Twin flame weekly reading// Valentine’s Day special. 

Just like I mentioned in my new moon article [see here],

 it appears as if the more that the feminine twin pulls into herself and balances her masculine energy, the more that the masculine twin pulls into her, and is captivated by her desire to become self actualised. In an exchange of energy, and power dynamics, whilst she travels outward, a role that is ‘traditionally his’, ‘he’, moves inward and checks his intuition, and individualism for direction.

All in all, it seems as if Union is looking rather smooth sailing, whether the external appearances give this theory away or not! Look out for dreams of your twin, telling you the things that they can not yet bring themselves to say.. This includes tone/feel/energy of the dream.

In honour of Valentine’s Day in two days, I have decided to post a twin flame reading!

The middle card, the 9 of wands, represents the theme of the Union, whilst the cards on the left hand side, represent the masculine emotions +the cards to the right, depict the feminine emotions.

in the middle, the main theme for both, is a period of rest, or achievement after a considerably strenuous, or difficult period. This suggests that both twins HAVE made it through the worst, & though tired & slightly bruised, they will be okay & can look onwards towards a period of reward + resolution (especially in this 9 year). On the masculine side, we see that much emotion + getting in touch with the feminine side is occurring. The presence of the ace of cups + the queen of cups, suggests that he is learning to tap into his intuition + allowing the part of himself, that is attached to her to thrive. He is becoming more aware of how his actions affect others emotions + how his actions in the past may have affected hers. He is softening at his core + learning emotional balance. This is quite interesting, because on the opposite side, the feminine is reflecting that she is focusing on herself, w/ the four of cups – they are both focusing toward the feminine + her focus on herself, is allowing her to gain strength. The 2 of swords can be intercepted as her thinking of love, though this card usually depicts a woman blind folded, which can indicate that she has turned her focus away from the union at this time, in order to nourish herself.

The 7 of swords has appeared twice for twin flames this week + it is my understanding that the male twin feels as if he will betray somebody by pursuing his twin, but he is fast becoming more comfortable with the idea of this betrayal. Much like his twin, he is becoming ready to take his own route, regardless of how this may affect what others think. His mind, is on his beloved + he cannot take it off..

The 8 of cups represents a period in time where we let go of the past + the painful notions associated with it. Past experiences may have been a powerful block in this Union.

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