Ode, to kings of soil skins.

Art credit – Flowers for the Dead, Gerardo Castro

I adore,  the inner workings of your mind. I adore, the intricacies, and the delicacies that are you.

Even though society often reduces you to a mere murmur, and the places that surround you, betray you, I adore you more when I see your strength, un-breakable.

So, I take a second, a moment from my day, only to let you know the ways in which I praise you, the days Of which I wish to save you.. From so many things, systematic education, societal, programming, indoctrination, the ways in which i crave to tell you,

that you are more, so much more..

Than chasing fictitious dreams of materialism, and childish lure..

That only see you selling your soul for momentary, temporary bliss, never again shall I have to tell you this,

You are neither your location, nor your occupation, nor the chains that you adorn your wrists.

You are a gift, an eternal King, seldom, all held into one, and if ever you shall tell someone, never leave out the part where you ruled kingdoms..


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