Not even fear do us part.

Some may have said that he was weak. But to me, there was nothing weak about him. 

They didn’t get to witness what I witnessed.  what it meant to have an inner world of such confusion, such illusion, yet accurate intrusions of a divine channel. There is nothing weak about the man who stores the divine feminine so closely to his heart, that he shares in her intuitive gifts.

Some may say that I am foolish. I have seen women fail to escape my same fate. Pining over a man who was never to return, who was never to show even a glimpse of reciprocity. But as much as there is no malice in you, there is no stupidity in me. And I do not believe that you hurt me because you are a man callous with a woman’s emotions, because dear love, you know woman like no orher. I say that you are afraid. Like a child too timid to come out to play.. Why, you spend your time pining over possibilities of what makes you weak at the knees, and the many ways that love may make you taste tragedy.

So, I do not stay because I am like the other women. I refuse to leave you because of divine scripture, because of divine duty. Because I know, that you were informed so long ago, that you were not lovable. Because I know, the bitter resent of parental neglect, and a stern west African father, who lends his affections to the work place, and never ever enough grace to leave some in the home. sweet love, I know.. You think I don’t?

Let me love you all the way through to your soul. When you leave, as you do, when you do, I will not leave. I will teach you that you are lovable. This is my divine right. Be it, or be it not honourable.

© 2015
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