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New Years reading.Question 1.
What is on my path for love?

9 of swords.

Traditionally, within the tarot deck, the 9 of swords is considered a pretty negative card. It symbolises stress, worry, fear, anxiety, nightmares, and regret. 

This card usually narrates somebody who is still holding on to qualms about the past, former lover experiences gone wrong, and the pains that this has caused them. It is imperative that you enter Into new love scenarios, and love situations with a freshness, and a newness, understanding that the mistakes, or the experiences of the past do not necessarily follow you, unless you allow them to. 

You must leave your old baggage at the door. You must forgive, not only yourself, but others also, or you will find that each new relationship that you enter does not allocate you mental peace, but instead the opposite. You will find yourself constantly suspicious, and fearing the threat of abandonment, and betrayal, unless you re-write the way in which you view love, and relationships.

Are you still holding onto a painful ending? Have these types of endings been a theme in your life? Perhaps it is time to finally take a step back, and realise how you have also played a part in the way your relationships have played out. Self awareness is what is necessary to break the negative chain of relationship dilemma. No relationship is perfect, but there are approaches that we may take to ensure that love is not one huge pain, and does not become this way. Take this card as a warning signal. Things do not have to be this way.

Will I find love this year?

Two of wands.

Yes! Ofcourse you will find love this year, you will find love every year, within yourself, and within others, because you are one large bowl/soul of love!

But okay, okay.. You meant romantic love, and I mean that too..

The two of wands takes the shape of the number 11, which as we know in spirituality is the number of integration, and partnership, two opposites coming together and aligning with one another.

Traditionally, the meaning of the two of wands lends itself to new beginnings, and broader perspectives. I believe that you will also begin to learn to trust again, through your own self analysis, and through your desire to maintain stability with this individual that you partner and connect with. Yes, this will offer you an entirely new, and broad perspective on love, challenging the former views that you held, that I mentioned. It is time for you to face some home truths, effectively breaking you out of mental limitations that have both held you back, and damaged your self perspective. All men are not the same. You are not unlovable, and the more that you Lend yourself to exploration of this truth, and opening yourself to love, the more this truth will manifest, and become very apparent for you! 
3. How should I prepare myself to be ready for love?

Seven of cups.

Oh what a wonderful card to receive in a deck! Particularly for a question of this nature. Perhaps I am a little biased, because of all that the number 7 represents for me, in terms of my life path.. But what wonderful connotations it brings!

Spirituality, self awareness, discernment, daydreaming, soul searching, and internal growth are all of the themes that accompany this tarot card. Very similar to the hermit card, this card is all about stripping away all of the layers of yourself, and the kind of intense introspection that leads to spiritual break through. Slow down. Take a breath. How deeply have you done your self work? Could you dig perhaps.. Even deeper? Are there still stones/corners left untouched? The only way to make friends with your darkness, and become an ally, is by shining a light on it, by seeing it for what/who it truly is.. The inner child who desires nothing but love, and attention.

The best way to be ready for love is to be the best version of yourself that you can be, so that in this way.. The lover that you attract will mirror these amazing attributes in you also! Remember our frequencies are like a call, and an answer. Whilst you still have unhealed, and unheard skeletons dancing in your closet, you will also attract a partner who mirrors the same. And you cannot call them ‘unfit’, why to do this would also mean that you are ‘unfit’. And you aren’t unfit at all are you? Not for yourself.. So dig deeply, find your answers, make peace with your truth.. And you will be the perfect candidate for embracing new love!
4. Will I be financially secure this year?

Eight of wands.

Yes! You will most certainly become financially secure this year. The eight of wands is all about swift movement, progression, change of direction and motion. This tarot card relates heavily to the next one that I am about to answer for you also.. If things have been, or do become particularly stagnant or unmotivated in financial areas, this will experience a swift change, but this also requires your conscious effort. I feel like this year is the year of creative input, for us all, but especially for those who are destined for selfless service to others. This creativity combined with a mind for business, and a desire for change, will gift you with financial security. It is time for you to be big, to be bold, and to throw your ideas out Into the world.
5. Is my current career path suited to me?

Five of pentacles.

The five of pentacles is a pretty negative and depressed card to pick in a tarot deck. It signifies loss, deprivation, struggle, poverty, hard times, and potentially having to borrow money.

For this purpose, no, I do not feel that your current career path is suited to you. The path most suited to you as I mentioned, is the path that allows you most creative, and expressive freedom, to combine your desires for a better and a changed world, with your unique and innovative ideas. Perhaps it is time for you to think outside of the box, an unconventional job route. Do not be afraid to try multiple jobs before you finally decide that you have received enough experience, and are ready to venture into a set career. It is okay to assume job roles that allow us to observe those in higher positions, and use this knowledge to grow, and expand our own business proposals and ideas.


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