Extra sensory perception; The empaths eternal gift.


The amazing life of an extra sensory, extra sensitive empathic being..

Hey, so it’s not only doom + gloom.. Often when we discuss empaths & what it means to be one of us, we are usually listing out the baggage that we have to deal with & the negative traits association, such as mood swings, anxiety, depression, emotional vulnerability/overwhelm, CPTSD & IBS, (yes,stomach sensitivity is among the many sensitivities)!..

We hardly ever talk about the great & amazing fun that we actually do have being empaths.. We are like the Natural psychologists & psychiatrists, with or WITHOUT a degree.. It is safe to say that we are such skilled listeners & interpreters of other people’s behaviours & intentions, because we are constantly analysing & observing them..

Whilst most people are busy listening to the vibrating words that escape another’s mouth, the empath is concerned with their delivery. We understand more than anyone, (usually from growing up in passive aggressive households), that what is said is only HALF of the puzzle of truth & there are far more bodily indications that determine what somebody is truly trying to articulate.

So we watch your breath, we watch the glint in your eye, sometimes it sparkles with delight, on other words it dims, on other words, your pitch changes, you drag your t’s & your i’s & every-time you discuss your family, you do so with brevity & a hint of dismissal.. So we know, yes, this is somebody who struggles with attachment, yes, this is somebody we must be softer, gentler with.. We are the readers, not reading books in essence, but reading others, understanding humans below the surface of the projections that they present & knowing exactly how to cater to, & allow them to feel comfortable.. I also find it pretty ironic that this trait is also highly prevalent in narcissists, this is how they know how to manipulate you & always remain one step ahead.. Further influencing my theory, that the narcissist, is the burnt empath.

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To gain a deeper insight into the working world of the empath, and how to transform your own life as one, join my empath learning course here at, http://magneticmama.com/product/empathology-training-community-building-healers/ specially tailoring to empaths, and their healing.


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