And in the end, it is all about surrender. 

“And in the end, it is all about surrender, complete, entire surrender. The throwing away of the ego, and the embracing of pain. It is only through suffering that you surrender yourself to the divine. That you say, I am not greater than your will, and I am not above human emotions, nor experience.It is always the ego that fights pain, and that claims to be non deserving of this pain. The ego wishes to protect its identity, and the perceptions that it has built for itself in order to feel loved, and protected. The soul knows that it is always loved, and protected, by those most divine energies, and the most divine light.

Once again, the ego seeks constant confirmation. The soul knows all, and needs to seek none. The ego needs facts and assurance to confirm that it is not lonely, unloved, and unprotected. Ofcourse in thinking this, the ego is created upon the basis of fear, and desperation.

Surrender to the feeling of, ‘not being good enough’. If you are not good enough, then so be it. No, I have not lost my marbles. But if you struggle against anything, you only draw more negative attention to it. If you are not ‘good enough’, so what? Somebody still loves you. Many will still be entertained, and amazed by you. So define, ‘not good enough’.

Your perception is only a mere fragment of a truth. The ultimate truth, that which does not exist, because everybody’s truth is based upon their own perception, and life experiences, so who determines this ultimate truth? The collective? Well, the collective have failed to come forward and take lie detector tests. Most of what you know of the, ‘collective perception’, is an attempt by individuals to fit in, to be apart of something..
This in itself is illusionary.
Many of those individuals within the collective, will be more than willing to stray from the collective stream of thought, should such a life circumstance call for it, such as love, or death.

For instance, if a collective society hold the belief that women, let’s say, from, ‘America’, are untamed, and therefore, undesirable.
An individual from this collective may well, wish to maintain this belief, and abide by it, in order to appease that society, but may find themselves somewhere along the line, madly in love with an American woman, therefore his ‘illusion’, of belonging to this collective thought stream is shattered.
And his heart begins to lead the way, alienating his ego, and the egoic beliefs.

If you feel alone, then too, surrender to that emotion. Do not fight it by wishing that you were in the presence of others, because then you will always seek for something outside of yourself to fulfil you. Think about the amount of numbers you have in your phone, those who try to reach out to you, from time to time, those whom you have shared beautiful memories with.
Were you then too, alone?
For aloneness like all things is only momentary, temporary, a figment of the mind,
A crime.. If you ask me.”

Cinderella Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)
© 2015
All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.

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