Stand up for the hyper sensitive – stand up to bullying; a community effort for empathic survival.

#standuptobullying is a community movement that places emphasis on not only the hyper-sensitive’s sense of self actualisation, but also their sense of safety in a world that generally does not understand them. This movement allows others who may not be so highly sensitive to also play an active role in ensuring that the hyper sensitive soul is not the perpetual victim of their society. As we all know, one of the largest problems with hyper sensitives thriving in their community is their sometimes lack of ability to acknowledge, or speak up for themselves when they realise that they are being treated badly. This is something that I myself have struggled with greatly in the past + is often something that will require their thorough effort+healing practices before they may be able to implement these changes,+ express themselves better.
This is a call for community action. You do not have to be an empath to have empathy. If we all stepped in+ spoke out for people who do not have the capability of speaking out for themselves as much, the world would be a better + a safer place for us all. Ofcourse, I thoroughly encourage self actualisation, but self actualisation requires practice+ in the mean time, what stops you from turning to your friend+saying, ‘that wasn’t very nice. That person didn’t deserve that’.. It is not so much those who pick on others who do the worst damage, but the ones who bear witness to the damage they inflict+ sit idly by.
Did you know that the hyper sensitives sense of lack of safety begins very early on? Usually they are identified as the weak members of the pack very early on+learn as children that the world is an unsafe place, triggering issues like ptsd, depression, or anxiety later on in life.

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