Ask yourself, why.



Sit with yourself. Take a break with yourself. And ask yourself why. People rarely take the time to ask themselves why.

Why am I feeling this way? Why am I behaving in these fashions? Remember, that emotion is merely energy in motion, so if you are feeling frail, you must question the energy that surrounds you, or the energies that you surround. Nothing is in vain, and nothing is without trace. And so, it is time to sit with yourself, face your demons, and ask yourself why.

Why are you so afraid of the night, and the thoughts that it brings? Perhaps the chirping of the birds at night have become so familiar that you no longer long for the day.. It is the night that graces you with pleasures. But, why? Why must the world sleep before you reveal yourself? What is it that you are still hiding from the world?

Peel yourself open. If you are mourning many things at once, then why not part them, like Moses did the sea, part them, and mourn them one, by one. Nobody says that you must mourn a thousand deaths at once. No matter how strong your heart is, no heart should have to endure such burdens, particularly not the heart of the hyper-sensitive.

For the hyper sensitive is caught Inbetween worlds of sadnesses. There is the pain from the frictions of the past. There is the neighbour across the street who suffers from some form of depression, and the hyper sensitive soul is in direct communication with this suffering, for they are an open channel. And at night, they are open tunnels, the thick veil of blackness is discrete indeed, but for the ones who know, the truth becomes known.. 
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To progress, is to leave behind, to say, goodbye.

Isn’t evolution the most amazing thing ever? Though we can sometimes find ourselves in confusion, as we drift away from people, and wonder what this means for us. This is a sign of progression. When we raise our frequency, the frequency of the past will begin to cause friction with our new found enlightenment. Once you change your surroundings change. When you find the love in yourself, all of those who do not love you will become apparent, very fast!

This may appear confusing, at first, and your ‘better’ (egoic) judgement will probably tell you that you are being disloyal, or too hasty, but your soul knows that this is just what you require for both peace of mind, and mental, emotional, and spiritual expansion.

Think of it in terms of energy, those associated with the energy that you once embodied, can only vibrate at a certain frequency, almost as if they are programmed to do so, when with them, naturally, your frequency will try to align with their own, in order for both frequencies to harmonise, (understand, and know one another), in this instance this is you making yourself smaller, and minimising the true capacity of your energetic vibration.
You are allowed to be brand new..

And do not ever allow anybody to tell you differently.

When we allow ourselves to grow, and to change, we begin to discover new parts of ourselves that we were not even aware existed. Mental and spiritual evolution can not occur unless one constantly removes themselves from their place of comfort, and explores greater depth.

I am a firm motivator, and a believer in the phrase, ‘know thyself’, but once one has come to know themselves, I believe it is their great duty to embark on a journey of self improvement. Now you know, you know what works, and you know what doesn’t, so it is time to place emphasis on what does, and slowly begin to tweak out, what does not.

It may be painful, and even stir anxiety at first to ponder the prospect of leaving behind what you know, but think of it this way, this world of 7 billion is thriving, and there are souls spread out across the entire galaxy who hold clues to who you truly are, and who you should be in this time, and this place.

You must expand your boarders far and wide, spreading your infections, and contagious energy to all of those who so desperately require your hand. There is love yet to be discovered. There is happiness yet to be uncovered. And all of this awaits you keenly to stumble across it.

You can leave the mistakes of the past behind. They can become a mere figment of your imagination if you just allow them to.

If you come from traumatic, or troubled beginnings, why do you think that this must be your story? Why do you think that you must stay here? You must’nt.

Your consciousness, is your reality.

If you were to move today, to an island, thousands of miles from where you are now, and you were met with warm sea air, and sweat trickling playfully down your back, and friends sat surrounding you and an open flamed fire, how painful would your past be? How annoyed would you be over the friend who betrayed you two years ago? The narcissistic lover who broke your heart?

My guess is, not very. And why? Because your reality, is your consciousness.

Your consciousness, is your reality.

At that moment, you will only be conscious of paradise, of the new friends that you have made, and the sea that sits Infront of your view.

This is what I mean when I describe leaving the old behind, and embracing new frequencies, frequencies that match your own temperament.

If your consciousness consists of the old friends who were caught in a loop of your old traumas, then so shall be your reality.

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Empaths, spotting beneath the surface, the burden of enhanced perception.

So this one, is most definitely for my darling empaths of the world, once again!

Now, we all know ALL too well the pain, and the distress of acknowledging a trait, or the persona of somebody, despite how insidious, or subtle it may be, and struggling to articulate this finding to anybody else.. Honestly, it’s just like, ‘hello? How can you not see this? HOW am I the only one seeing this?’

I know, I know.. It almost makes you want to lose your mind, either that, or it makes you question.. ‘Have I truly lost my mind?’ Well, my darling empath.. You have not. You are not crazy, neither paranoid, (well maybe a little), but you are NOT imagining this.

The thing with us is, we perceive beyond the surface. Empaths are seekers by nature, so we never take anything at face value.

Even if somebody is appearing confident, flamboyant, and talkative Infront of us, we will hone in on their ‘nervous ticks’, on their left foot continuously tapping, on their eager search for approval, as they search the faces of those listening to them for acceptance..

The empath will know, without a doubt, that this individual is putting up smoke + mirrors + is playing up for their audience.
This is particularly frustrating for us empaths when we come across narcissists, + those with sociopathic tendencies. Despite the smiles, or the seemingly charming persona, the empath will feel incredibly uncomfortable, anxious, + on guard in the presence of this individual.. Never being fully able to relax.

Learn to trust yourself, this is the goal of all empaths. To understand that you hold access to a world rarely perceived by others, + to relish in this internal guidance system. It is no falsity, so exaggeration of the mind. It is energetic receptivity + yes, unfortunately, it typically manifests as symptoms of anxiety.

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Twin Flame; a timeless journey through space – book sample.

It is important for us to leave behind old notions of love. These are the notions and the descriptions that share with us what love ‘should’ be like, and what love ‘should’ look like. We think of outward displays of affection, calling when one should, and meeting the expectations that we set and require of them. But what if our own expectations are solely based on underlying insecurities, and the need for control? And are not at all painted around true love, and the honest appreciation of another, soul, to soul. What then? Are our requests still as valid? Is our partners unresponsive behaviour still, ‘evil’, or ‘malicious’ on their part? Or are they simply a reaction of to resistance of these subtle and passive forms of abuse and expectation. 

The twin flame Union is largely about abuse, yes abuse. This may confuse you, and you perhaps wonder how a love held in such high regard, and cultivated around a soul pull can hold any relation to abuse. 
Well abuse is the potion that concocts all twin flames, empaths, and healers, to be exactly as they are. And I am not just talking parental abuse here. I am talking absolute life times, generations long of embedded abuse, that has shaped and taken form within them, in order to possess the empath, old soul, twin flame. All so that upon initiation, they can purge themselves of these patterns of abuse, effectively freeing both them, their societies, cultures, and generational lines. 
It is the experience of abuse and distorted love that lies at the essence of the twin flame Union. These same forms of abuse are the very illnesses that will plague the twin flames cultural societies, and backgrounds. The twins simply mirror this projection, to and from, one another. They are to transform this template that has currently been adopted by man kind. No longer should we respond to love with fear, with the abuse tactics that we have been taught, and with conditions so rigidly placed upon love. Love and control can no longer share a home.
It is very likely that control would have played a major role in the lives of both twin flames, beginning since their childhoods. Both twins will have experienced a set of strict social, religious, or cultural rules, in relation to the way that their parents and cultures have raised them. 
These types of controls of course vary within every twin flame pair, but it is the teachings that stem from this control that cause both twins to act out their fears, prior to, and during the ‘separation stage’.
These are archetypal forms of control forged on the basis of old paradigm, separation consciousness, polarity, and false, rigid gender constructs.

For example, ‘a woman is worthless without a man. She must ensure commitment and reciprocity from a male at all costs, in order to reconcile and claim her validity’. And in the case of men, this false archetype has been, ‘men must always be control. It is a shame and a degradation of his man hood, if he is not in control, of his emotions, his surroundings, and his partner’. 
Because of these terrible rigid teachings, the female energy in the twin flame Union, sets out on a harrowing mission to draw her love closer to her, and closer to ‘commitment’, despite much regard for any reserve on his part, in order to claim this validity, and dispel the vulnerability that she has once been taught lives inside of her.
The male energy, however, absolutely terrified of this love that seems to pull him in over his head, seeks so desperately to once again gain the control that supposedly keeps his manhood in tact. Whilst he is in the clutches of his beloved, he realises that he is not in control, not in control of his emotions, and not in control of his actions, as he is aware on some level that each stage of this Union is being guided by a higher force. A higher force that has everything to do with him, but is far larger, than he and she both. 
However, parental control, and dogma is not the only source of limitation and ego fixation that plagues both twins. As they will also find that the societies that they are born in to, or grow up into, also mirror the same sexist, backward, racist, or egotistical values that the twins parents harbour, thus, their task to break free from these illusions, are on a grander scale. Nobody wants to be perceived as the outcast of their societies, cultures, or family. Human beings by nature are social creatures, longing for connection, communication, and acceptance.

And these conditions are so severe, that often times the twins will have to choose between pursuing their bond with their lover, or abandoning their love, and keeping their ‘reputations’ in tact.
It is very likely that the twins Union and any sort of recognised relationship between the two of them, would bring judgement, scrutiny, and even rejection – that which both twins so desperately fear. This may take the form of one of the twins being the ex lover of their twins friend, or of a close family relation. This Union has taboo, and secrecy written all over it. 
But why is that? What is so tainted and shameful about divine love? Well, in order to answer that question, why don’t we take a closer look at the story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ? And how their supposed love affair was so carefully, and precisely removed from Christian religious teachings, even going so far as to demonise Mary!
The Union of Christ and Mary Magdalene was no coincidence. Mary Magdalene had notably endured numerous trials in her life time, even when she had first stumbled upon Jesus, she is described as appearing frail, unclean, and unkept, kneeling to Christ’s feet, pleading for salvation. This is essentially what twin flames are doing as a result of the ‘separation stage’. During their yearnings for one another, and the soul pull, they are truly being called toward the light, towards their inner connection with God – Christ consciousness. 
Painted as promiscuous, and a ‘lost soul’, as many twin flames are during their live journeys, Mary was a cast out, until she sought Union, and divinity with the Christ. It can be perceived that Mary was sought to be tarnishing of Christ’s reputation, but her original sin, and her many trials and tribulations, were actually what drew him to her. She had depth, a story, a foundation which will built upon enduring the lower self, and darker forces of this world, and this was the perfect combination for spiritual mergence, and enlightenment. She was perfectly imperfect, and provided the perfect anecdote and example for transmutation, merging the lower self, with the higher self.
A Union of this sort is all about transformation, death, and rebirth, and re-Union. In order to understand the light, you must first have perceived the dark’ . A path, that will be shunned, and disregarded by many.

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Romantic life path calculation Reading Sample, and testimonial. Seek Cindy © 🔮

Romantic life path calculation reading includes – the analysation of both parties’ birth numbers, and any themes and behaviours they present.

(Differs from twin flame reading).

You are dealing with a divine Union! What many would call a twin flame Union, and your love is most sacred. Both you, and your lover have a mission, a shared mission, of spiritual unity, light working, and collective healing of the earths atmosphere and energies.
Never have I seen, nor felt such an intense spiritual connection between two pairs! You are BOTH the life path of 22, the MASTER spiritual number, the life path number shared by Tupac, and Albert Einstein.

This means that you are BOTH divine channels, and he has an extraordinary amount of feminine energy within him, divine feminine energy, this is why he is so connected to you.

He understands you on a deep level, a level that touches your heart, not only your heart, but your soul, and you can determine this deep level of love, and this intense bond, and that is why you have come to me.

You know this person deeper than anybody has ever known them, and he knows you deeper than anybody else has. 
Because you both carry such high sensitive energies, you are both highly empathic, and highly intuitive possessing keen healing, and telepathic abilities. So you can just imagine how magnified the pain is between the two of you, when one of you is suffering. And that is just it. That is the thing. Both of you usually are suffering, all of the time, internally. Because you are both spiritual channels, and spiritual channelers, you have a thriving inner world, and you are constantly picking up energies from your surrounding environments, from each other, and from the troubles of the world, and your society.
The best way for the two of you to handle these intense energies is through creativity, and creative life force energy, which is sexual energy, that raises kundalini, and healing energy. The only potential downside to this is, once kundalini awakening has begun in both of you, you will both emotionally, and spiritually erupt as you are met with blockages from the past, and from your childhood. Like I have mentioned, you have both known a lot of pain. In your childhood, and in your karmic family lines.
I believe that there is a disconnection between him and his father, and you are your mother. You are to heal these karmic lines, and come together to re-write the templates of what it means for a man and a woman to love each other.

He may struggle with his sensitivities, and you too may struggle with yours, but it can be harder for him as a man to navigate in this world with such sensitivities, so if he tries to hide who he is, from himself, from the world, and from you most importantly, you have to understand that this is not intended to hurt you, but only as measure to protect himself.
Most of the time he does not even truly understand what is happening with him, or why he feels as he does. If he does not continue and pursue his creative outlet, his mind will continue to plague him, and he will wonder if he can ever truly find a moment of peace.
The two of you’s relationship may sometimes prove chaotic for this very reason. You both have big visions, big goals, and a large mission set to you by the divine.

The number 22 is the number that brings divine perspective into the world. They need more love than the usual soul, and this can manifest in different ways.

As your partner also carries masculine energies, it is likely that his sensitivities may cause him to withdraw, appearing aloof and unconcerned.

You, however, respond to outward displays of love, and affection, and need to find a way to understand that he does not always operate in the ways that you would prefer him to, or the ways that you would prefer love to be shown.
You both need to heal, and whilst you do this together, it is also very important to do so individually, one may say, ‘apart’. It is very important for you to give one another space, mentally, and emotionally as best you can, whilst

Maintaining your love, because you both have so much going on internally, and you are like sponges, picking up energy from everywhere, and wanting to heal everyone, and everything!
He must learn how to become more comfortable with his sensitivities, but this will require you to be patient with him during the transition.

You must slowly learn to embrace a different kind of love, that does not always require love to be externally proven to know that it exists.

Kindest regards,

Seek Cindy.

Testimonial – 

Good evening, 

Once again, thank you for an insightful reading. 

It still gives me goosebumps reading through it, though I’ve done so like a hundred times in the last 4 days.
This experience has been a much needed affirmation that my spirituality is valid and real. It’s so easy for one to shrug off Devine messages as either a coincidence in a world where one has been conditioned to believe that if you can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist. 

From the moment I met this gentleman, I had a strong sense familiarity around him. It was like I’ve known him forever and would open up to him and constantly wanted to be in his presence.

Funny how I’m not usually like this even with close friends, he in the contrary wouldn’t reveal much about himself. Long story short, I would have recurring dreams about him that wouldn’t make sense at all to me. You’re absolutely spot on about the dynamics of our union, even the not so pleasant ones. He does come across unconcerned and withdrawn most times and distances himself quite a lot; this behavior had me contemplating cutting all ties with him. It is one of the most difficult things to get right and I’ve almost given up on completely walking away from him. 

My word, your reading was a snapshot into each of our individual lives and as a union. Perfectly put into words, knowing the root cause was most overwhelming.

I’ve always had this feeling that we’re in each other’s lives for a reason, he’s in mine to teach what it means to love (though it’s not easy) and I’m in his life to teach him to acknowledge and embrace his gifts and ancestors. 

There’s so much of like to share with you to validate your reading, I’m afraid I might end up going off course. Hopefully this is the first of a long lasting relationship, it’s been an absolute pleasure receiving your guidance. 

Thank you so much, Bus.

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New Years reading special; sample. How will this year pan out for me? Seek Cindy 🔮✨


New Years reading.Question 1.
What is on my path for love?

9 of swords.

Traditionally, within the tarot deck, the 9 of swords is considered a pretty negative card. It symbolises stress, worry, fear, anxiety, nightmares, and regret. 

This card usually narrates somebody who is still holding on to qualms about the past, former lover experiences gone wrong, and the pains that this has caused them. It is imperative that you enter Into new love scenarios, and love situations with a freshness, and a newness, understanding that the mistakes, or the experiences of the past do not necessarily follow you, unless you allow them to. 

You must leave your old baggage at the door. You must forgive, not only yourself, but others also, or you will find that each new relationship that you enter does not allocate you mental peace, but instead the opposite. You will find yourself constantly suspicious, and fearing the threat of abandonment, and betrayal, unless you re-write the way in which you view love, and relationships.

Are you still holding onto a painful ending? Have these types of endings been a theme in your life? Perhaps it is time to finally take a step back, and realise how you have also played a part in the way your relationships have played out. Self awareness is what is necessary to break the negative chain of relationship dilemma. No relationship is perfect, but there are approaches that we may take to ensure that love is not one huge pain, and does not become this way. Take this card as a warning signal. Things do not have to be this way.

Will I find love this year?

Two of wands.

Yes! Ofcourse you will find love this year, you will find love every year, within yourself, and within others, because you are one large bowl/soul of love!

But okay, okay.. You meant romantic love, and I mean that too..

The two of wands takes the shape of the number 11, which as we know in spirituality is the number of integration, and partnership, two opposites coming together and aligning with one another.

Traditionally, the meaning of the two of wands lends itself to new beginnings, and broader perspectives. I believe that you will also begin to learn to trust again, through your own self analysis, and through your desire to maintain stability with this individual that you partner and connect with. Yes, this will offer you an entirely new, and broad perspective on love, challenging the former views that you held, that I mentioned. It is time for you to face some home truths, effectively breaking you out of mental limitations that have both held you back, and damaged your self perspective. All men are not the same. You are not unlovable, and the more that you Lend yourself to exploration of this truth, and opening yourself to love, the more this truth will manifest, and become very apparent for you! 
3. How should I prepare myself to be ready for love?

Seven of cups.

Oh what a wonderful card to receive in a deck! Particularly for a question of this nature. Perhaps I am a little biased, because of all that the number 7 represents for me, in terms of my life path.. But what wonderful connotations it brings!

Spirituality, self awareness, discernment, daydreaming, soul searching, and internal growth are all of the themes that accompany this tarot card. Very similar to the hermit card, this card is all about stripping away all of the layers of yourself, and the kind of intense introspection that leads to spiritual break through. Slow down. Take a breath. How deeply have you done your self work? Could you dig perhaps.. Even deeper? Are there still stones/corners left untouched? The only way to make friends with your darkness, and become an ally, is by shining a light on it, by seeing it for what/who it truly is.. The inner child who desires nothing but love, and attention.

The best way to be ready for love is to be the best version of yourself that you can be, so that in this way.. The lover that you attract will mirror these amazing attributes in you also! Remember our frequencies are like a call, and an answer. Whilst you still have unhealed, and unheard skeletons dancing in your closet, you will also attract a partner who mirrors the same. And you cannot call them ‘unfit’, why to do this would also mean that you are ‘unfit’. And you aren’t unfit at all are you? Not for yourself.. So dig deeply, find your answers, make peace with your truth.. And you will be the perfect candidate for embracing new love!
4. Will I be financially secure this year?

Eight of wands.

Yes! You will most certainly become financially secure this year. The eight of wands is all about swift movement, progression, change of direction and motion. This tarot card relates heavily to the next one that I am about to answer for you also.. If things have been, or do become particularly stagnant or unmotivated in financial areas, this will experience a swift change, but this also requires your conscious effort. I feel like this year is the year of creative input, for us all, but especially for those who are destined for selfless service to others. This creativity combined with a mind for business, and a desire for change, will gift you with financial security. It is time for you to be big, to be bold, and to throw your ideas out Into the world.
5. Is my current career path suited to me?

Five of pentacles.

The five of pentacles is a pretty negative and depressed card to pick in a tarot deck. It signifies loss, deprivation, struggle, poverty, hard times, and potentially having to borrow money.

For this purpose, no, I do not feel that your current career path is suited to you. The path most suited to you as I mentioned, is the path that allows you most creative, and expressive freedom, to combine your desires for a better and a changed world, with your unique and innovative ideas. Perhaps it is time for you to think outside of the box, an unconventional job route. Do not be afraid to try multiple jobs before you finally decide that you have received enough experience, and are ready to venture into a set career. It is okay to assume job roles that allow us to observe those in higher positions, and use this knowledge to grow, and expand our own business proposals and ideas.


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Full moon in Leo! Our first full moon of the year, journey to self empowerment, twin flames, what it means, and what we have all been feeling. 


Hey guys! I am so excited to be back with you all, for another year, sharing all of my findings, and uniting with you, in spiritual fire!

Yes, fire, and heat, because that is all that our glorious FIRST full moon of the year will be focusing on this month.

Okay, so before I start, let me just give you all a little bit of information, about our bright, and blazing zodiac Leo! 

Leo is an absolutely brilliant zodiac to begin the first full moon of the year with, and I am so excited that in the first month, we were greeted with the energy of Capricorn, and now, the equally stormy energy of Leo! This is definitely indicative of the fact that this year (numerological year of the number 9), is taking absolutely no breaks in propelling us toward self actualisation, and our ultimate best!

This is definitely not the year of sitting around, and feeling sorry for ourselves, oh no, this is the year of fighting, of leadership, of standing up, and standing out!

Leo is often referred to as Leo, the lion, and this is because of everything that the zodiac of Leo represents. Strength, leadership, security, and empowerment.

When we think of the lion, we think of an animal that is in charge of their territory, seemingly fearless, whilst still remaining true to its loyalties, of family gathering, and responsibilities to the work, and home, in the case of the lion, ‘hunting’, going after what you want, and ensuring that this benefits not only you, but the community that you are providing for.

In this instance, this moon is all about creativity, self empowerment, and truth! How does our creativity serve those around us? How is our creativity fitting in with our truth? Are we digging deep enough, and offering the most authentic version of ourselves? Are we using our pain to motivate us? Or, are we still using our pain as an excuse to remain flaccid, dormant, and inactive!

Sweetheart, this year, is not the spoon feeder! It will not allow us to delve so deeply into our wounds, that we remain demotivated in the same ways that last year allowed us to. Last year was very much about the welcoming, and re-integration of feminine energies, whereas this year, is all about the integration of masculine energy, and realising how this energy can be our friend, and actually propel us toward our highest heights.

Now, this is very important within the twin flame setting, especially for the female twin flames who usually happen to also be the stayers. It is important to challenge your relationship with men, and the ways in which you view men, especially the twin flame women who have estranged ,or strained relationships with their fathers. Healing this blockage, will offer you entirely new perspective on the twin flame union, especially your own.

Sure, masculine energy can seem like a pain. Especially if it is hyper masculine. But masculine energy does not have to be viewed in the sense of overpowering, and conquering, and we can take this full moon to see how it can actually motivate us, to chase our goals, and not to dwell on past miseries!

Empowerment is not meant to be scary!

For many old soul, healer types, empowerment may be confused as confrontation, and the thought of confrontation for those types, is just enough to send them over the emotional, and energetic edge, fretting with anxiety, and a racing pulse. But, it is time for us, to re-invent the ways in which we perceive empowerment, and wing true to ones self. Your duty on this earth is all about speaking your truth, not only that, but BEING your truth. It is time to self actualise. To realise how valuable, and necessary your voice is, and to come out of the timidity that causes you to be shy, or uncertain about standing your ground.

You must stand your ground, and protect your tetritory, just as the lion does! 

Creativity is absolutely magnificent, because it offers us the opportunity for alchemy, transforming something less than desirable (ie pain), into something valuable, like wisdom, and awakening for the masses. Most of my best poetry, and pieces were post twin flame separation, and during my dark night of the soul!

It is time for us to focus on how negative experiences can be utilised beneficially on our journey, and acknowledging that they do NOT have to paralyse us.

Has your art, and your creative flow been honest lately, are you digging in as deeply to ypurself, and your truth as possible? Or are you still afraid of what people may make of your truth. The best art is naked, vulnerable, unconcerned with societal perception. The ones whom it is meant for, need it more than anything.

How brave, and bold the lion is.

The lion has absolutely zero use for fitting in, and blending into normality. It’s mane alone speaks of its desire to take charge, and to be recognised for the divine creature that it is! The message from this full moon in Leo, is encouraging you to step outside of yourself, to be the divine instrument of love, light and truth that you are, regardless to the ways in which this may intimidate the other animals within the jungle.

You can no longer be concerned with upsetting others, nor offending them, when so much is at stake! You are a warrior of truth, and a way shower, so please continue to show the way, even if you have to burn some bridges, and set some bushes on fire in the process. Ofcourse, the lion knows that its responsibility to itself, and its pack means that it is less than favourable with the other species that share inhabitance with it, but what does the lion care? As I mentioned, there is far more at stake than being ‘liked’ here.

Twin flames; a lesson in empowerment, not victim consciousness.


In the lion family, within the animal kingdom, there is a very clear order, and hirearchy. Yes, the male lion is considered to be the leader of the pack, but rather, it is the female lion who may tame him, and whom he takes heed to. But do not be mistaken, the female lion is equally as vicious, if not more than her male counterparts, particularly if she is protecting her young, or if she has been left to fend for herself!

This is a very important lesson for the twin flame female in the union, (the one embodying mostly feminine energies) to realise. She is a powerful, and unstoppable force all on her own. And being ‘on her own’, is actually an opportunity for an acceleration of her strength, and not the opposite. 

The kingdom is hers.. Whether or not her ‘king’ is currently present. So, what if he has other territory to cover? Parts of the wilderness left explored, more hunting to do? Does this mean that he should be persecuted? His freedom stunted? Or should he be celebrated for his fiery determination, and desire for strength?

Traditionally, and biologically, the female is the stayer, the one who keeps watch of the forteess, and awaits for the male to return from hunting. But why should we adhere to familiar doctrine?

This full moon in Leo asks all twin flame women to seek wholeness by becoming that very masculine energy that they so desire, and admire. Not chasing it, but becoming it. It holds so very much to teach.

Once she can shift her perception in this way, her twin flame runner is no longer an enemy, or a perpetrator, because she is no longer a victim.
Full moon meditation –

I stand strong in my truth.

I am one with my truth.

I am capable of immense, and powerful manifestation.

I am a warrior, not a victim.
Blessed be my sacred beings ~
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‘Dreamt of graduating, upon waiting in line to graduate, was told that he was to receive a special ring. The ring described was enchanted with pink and blue crystal, and was placed on two fingers, enveloping the ring finger, and another, on his right hand’. The cost of the ring was 3333.33′.


Firstly, the price of the ring that you received in your dream is most significant in this instance.


The number 3 in numerology is representative of creativity (creation), expression, healing energy, and manifestation ability. When the 3 appears we are asked to pay attention to the creative nature of ourselves, are we putting in as much time to voice our creative lights, and truths as we need to? Are we manifesting our internal desires? Traditionally, in spirituality, the 3 is indicative of the holy trinity, the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit, (as in Christianity), or the version I prefer, (the father, the mother, and the sun), who is inevitably the creative life force, so ‘the spirit’ in essence.

This number is all about bringing to life.
When these numbers are added together, they create 18, which in numerology, translates to the number 9!

Ah, so this number, is all about wholeness, completion, perfection, and divinity.

This is the number of love, anyway you look at it. To be complete, to be whole, is to be love, and this indicates that LOVE, divine Union-ship, and partnership, is what you so desire..

This is a spiritual number, that denotes rewards through hard work, and sacrifice for humanity.

You have come a long way for love in your lessons, and now you must be rewarded with your ultimate romantic, and spiritual

Counterpart. This is justice.
Which brings me to the element of graduation in your dream. Graduation typically indicates ending one period of your life, and entering a new, more advanced stage. You have learned many lessons in the school of life, and now you are ready to re-enter the world, with a new found perspective, and graduate to the next level. The next level in this case, being love, and romance, which is symbolic of adulthood, and beginning to cultivate the childhood dream, family, stability, a good career, and the feeling of being settled – and accomplished.
The description of the ring is also very telling of the type of love that you are now ready to attract and embrace into your life. The fact that the ring sits on two of your fingers instead of you, denotes the themes of partnership once again. As you mentioned, this is no traditional ring, nor traditional partnership. This is all inclusive, there is a yin and yang aspect, balance of masculine and feminine, not the old

Fashioned marriages that stifle one, or both partners, but a mutual happiness, and appreciation.
You may have lost faith in the traditional examples of marriage. You do not want to suppress the woman that you love. And you have had for fair share of hurt in love, so neither do you want to be the one who is suppressed, nor neglected! You want a divine love that is just that – divine, give and take. Even if you have lost respect, or hope for the old versions of marriage that you see, your idealistic, faithful, and hopeful heart just KNOWS that there is an alternative.
This is also shown in the fact that the ring is placed on your right hand, as opposed to being traditionally placed on the left. This is the ‘right’ option, even though it is not what is usually practiced. That is how you envision this coming of divine love. 

The ring containing two colours blue, and pink is also symbolic of the coming together of masculine and feminine energies, two symbolically representative colours of the two templates, both being present. This once again shows the type of balance that you seek.

You truly want this to be a love all about integration, and harmony.
As this is also the type of love that you hope to bring to this world.

A love like this just may be around the corner for you!
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Please allow a period of up to three-four days for readings to be delivered via email, unless stated otherwise.

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Sacred love, twin flames, non attachment theory, and embracing love, for what it is.

There has existed a long standing held belief that ALL twin flames who experience one another upon this plane are to one day reunite, because their mission, and spiritual work is reliant upon a shared goal.

I believe that this is a new age myth that is propagated, and is very much similar to Disney-esque fairy taled happy endings.

In reality, the universe, and our 3D existence is not reliant upon such hard fact, and concrete happenings.

The sacred Union is spontaneous, fiery, adventurous, personal, and non determinable. It cannot be boxed in with a set of explanations, and expectations, just like love cannot.
The very notion that all twin flames are to one day come back together keeps so many twin flames trapped within the fallacy of the Union, and they often neglect to live, or to focus on their own lives. This is a dangerous ideology that can lead to one becoming severely depressed, obsessed, unhappy, and disillusioned with the world. They begin to adopt the belief that they will not be happy until this re-Union occurs, and are often likely to hold their overall well being up in accordance to how near, or far they believe that reunion should be. This type of attachment causes more anxiety, fear, and irrational outbursts towards the twin runner, than many care to admit to.
Love is not predictable. And this type of Union is specifically designed to get us to relinquish this intense desire that we have for control. It is not fair to see your twin as a pawn in the game of your happiness. This dehumanises them. They are beautiful, pure, individual, and whole souls, not just pieces that were created to cater to your expectations, or demands about what love should be.

Let them be.

Let you be.

Whether or not, twin flames have reunited in the traditional, physical sense, the awakening, and alchemical transformation, has begun within the two of them, and will see to its own completion. 

Once the twins embrace each other in the initial union that takes place just before the separation stage, a third energy is born, the sun (son) so to speak. Think of the immaculate conception. This third energy is what goes out into the world with both twins and brings healing, and ‘light work’ to their respective communities/societies.

The exchange in energy has taken place. Within the masculine energy embodiment, is now a divine piece of his feminine counterpart. Within the feminine energy embodiment, is now a divine piece of her masculine counterpart. This is true reunion. This is true oneness.

The process that takes place after the coming together of both twins, that feels like a dark night of the soul, and feels like soul yearning, is truly the spiritual, mental, and emotional body coming to terms with the invasion of a new energy, and integrating the birth of the third energy. The reason that this feels like such a strong, intense pull toward your divine love, is because it is their energy that you have borrowed for this process, and everything about its presence, reminds you of them. In this way, they are always with you. Therefore, there is no truthful separation.

This article is not to say that twin flames are not destined to be together, or that no twin flame will ever reunite. Indeed, many twins have, and will continue to. But reunion is not the overall objective of this sacred love. Rather it is the integration of two opposing energies, of light and dark, heaven, and Earth, day and night, love, and pain, masculine, and feminine.

Loving your sacred counterpart so freely in this way will allow them to feel protected in your love. They will acknowledge that your love is a fixed love, unconditional, and not just dependent on what they can, and cannot do for you.
Please look out for the release of my twin flame book, which should be finalised within the next two months!

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Scorpio man, and the Sagi/Ophiuchus woman; A love tale of spiritual depth. 

13th astrology dates –

For those of you who are unaware, or who just choose to ignore the 13th zodiac, and the new shift of things, those who exist under the sun sign of Scorpio, would have, in the case of many people shifted, either to libra, or Virgo, making way for me, and my previously hidden sun sign, ‘ophiuchus’. I will go into the full details of ophiuchus later, and why she has only just recently re-emerged into our zodiac system, (though she has always existed!) 

However, I have a belief that all those who exist under Scorpio in 12th zodiac astrology, have strong elements that also relate to the traits of Scorpio. Yes, it is all a little bit confusing, and difficult to keep up with, but, it is just like the way that I identify with many, (but not all) of Sagittarius traits, even though, I have found myself to be identified as ophiuchus.
I felt absolutely compelled to write this article, spirit led me to, and there is no way that I can turn down spirit.

There is actually a special type of spiritual love that appears to keep formulating, between women belonging to the sagi/Ophiuchus sun sign, and men belonging to the sun sign of Scorpio.

Those of you who have read my article a while back on December energies will remember that I drew upon a significant relationship between the two sun signs!

There is a reported tale that Scorpio represents divine masculine energies, whilst the sign Ophiuchus represents divine feminine energy that was exiled due to the ways of patriarchy. 

Now the divine masculine Scorpio is plagued with guilt over not being able to protect his divine feminine, Ophiuchus from the persecution, and ultimate death that she suffered.

But what he doesn’t know.. Is she has been re-birthed!

For this reason, Scorpio men represent the energies of death, darkness, spiritual turmoil, psychic knowing, an internal battle between masculine and feminine energies, and for a large part, spiritual confusion.
When we finds his divine feminine again in the form of Ophiuchus something deeply within him awakens.. He is struck with the chase. He does not understand what is happening to him, but he is aware that something is taking place. 

Sceptical initially, the divine creates distance…. ‘The two then dance an eternal, internal dance…’ 
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