“I tried to love you, so hard I did. I spent so many nights trying, and in the end, I think that I loved you a little bit, maybe not enough to have you burn a fire inside of me, but you surely lit a dim match, and sometimes those burn far longer than roaring flames.
- I always told myself that I wanted a love that sprung me from my finger tips, and Burned me if I ever tried to extinguish it, and I found that type of love so many times, yet I couldn’t handle the burn.
- the final time that I got hurt, nearly knocked me off my feet all together. The pain was too much. It was the pain of all of the other times before, merged into one, and at once, all of my fears about being unlovable came back around, for one last tea party.
And, so I had to flee,
For my own safety ofcourse,
If I stayed, by now, I would be nothing but a mere corpse..
And I fell into you instead, something you said, that got inside of my head, made me think, that maybe I could be safe here. You taught me just like my father did, that the rest of the world was far too scary, so I had to stay with you, right beside you, and not stray too far outside of the lines, not walk too closely to the abyss, and I was used to this.
This narrow form of persuasion, and faux protection. I was used to this.
So I settled, and I have been settling ever since.
And now, I am so tired of settling for things that I learnt to endure during childhood folklore. I am so sick of continued curses, and the ways in which I perpetuate them.”

Cinderella Anneh-bu


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