Monthly forecast February 2016, what we can expect this month, and what January had in store for us. 

In numerology, the month of February sees itself as being a number, quite in our favour! The number 2 is actually very similar to the master number 11, + denotes co-operation on all levels, assimilation of opposites + the harmonious integration of different spectacles of ourselves.I can safely say that I have both felt, & heard the struggle of my empaths from the month of January & I am here to confirm that you should expect to experience a smoothing out of energies + emotions during this February period.

January started out extremely heavy energetically, so it is no surprise that many of us experienced intense emotions + feelings to do with being unaccomplished, being financially insecure, + lacking vision of the future.

This is to be expected. If you found yourself being a workaholic during the month of January, or being met with frustration about your career status, then you are not alone. Indeed, I promised that this year would be the year of completion, + with both moons in predominantly masculine themed planetary alignment, it is no wonder that there was an acceleration in the driving force of achievement. We will have been met face to face with the aspects of ourselves that are still deterring our progressive growth, whether it be demotivation, lethargy, procrastination, or perfectionism. 

This is all so that we may identify, and eliminate the problems that have been keeping us back for so long, all in attempts to make February THAT much smoother! The number 1 is all about leadership, hard work, & the leader who often becomes strained from their enormous responsibility & expectation. Try to breathe. Do not become overwhelmed by the journey ahead or how difficult it may seem. Know that you have already begun the journey, + you are therefore far closer to destination than you have ever been.

The number 1 also tends to be pretty suspicious, so it is also understandable if the month of January caused you to re-asses the relationships in your life, + possibly to detach from previous scenarios.

In February, we can expect this to smoothen out, once again, + the spaces that we have cleared will be filled. Whether these spaces are filled with a new found determination for the succession of our goals, or whether they will be filled with a spiritual/romantic counterpart, is entirely up to our openness to new experiences. Forget the traditional folklore of Valentine’s Day, the entire month of February is quite romantic and rooted in partnership, being of the number 2, which once again, in numerology communicates partnership, and the coming together of two, usually opposing energies.

Love is inspirational energy. And creative energy. And these are just the remedies that we require to excel ourselves and reach towards our highest abilities. The energies of February are all about creativity, light heartedness, and the kind of playfulness and love that connects us with our inner child, and inner natures. Yes, we can relax a little – but not too much! This is not the kind of relaxation that allows you to return to your comfort zone of stagnancy, and complacency, this is the kind of relaxation that allows you to work on your dreams without the distraction of self doubt, and internal criticisms.

You have had a rocky start to the year, I am sure. And you have been met so early with the prospects of your own solitudes, the miseries that they may bring, and the thought of experiencing, and maintaining love, without a lover. February asks you to be calm. To be patient, and to prepare for your rewards. If you can maintain a layer of positivity, faith, trust, and service to others at this time, you will continuously be rewarded for your efforts, with more intuition, and more creativity, and further inspiration.
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