Twin flames, a life after separation, and awakening to the realisation that the union was always about you.

I have received an alarming amount of testimonials recently from twin flame females (those embodying mostly the feminine energies within the union), who have awakened to the idea that they must thrive, and live a life, with, or WITHOUT their twin flame. Much pining has been done from the time that twin flames have been made aware of each other, to now, and most of it has been at the hands of what is commonly regarded as the twin flame stayer, once again, typically being the one embodying the most feminine energies. In many cases, this too can be a man, who is apart of the divine masculine aspect, and therefore holds a significant amount of feminine energy – as I have stated before, this is not limited to gender, it is more about energy, and the positions of chaser/runner may also alternate over the years.

The term twin flame very much provides the illusion that this experience is centered around the ‘relationship’ between the two, and the romantic aspects of it. This Union is not an ordinary relationship, and could never fit into the traditional modes of 3D romantic, and attachment based relationships. This Union is about spirit. This Union, is about energy. This Union, is about you.

The twin flame Union is the ultimate mirror that is held up to your soul, to allow you to witness all of the holes that have been poked inside of you from trauma that you have endured. This is why not everybody has a twin flame. Not everybody has enough trauma, and enough responsibility relying on them clearing this trauma, in the same way that twin flames do.

Often, in order to allow the twin flame female to realise that this Union is truly about her, and truly about her efforts to heal, and access a deeper truth, the twin flame male will be removed from her. (Please keep in mind that I use the terms her, and him in references to energy, and not gender, and these terms are stereotypical, for the purposes of convenient classification and not fixed). If she continued to refuse to acknowledge that this experience, and this journey is about self love, she will continuously be triggered with her deepest wounds, and her greatest insecurities.

Nobody outside of you can offer you the validation, or the acceptance that you seek. This must come from yourself, and you must seek within yourself for the reasons that you attach such great importance, and necessity to this individual returning to you.

The moment that you acknowledge this, is the moment that you set yourself to freedom. Freedom of mind, freedom of the heart, and freedom of the soul. You are no longer chained to an idea or something, and neither is your worth revolved around the outcome of a specific scenario.

It is very possible, extremely possible rather to live a life after a twin flame separation. A fruitful life, an inspiring life, and a life filled with love. You will eternally be connected to your twin flame, and the energy that you created between the two of you will likely always cause you to cross paths with one another, and continue to make communication over years to come, but even this, should not deter you from pursuing a life of enrichment post twin flame Union.

I am NOT under any circumstances claiming that this is the date for all twin flames, or that all twin flames will not experience re-Union in this life time. Even those who do, have done so by implementing changes within themselves. It is all dependent on the individual journey, and life plan of the souls. Some twin flames go through their healing process together, as a unit. Others, require this time of separation, and individual evolution, and probably would not complete their self searching/service in any other way. This is simply an intuitive message for those twin flame stayers who are growing into the self realisation that they truly can do this, without needing recognition, nor immediate reciprocation from the one they shared this divine union with, and there are plenty of opportunities for them to find, and experience love, long after they have ‘separated’.


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