both in spirit, and in memory.  
Blessed be, my sacred beings, and I wish you all the happiest of holidays! 

My next article, along with my twin flame book, will be published in January! See you then!

Seek Cindy ~ 
© 2015
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From a very early age, it was clear to see that my path was one paved with difference. Inspiration, intuition, and imagination gripped me long before I could find my feet. I walk the life path of 7, so I am irreversibly bound to the realm of mysticism, spiritualism, and esotericism. I do not belong to this world, for I am a 'tween', always in between worlds. I am the commander of serpents, belonging to the glorious, and forbidden 13th zodiac of ophiuchus. Hidden in secrecy, to one day return as the divine feminine awakens. Love, is my speciality, and has governed my existence. I now use a combination of intuition, natural healing ability, astrology, psychology, sociology, and numerology to bring clarity, healing, and understanding to all. With the energy of ophiuchus running through me, I could never turn away from the path of healing, nor teaching. Not only does ophiuchus represent healing, but also the crevices of the dark shadows that we must crawl through to find our path to healing, in other words, the shamanic process of death, and re-birth, which has pretty much been the summation of my existence thus far. Long gone are my days of depression, I have re-claimed my divinity, and I desire nothing more than to help you to also claim yours. Not only the seeker, I am also the lover. Part of the many trials that I have endured upon this empathic journey, are that of heart break, and abandonment consciousness. For this reason, I have become an advocate for healthy loving relationships, and the harmony between the two sexes. This has taken me on a deep quest, to uncover ancient old secrets, and deeply entrenched beliefs, about man, about woman, and what this reads about where we are to. My eternal life drive and motto revolves around this simple theory, 'Where there is an outcome, there has existed a cause'. My particular areas of interest and expertise lie with sociology, psychology, spiritualism, philosophy, and literary, and creative writing. As I have a deeply intense desire to both serve, and aid humanity, I have naturally been drawn toward topics that have provided me with a more in depth account of societal behaviour, and as it stands, human kind. My roots are as deeply rooted as they can be, stemming from Ghanaian parents, who were raised, and both skilled in the art, and knowledge of superstition, and divination wisdom, it is no surprise that the blood flowing through my veins compels me to do such work, so relentlessly. Unlike other bloggers, this work featured here is not a mere hobby, it is more than just my livelihood, it is the calling of which i cannot ignore. Another prominent focus of mine, is mental illness. Not comfortable, nor fully sold with the western idealisms of the implications of such, i seek research, personal experience, and observation to prove, that many mental illnesses hold spiritual connotation, particularly as the mind is an avid translator of spiritual energies. Follow me on this journey as i discover myself, retrace my roots, fall deeply in love with my heritage, and finally accept my awkward, unorthodox societal position. To book one of my services, and allow me to guide you back to the soul, email me via cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk I offer dream interpretation, tarot reading, therapy, numerology readings, and see through the eyes of the lover.. To contact me across all of my platforms, follow me on instagram to keep up with my latest quotes, and mystically inclined photography @spiritualpoetess_ To keep up with my snappy, sassy, and spiritually laced motivational tweets, find me on twitter @spiritualpoet_ Facebook like page https://www.facebook.com/Twinflameandshamanchronicles

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