The fallacy of, ‘positive thinking’.


‘The fallacy of positive thinking’, is just THAT. A fallacy. You think that living a happy life, and changing your entire belief pattern system, is as simple as simply, ‘thinking positive?’ Hah, my friend, if you believe this, then you have clearly never suffered from depression, or any other type of debilitating mood disorder.
Telling somebody to simply think positive, when they have absolutely not an inch of hope running through their bones, is likely to cause them further trauma, and frustration, as their efforts, continuously try, and fail. This is asking somebody to adopt falsity, which feels even more painful, and uncomfortable, particularly to the empath.
Somebody who has a mood disorder, or is chemically imbalanced, possesses a mind that lacks some of the vital ingredients for a revitalised world vision, and positive thought stream. Such as irregularity of serotonin, and oxytocin production. 
Positive thinking’ alone, will not change their make-up. The only thing that will, is positive action.

When you are chemically imbalanced, it is more than likely your brain was forced into harsh development by traumatic external circumstances, such as an abusive home, or deprived family life. This is not something that you can brush under carpets, or sweep away neatly under the guise of, ‘positive thinking’.
It is the way in which your mind is constructed that seeks change. Not the things within your mind..

So, how do you do it? How do you change the make-up of your mind? Well, this requires a few things – one being conscious effort..
You must begin realistically, which positivity does not always provide room for. Thoughts such as, ‘ I am happy today’, may be replaced with, ‘today I am alive, and I am well, therefore, I have the opportunity to create a better day than yesterday’.. This is not false-hood. Rather than stating that one is happy, when one is not, one states that their current condition is stable, but they recognise that it can indeed improve throughout the duration of the day, offering both possibility, and flexibility.
Denying your emotions in search of feigned, ‘positivity’, is a disastrously ineffective new age concept, and puts many off the path of spirituality altogether.
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