Meditation; how to – is there a correct way to be doing this?

When it comes to meditation, I find that this is the portion of spirituality that most people struggle with. I have come to believe that this is because of all of the expectations and perceptions placed upon what meditation should be. Is it sitting on the ground with your legs crossed, and fingers twirled in an almost gang sign-esque fashion? Is it sitting in silence and attempting to filter out all of your thoughts? Or is it quietly listening to music whilst trying to become lost in the frequencies of sound? And finally, is there a correct way to meditate?

I often find myself advising my clients, and those who make bookings with me to meditate. When they ask me how to combat over thinking, or how to centre, and to ground themselves, I advise them to meditate. But what is the true meaning or even benefit of this flippant, and seemingly elusive statement?

For me, meditation is the time when you escape the ordinary confines of life, and retreat within yourself to make contact with a divine presence. The objective of this is to allow you to gain access to self awareness, deeper understanding, and to receive answers to questions that sit at the top of your mind, but are not so easily found when the mind is distracted.

For this reason, I truly believe that there is NO correct way to meditate, and perhaps we should stop viewing meditation as this alien, distant ancient eastern practice. Meditation can take on many different forms, and there is no eureka Moment, there is only the moment that you allow yourself to be so still, that you hear the all that exists.

Many people say that they do not know how to meditate, or that they do not understand meditation, and my suggestion is, there is nothing to understand, and there is nothing to ‘know’. 

The beauty of spirituality is in its individuality. It allows every person the freedom to find their own expression, and to finely tune themselves to tap into their own God like frequencies. As we are all individual manifestations of the one divine energy, we all relate to this divine energy in different ways, in accordance to our unique blue print. Meditation is the very thing that relaxes you to the point where you are receptive to accessing this divine connection. 

Meditation can be creating art, cooking food, listening to music, writing, singing, exercising making love with your soul counterpart, taking a long warm bath, talking on the phone to your mother, or for me, as the life path 7,  breaking every thought into intense logical analysis until the voice in my head provides me with answers. Do not grow deterred, or perceive that you are somehow spiritually faulty if ‘traditional’ meditation sounds like crickets to you, and begins to feel bland, or ineffective. Perhaps you have not found the mode that suits you, and you need to try out different techniques because you locate the very thing that brings you internal bliss, and awareness.

Keep searching, and when you find it, make yourself drunk with it.

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